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Related Eunhyuk & Donghae @ 7th Anniversary Party 
1. hyuk went backstage to take off his jacket now in only black half sleeves (note: after it was just begun) 
2. fx didn't film it (note: the congratulate video messages from other artists) and hyuk asked why didn't they record for them 
3. Shindong asked hyuk "are you a guy or a girl?" and hyuk said "I'm a very good looking guy" 
4. Handsome team: Siwon Ugly team: Hyuk. They are goingg to scissors paper stone to decide who is on whose team 
5. hyuk chose yesung. Donghae was in front of yesung 
6. hyuk said "KRY be ready!" to join his team 
7. hyuk's time to choose again and the whole place shouted ryeowook but hyuk chose kyu. kyu said that's the first time he heard that he is ugly 
8. siwon chose donghae to the good looking team and he went to kiss the camera. 
9. good looking team: donghae, kang in, shindong, siwon, teuk Ugly: kry, hyuk and Ming 
10. Hyuk team is so bad at the bottle cap game. As of now all out 
11. hyuk had to teach wook how to play basketball. 
12. donghae throw the basketball like a girl 
13. hyuk said that he stood in front of the line and not counted 
14. hyuk said the representative for ugly team should be yesung coz he is the ugliest. 
15. donghae was acting out a dinosaur and he RAH! So cute!! 
16. ugly team doing charades for sports 
17. it was judo or something and sungmin just grab hyuk and push him on the floor. 
18. Lip passing for good looking team: teuk-> kangin-> donghae -> siwon -> shindong 
19. donghae very bad at this game. Forever failin at his side 
20. ugly team sequence: sungmin -> ryeowook -> kyuhyun -> hyuk -> yesung 
21. ugly team is so good at this. Kissing skills very good 
22. hyuk said he thought he would be the next leader and said be will keep practicing 
23. donghae is goinhg to cry. So is teuk already
24. donghae said teuk is like a family and his real brother 
25. hyuk just called elf the las member of super junior 
26. Leaving the place, chokyuhyun's flying kisses. So cute!!! And hyuk's wave 
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1. donghae's fringe spiked up 
2. Kyuhae sitting together 
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1. hae says before he sleeps everyday he will think of ELF once 
2. boys were supposed to pull the streamers but hae was slow 
3. siwon and hyuk moved the cake table in!! So good mannered 
4. hyuk is testing the machine and they asked if he's a guy or girl, he said I'm a good looking girl 
5. mc was trying to cut away some questions Cos we started late, hyuk asked if we have smth on later 
6. hyuk is asking yesung to come right away lol and yesung is resisting (to join ugly team) 
7. hyuk went right to yesung (skipping hae in front) and hugged him to join his not good looking team 
8. everyone is chanting for siwon to choose hae 
9. kyu kept insisting not good looking team has charisma lol. Hyuk took wook now 
10. they're supposed to hit bottle caps out of the table. Hyuk just used too much force and his drop off the table 
11. hae's (bottle cap) is rolling but it stopped on the table 
12. hae is like the black hole.for the team lol. Keep dropping at him!!! So he and kangin had a lot of interaction 
13. not good looking team won overall!! Prize to fan is autographed BIC 4 and the paper they passed with their lips 
14. hyuk said he needs to practise being the leader lol and teuk said if the popularity drops he'll hold hyuk responsible 
15. hae is gonna cry and teuk too. He's talking abt how he's been with teuk since 14 
cr: @crappycrab36 

1. Hyuk got cake on his jacket 
2. Hyuk: do you guys have plans after this? ELF: No!! Hyuk: so we can do this longer? ELF: Yes!! Hyuk: but I have plans 
3. Wookie back hugging hyuk!!
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1. Eunhyuk said it seems like ELF are not tired 
[cr s__jr13] 
2. Donghae: Everyday I fell asleep after seeing ELF's pics ELF: ayyyy Donghae: Really!! Eunhyuk: Really? So that's why you always had nightmares 
[cr korelf_b] 
3. Leeteuk said "Super Junior started in Korea." and everyone screamed, Eunhyuk protected his ears 
[cr korelf_b] 
4. They are playing O/X game, Eunhyuk joked, "where is F/X" ehehe 
[cr korelf_b] 
5. Kyuhyun: I have the best variety skill in a short time only Eunhyuk: And you are gonna fall in a short time too 
6. Eunhyuk lost the ping poll with bottle cap game against Siwon. 
[cr korelf_b] 
7. After Hyuk lost, teammate Kyuhyun said "His face is not handsome.. and he cannot play game well.. aisshh really" 
[cr korelf_b] 
8. Hae was standing and folded him arms. Eunhyuk said "Donghae- ssi just because you got into the handsome team, don't act cool!" lol 
[cr korelf_b] 
9. Judo came out. So Sungmin and Eunhyuk did judo together x)) 
[cr korelf_b] 
10. Yesung was joking around, he was acting as if he is kissing with Eunhyuk. 
[cr korelf_b] 
11. Kangin & Eunhyuk "Leeteuk hyung came with determination not to cry" Eunhyuk: ELF had prepared gifts.. right?" 1st floor ELF: ???????? 
[cr korelf_b] 
12. Donghae, who was with Leeteuk since SMILE days. Donghae to Leeteuk. "Aissh.. (cried) Since I was 13, I lived with Leeteuk hyung, even longer than my real brother. I've been following Leeteuk hyung since early age and no matter how, he took care of me. Thank you for taking good care of me for 12 years and.. (wanna say) especially this.. I love you, thank you!" 
[cr korelf_b] 
13. Eunhyuk to Leeteuk "We, Super Junior last members (and) ELF has a gift for you." *they played the video of Leeteuk. 
Credit: korelf_b translated and shared by @honeydewname

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