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OSEN's Interview with Leeteuk

There is only about 8 days left until Super Junior Leeteuk's enlistment day. From a dazzling idol star to an ordinary Korean soldier, Leeteuk, while looking back at his busy life in his 20s in his 30s, it seems like he, who is currently standing at the big turning point of his life, has more smiles than before.

Leeteuk, who has been having schedules non-stop without much rest time for the past 7 years will be enlisting this month end. Lately, he has been arranging his thoughts while reading the book that Master Hyemin wrote, "The things that you will discover if you stop". Even though his thoughts have been sad and sullen, he has decided to turn all these negative thoughts into positive energy. When we saw him recently, his expressions and voice has been as bright as before.

"Time really passes very fast. A while ago, I told Donghae 'there is only 13 days left' and Donghae replied 'hyung, it's 12 days'. Now, there is only about a week's time left. It is only now that I'm starting to feel that time really flies. When I was reading the book, it made me escape from my troubles and see a whole new world so now, I am viewing my enlistment positively."

Leaving the entertainment industry for a little while, the places that he will be missing the most is probably the stage and broadcast stations. As the leader of Super Junior, which is popular throughout the whole world, and as an entertainer that has been active throughout all sorts of variety programs, it may be said that Leeteuk has put in everything in his career.

"Originally, I don't really like keeping in touch with people but recently, no matter where I go, I will carry my phone with me. When I see the people that gave me help before, I would think 'I should have treated them better'. So lately, I have been meeting them and while chatting with them, I've discovered that the world is so beautiful. It is only now that I've learnt how to have leisure in my life. If only I thought this way earlier, I would have enjoyed life earlier. (laugh)"

Even though in Super Junior, Kangin has already been discharged and Heechul is currently doing public service, there is a different kind of significance with Leeteuk enlisting into the army. Being the group's core all this while, the question about who will take over the leader's spot after he enlists had been a focus point in discussions. When being asked, Leeteuk broke into laughter.

"Because our members have always been doing well so I've decided to just leave like this. If I gave the leader spot to someone else, if he does well, I am afraid that when I come back, my spot will not be there any more so I told them 'I trust all of you' and decided to just enlist like this. (laugh)"

The thing that Leeteuk will be most worried about while he is serving the army is undeniably, Super Junior.

"I can't say that I am not worried about it at all. The worst scenario that can happen while I am serving the army is probably that the team's strength will look weaker. About this, really, it's the most worrying. But I trust my members. I trust that they will do very well."

In regards to his personal aspects, Leeteuk still has his dream of a having a solo MC talk show. Starting off as a funny guest and before we knew it, Leeteuk has become a main cast for SBS's Strong heart and Star King. He, who has been slowly growing, is also preparing to continue to assist his hyungs as an MC after he is discharged from the army. Through a phone call with Kang Hodong lately, Leeteuk also told him "After I come back from the army, I will assist hyung".

"It seems like even after I get discharged from the army, I am still the MC of the next generation. (laugh) Hyungs are very reliable so I wish to stay by their side to learn. Even though there is still a long way for me to go in order to become a good MC, but I will work hard and I also hope that one day, I can be an MC in Japan. It seems like there are a lot of things that I am able to learn in the army so I will do my very best to complete everything that will be assigned to me."

The 1983-born Leeteuk will be turning 30 soon. As much as becoming a soldier, he wishes to be a person who is even more cautious and strong.

"I want end my glorious 20s life well. I think that when I am in my 30s, wouldn't it be a time that I have to give back to everyone? While over-flowing with enthusiasm, I will become someone who is more mature and stronger. Ever since I was young, I always float about and move on so my teacher told me 'don't always be above the clouds like that, try to step on the ground'. (laugh) Now, I really have to step on the ground and become someone who is strong and cheerful."

The Strong Heart recording on the 25th will be his last schedule before his enlistment. After all his packed schedule, he will be enlisting.

"What if I cry? The hyungs who have already been discharged from the army told me that the thing they regret the most is that they went in while crying. So I will definitely try hard to not cry. (laugh)"

Leeteuk will be enlisting via Gyeonggi-do, Uijeongbu Reserve 306 on the 30th and after 5 weeks of basic training, he will be starting the 21 months of active service. Even though Leeteuk had a disc hernia from the car accident in 2007, he wants to be under active service so after constantly receiving treatments, he will be enlisting as a soldier in active service as scheduled.

Source: OSEN
Korean-Chinese translation by anteuk @ Weibo
Chinese-English translation by ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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