Friday, 26 October 2012

SM Entertainment Reveals SMTown Party Photos

On Wednesday, SMTown uploaded a photo 'SMTown Celebrity Party' on their official twitter. In the photo, stars such as Girls' GenerationSHINeeSuper JuniorJang Dong GunKim Ha Neul and Shin Dong Yup are enjoying the party. In the photo, Jang Dong Gun is posing with the members of Super Junior. He became the 'youngest' of SM members since his entertainment company AM Entertaiment was combined to SM, but he is posing great with his dignity of the top star.
Shin Dong Yup, who joined SM after Kang Ho dong, is smiling joyfully with the members of Girls' Generation. Actor Kim Ha Neul is posing very happily with SM C&C, representing Kim Min Jong, Kangta and SHINee, making internet users smile.
Internet users commented, "Epic SM Kingdom", "Wow, Jang Dong Gun and Super Junior", "Kim Haneul is shining" and "Haha, SM's youngest is Jang Dong Gun."
via kpopstarz

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