Monday, 22 October 2012

Super Junior Poses For High Cut One Last Time With Leeteuk

Not all the members, but quite a few of Super Junior decided to pose for High Cut, bundled up in warm clothing for the oncoming winter season!
DonghaeEunhyukRyeowookYesung and Kyuhyun spent their last photoshoot with their leader Leeteuk before his departure for the army. The 'variety idols' were casually dressed in warm attire, giving off their bright energy that they are well known for. The clothing was provided by the company Northface; the men of Super Junior had no problem sporting it with style, charisma and fun.
During the interview portion, Leeteuk was asked about getting a girlfriend before enlistment, though he mentioned that he did indeed try. "I tried to get a girlfriend before enlisting. I heard the letters from there are a huge source of strength... But since I am going, she'll be lonely. I'll have to get one when I get back,"
Lastly, he added, "I have to thank the PD's at all the music shows for helping me since my debut. I owe them a lot," When Leeteuk was asked about being an MC on Star King, he sighed, "I'll miss it. Since I got a taste of what it feels like to be an MC, I'm a bit sad that I'm leaving now."
ELF's, be sure to wait for Leeteuk's return and await for Super Junior's comeback whenever the boys decide to grace us with a new song. Although the group will feel a little lost without it's leader, someone will surely step up and take his place. Though rumors have said that Eunhyuk is up to be the new leader, we'll know in due time.
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