Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Which Super Junior Member Would Make the Best Leader Next?

We know Leeteuk is (and will forever be) Super Junior’s irreplaceable leader, but, let’s be real, someone needs to keep the boys in line while he serves out his military duties

So, for this week’s poll, we want to know which Super Junior member has what it takes to take on the responsibility of leading superstar idol group Super Junior. 

Whoever it is, he has big shoes to fill, that’s for sure!


In terms of age, Super Junior’s Yesung, who turned 28 years old in August, is next in line to take the Big Brother baton from Leeteuk. (Heechul is, sadly, still in the army at the moment).

But does the Super Junior member with the smooth voice have what it takes to be the Big Boss?

Well, he certainly has the the brains


His name isn’t Kangin for nothing! 

Kangin surely lives up to his name, which means strength in Korean, but is he fit to lead the Super Junior members to more K-Pop victories?

Not only did he make a strong comeback with Super Junior for its Sexy, Free & Single promotions since returning from the army, he showed off his musical chops in Goong

Kangin is also earning himself major brownie points for putting his troubled past behind him and returning to his rookie roots


If you can’t win ‘em over with strength, charm ‘em with your dazzling personality!

If the boys ever get into a tussle, they can count on Shindong to lighten the mood with his sense of humor. 

Although, should the situation call for it, Shindong’s formidable size should not be taken lightly. 

Sungmin may be one of Super Junior’s more underrated members, but he definitely has a few tricks hiding up his sleeve. 

The talented Super Junior member took the musical world by storm this summer as the lead in Jack the Ripper.

The hardships he faced during his trainee days also seem to have shaped Sungmin into the confident man he is today.

How do we know Sungmin is confident? Because real men wear pink

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has already expressed his interest in taking over the group’s leader position.

Although his myeolchi image may cast some doubt on whether Eunhyuk can handle the high ranking position, don’t write him off just yet.

His members seem to think he’s lacking in the looks category, but Eunhyuk’s brains (5.9 million won worth) and BoA-approved bodyguard brawn more than make up for it. 

Two out of three? Not bad. 

Super Junior member Donghae can sing, dance, act, bake and look good with his shirt off

Okay, so some of these things we were only able to see through Donghae’s character in his recently-wrapped dramaMs. Panda and Mr. Porcupine, but we can’t deny that the guy is multitalented. 

And with the multitudes of personalities in Super Junior, the ability to easily adapt and pick things up quickly is a valuable quality in a leader. 

The princely Choi Siwon always looks so effortlessly put together, and that’s certainly one of the many qualities a leader needs to keep a mess of boys like Super Junior organized

His upcoming drama The King of Drama is certainly going to keep Siwon busy, but we think the Super Junior member can handle double duty if he were to become the group’s leader as well. 


Ryeowook is another Super Junior member that is often overshadowed by the others’ big personalities; however, his musical talent speaks volumes. 

Not only did Ryeowook impress audiences on KBS’ Immortal Song 2, he has steadily lent his vocals to numerous OSTs like Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine and To the Beautiful You

K-Pop may have morphed into something that is more than just music and call us old-fashioned, but we think that pure musical talent will take you to high places.


Where Kyuhyun loses in age among the Super Junior members, he wins with words. 

Kyuhyun may be the maknae, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by his sharp tongue

Having survived a horrific car accident, Kyuhyun is also one of the most resilient members, and the ability to bounce back is a quality that is admirable in any leader.

We think each member has his own merits that deem him a qualified leader, but who do you think deserves the title? Decide by voting below!

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