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Choi Si Won’s Character in “The King of Dramas” Has His Own Fan Club

A fan club for Choi Si won‘s (Super Junior) character Kang Hyun Min in “The King of Dramas” has emerged.

The name of the fan club is “SiwonSiwon,” and they recently sent the production crew and cast of “The King of Dramas” gifts in support of the Kang Hyun Min character.

On the boxes of the gifts were posters of “Hard Morning,” the fictional drama that Kwang Hyung Min is starring in. A note also was attached that read, “SBC Drama ‘Hard Morning’ Kang Hyun Min’s Fan Club – SiwonSiwon. Hello! Please take care of ‘Hard Morning’. Please enjoy the food!” SBC is the fictional channel that airs the fictional drama.

A representative of the drama spoke up about the fan club, “Fans of ‘The King of Dramas’ had prepared a special and surprise event…Because fans are greatly interested in the show they prepared an event.”

“The King of Dramas” is about the relationships between a drama producer, writers, and a stuck up celebrity. It stars Choi Si Won, Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Myung Min, and Jung Man Shik.
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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Super Junior’s Leeteuk to star in musical, ‘The Promise’

It’s been reported that Super Junior‘s Leeteuk will be appearing in a musical alongside actors Kim Moo Yeol and Ji Hyun Woo, who are also currently serving in the army.

The three stars will be acting in ‘The Promise‘, which will be sponsored by the Ministry of National Defense. The musical is based on actual historical events and figures, such as General Baek Sun Yeop and war correspondent Marguerite Higgins, and will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

‘The Promise’ is scheduled to open in January of 2013 at the National Theater of Korea. The Ministry will make an official announcement when further details are confirmed.
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Super Junior, EXO-K, f(x), Juniel, and others awarded at the ’19th Acting Prize of Republic Korea’

The ‘19th Acting Prize of Republic Korea‘ award ceremony was held on November 28th at the Gyeonggido Bundang Seongnam Art Center.

For the singers, Super Junior and f(x) received the ‘Group Singer Award‘ while Huh Gak and Byul received the ‘Ballad Singer Award‘. Donghae and Yesung were present from Super Junior to receive the award, and f(x)’s Victoria, Amber, and Krystal stood on stage to accept for the group.

EXO-K and Juniel received the ‘Rookie Singer Award‘.

For the radio and TV programs, KBS‘ ‘Hello‘ received the ‘Best Variety Program Award‘, and SBS‘ ‘Healing Camp‘ was awarded the ‘Best Program Award‘. The ‘Radio DJ Award‘ went to Kan Mi Yeon for her ‘Kan Mi Yeon’s Best Friend‘ and Jo Eun Hyung for his ‘Gayo World‘. The ‘TV MC Award‘ was given to Nam Hee Suk and Lee Young Ja.

There were other awards given to senior singers, song editors and producers, choreographers, ballerinas, and other entertainment fields.

Check out some of the photos below!
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Son Dambi has broader shoulders than Super Junior’s Eunhyuk?

Singer Son Dambi recently competed with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk in a battle of the broader shoulders.

On the most recent episode of ‘Strong Heart’, Son Dambi revealed that she had been a swimmer for 9 years, which explained her broad shoulders. To show the audience, she took Super Junior’s Eunhyuk’s jacket and put it on. 

Eunhyuk, who could not be outdone by the solo singer, made the excuse that the jacket is actually slim-size, causing the audience to erupt in laughter.

To relieve everyone of their curiosity, people at the studio got up and began to measure their shoulder width. Eunhyuk’s measurement came out to be 43cm and Son Dambi’s came out to be 45cm.


Yesung sings 'The king of drama' OST

Super Junior's Yesung will take part in 'The king of Drama' OST to support his fellow member, Choi Si Won.

Choi Si Won is receiving so many good comments on his acting with his new character, Kang Hyun Min, a top star in 'The king of Drama'

The song Yesung will sing is 'Because I was blinded by love'. It will be played during the argument scenes of Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min), a lonely producer who tried to bring his fame back and Lee Go Eun (Jung Ryeo Won), a writer who wanted to write a masterpiece drama.

Jwa Seung Sam, a person who is in charge of producing 'The king of drama' OST shared, "'Because I was blinded by love' is a fresh song which goes well with Yesung's strong and warm voice. Yesung is also a close friend of Choi Si Won, which made it more meaningful".

Yesung is deserved to be called 'the new king of OST' with so many hits such as “It has to be you” (Cinderella’s Sister), “That Girl Over Flowers” (I do I do), “For One Day” (Warrior Baek Dong Soo) and the latest one “Because I was blinded by love” (The king of Drama). 

'The king of Drama', starring Kim Myung Min, Jung Ryeo Won, Choi Si Won broadcast every Monday and Tuesday on 9:55pm on SBS.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Yesung sings ‘Blind For Love’ for Siwon’s ‘The Lord of the Drama’

Super Junior‘s Yesung sang an OST for groupmate Siwon‘s ‘The Lord of the Drama‘.

Yesung recently recorded “Blind for Love” to support Siwon’s drama. Even though the song hasn’t been fully released, parts of the song aired for various scenes of the drama including the arguing scene featuring the two main characters Kim Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won, setting a bright and comical stage.

Yesung has already sung various OST songs and is being labeled as the ‘New Emperor of OST’. His OST songs have become large hits among viewers, so he is expected to score another hit with “Blind for Love” as well.

Check out a part of the song from the drama below. What do you think?

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Fans criticize ‘Star King’s use of Eunhyuk-IU situation during recording session

‘Star King‘s use of the Eunhyuk-IU situation during a filming session last week has been criticized by fans.

Various fans that attended the ‘Star King’ recording on the 12th expressed their discomfort at the situation through Twitter and internet forums. One wrote, “I was uncomfortable because Kang Ho Dong and the panel kept trying to link Eunhyuk and IU“.

According to fan accounts, when the show began, Kang Ho Dong told Eunhyuk to stand up because he looked like a newlywed husband while introducing Super Junior. Eunhyuk is said to have brushed off the comments good naturedly.

Then a contestant who is good with spinning dough was brought on the show and when asked if he could spin other things, he replied that he probably could. In the process of looking for various objects he could spin, a bed on set was spotted and brought on. However, it seemed the sheets on the bed were put on the wrong way and while Eunhyuk was helping staff members put on the sheets correctly, comedian Kim Ji Sun commented, “Eunhyuk knows a lot about beds“. Once the filming resumed again Kang Ho Dong added, “Eunhyuk, what should we do with beds?“. Eunhyuk responded that since they were on the segment of spinning dough, maybe they should try spinning the bed. Afterwards, Eunhyuk  and Shindong put on dance performances and once Eunhyuk had finished and it was Shindong’s turn, the panel said, “What should we use for the music? Should we turn on ‘Good Day’?“, “Today is a good day”.

When Kim Jong Min and Kim Na Young were asked about who they think would win if the Dough team and the Super Junior team were to face off, both of their answers included Eunhyuk’s name and how he is a male and how his mind may be on other things at the moment.

Fans commented that whenever the references would be dying down, a new reference to Eunhyuk-IU would be brought up again, and that the idol had to keep brushing off the comments.

GEEK magazine releases more photos of Super Junior's Lee Teuk with short hair

GEEK magazine December issue has released more photos of Super Junior's Lee Teuk.

This is the last photoshoot of Lee Teuk before he enlisted in the army. He's seen dressing in dandy clothes while doing some cool and bad-boy like poses, even though his hair is short but he still shows off his handsome charm.

The BTS video of the photoshoot and a message video from Leeteuk are also released.


MYX will broadcast and stream MAMA 2012

MYX is the proud Philippine partner of the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong! And as your official eye to all the highlights of the most anticipated Asian awards show in the region, we're taking you to the action LIVE as it happens!

Tune in to MYX on November 30, 2012 starting at 4:00 PM for the live feed of the 2012 MAMA straight from the red carpet to the main show!

For Filipino K-Pop fans living abroad, you can also watch the 2012 MAMA through our LIVESTREAM on at 4:00 PM Manila Time! Chat with other K-Pop fans in the Philippines and from all over the world plus, we'll translate the entire show via our chat room so you can be in the know of all the happenings during the show!

Watch performances by Big Bang, PSY, Super Junior, SISTAR and Wang Lee Hom just to name a few! Plus, the hottest Korean top stars like Jung Woo Sung ("Asphalt Man", "Padam Padam"), Song Seung Heon ("Autumn In My Heart", "East Of Eden"), Song Joong Ki ("My Fair Lady", "Sungkyunkwan Scandal"), Yoon Eun Hye ("Princess Hours", "1st Shop Of Coffee Prince"), and Han Chae Young ("Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang", "My Girl"). Plus, Hong Kong martial arts superstar Jackie Chan is going to be a part of the festivities!

This year, MYX is invited to be part of this exciting awards night in Hong Kong! MYX VJs Chino and Bianca will take you through the event and also in and around Hong Kong soon on MYX!

Better spend your November 30 holiday watching the 2012 MAMA LIVE on the MYX channel while checking out the translation and participating in the discussion in our chat room on + LIVESTREAM!

More details are coming your way about the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards! So keep it here on!


Super Junior’s Yesung sings OST for ‘The King of Drama’

Super Junior’s Yesung showed his support for fellow member Siwon by participating in the soundtrack for SBS drama series ‘The King of Drama’.

Recently, Yesung finished recording “Blind for Love” for the drama’s OST. The song is a bright track, and Yesung’s vocal mixed into it in a very unique way. His participation is expected to make a large contribution in upgrading the quality of the drama.

Meanwhile, Siwon is currently receiving a lot of attention for his acting in the series. He play the role of Kang Hyun Min.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

JYJ’s Junsu and Super Junior’s Sungmin snap a photo together with Min Young Ki

Musical actor Min Young Ki revealed he goes to the same graduate school with JYJ‘s Junsu and Super Junior‘s Sungmin.

On the 13th, the actor tweeted a selca of himself with Junsu, writing, “Proving our relationship!!! What kind of relationship do you think we have???“. A few minutes after the tweet, he tweeted again, this time attaching a group photo that included Sungmin as well. He wrote, “The answer is graduate school ^^We go to the same graduate school!!!“.

He then tweeted, “Junsu’s finger!!! He was making a peace sign, he wasn’t giving anyone the middle finger“, explaining his first photo with Junsu where the cropping of the photo made Junsu’s peace sign look offensive. He uploaded another photo, cropping Junsu’s hand gesture out completely.
Source: Min Young Ki’s Twitter
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Eunhyuk seen for the first time since the IU photo incident at the opening of his mother’s bakery

Eunhyuk was spotted for the first time since the IU photo incident at the opening for his mother’s Tous Les Jours bakery.

On November 14th, photos of Eunhyuk at his mother’s fresh new bakery were uploaded onto the store’s official Twitter account with the words “Finally today!! Eunhyuk visited the Tous Les Jours High End branch on the opening day~~ You never know when he’ll appear the next time, so please show a lot of interest from now on ~.~“. The photos showed Eunhyuk, who looked slightly tired and thinner, but greeting fans with a bright smile. The interior of his mother’s store was decorated with photos of Super Junior, and even had a corner where fans could stick post-its messages for Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk had previously let fans know about the opening of his mother’s store on the 7th, tweeted, “Opening on November 14th! Meet you at the Tous Les Jours High-End Branch!”
Source: Tous Les Jours High-End branch Twitter
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Leeteuk reveals the text message Lee Soo Man sent him about enlisting

Leeteuk revealed a text message he received from SM Entertainment‘s founder Lee Soo Man about enlisting.

Last week on ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk had shown the texts he received from Psy and other celebrities as a response to his “I’ll miss you” text. On the November 13th episode, the show revealed a text he received from Lee Soo Man.

In the text, Lee Soo Man wrote, “If you want to walk down a new path, you have to face a different hardship once~~ Think about it as a good thing for the future and enlist with a happy mindset~~ A happy future will be waiting for you~~^^*“
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Leeteuk’s mother and sister visit him on ‘Strong Heart’

Leeteuk burst into tears when he saw his mother on ‘Strong Heart‘.

‘Strong Heart’ continued its ‘Goodbye Leeteuk’ special from last week, and had a theme of ‘Family Outing‘ for this week. Leeteuk’s mother along with sister Park In Young appeared on the show. When Leeteuk saw his mother, he couldn’t help but burst into tears.

His mother said, “Jungsu (Leeteuk’s birth name), you worked so hard until now. Be strong through your training and come back healthy.”

Leeteuk responded, “I’m thankful that she raised me and I’m sorry because I think I gave my mother pain as a son. I even said before that I don’t know the importance of family, and I’m really sorry. I’m going to become a bigger person to protect my family. I love you“, and embraced his mother with a hug.

Park In Young expressed her worry for her little brother and said, “I learned that my little brother was going to enlist through an article I read in the morning. I felt weird and I cried. I didn’t know when he was in the dorms, but it felt weird. I’m worried because he’s so tidy. I hope he doesn’t get angry because there aren’t any white clothes.”

Leeteuk jokingly responded, “I’m more worried about my sister. I just hope she doesn’t come out onto ‘Strong Heart’ and dance.”

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Siwon asks Iron Man to blast away people who don’t watch his drama

Siwon jokingly asked Iron Man to blast away the people who didn’t watch his ‘The Lord of the Drama‘.

On the 13th, Siwon tweeted, “Iron Man! Take care of those people who aren’t watching ‘The Lord of the Drama’ on TV! Watch #TheLordoftheDrama when it airs ^^“, and tweeted the above photo of himself and a real-life scale model of Iron Man.

In the photo, Siwon took the pose of a little child while looking at the superhero to take care of business.

Fans laughed at his pouting face and said, “You’re such a joker“, “You’re a good actor“, and “I like your character in the drama!“.

Source: Siwon’s Twitter
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Leeteuk reveals he met up with actress Oh In Hye after her guest appearance on ‘Strong Heart’

Leeteuk confessed to meeting up with actress Oh In Hye after her guest appearance on ‘Strong Heart‘.
On ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk sent out text messages to 100 celebrity friends saying, “I’ll miss you“. To this, Oh In Hye responded, “What’s this~~~^.^“.
Boom immediately noticed her friendly, informal tone, and MC Lee Dong Wook questioned, “Have you met with her after she came out on ‘Strong Heart’?“.
Leeteuk first denied the meeting, but then eventually answered, “I met up with her once… in the car,” causing the audience and guests to murmur in surprise. Boom then asked, “Did you have her in the passenger’s seat?“, as if to imply if they had been on a date, and Leeteuk answered that she did sit in the front seat, piquing the interest of everyone on set.
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Eunhyuk talks about how he almost kissed BoA

Eunhyuk revealed how he almost kissed BoA on the November 13th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘.
Eunhyuk had been one of the male partners BoA had danced with during her promotions for the song “Only One“. He revealed, “As time passed, the issue was focused more on the level of skinship more than the choreography. Yunho went so close their faces almost touched, and Taemin would stroke her hair for the part where their hands met.
Eunhyuk confessed that he had to do something that would not get buried by Yunho and Taemin. He said, “I was determined that I was going to kiss her on ‘Inkigayo.’ I felt like there would be no issue otherwise.” When he told BoA this, she had laughed and said, “Do it if you can.
However, on the actual stage, Eunhyuk failed to give her a kiss. He explained, “When the performance on stage finally came around, I tried to perform skinship with BoA. However, her headset mic was too close to her lips. In the end, I couldn’t kiss her because of the mic, and all I did was go awkwardly close to her face.
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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sings “Just Once” for ‘The Great Seer’ OST

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun is here to melt the hearts of fans as he he croons a new ballad for ‘The Great Seer‘ OST.
Titled “Just Once“, Kyuhyun sings of the desperate emotions of a man towards a woman he loves, which is helped conveyed through the idol’s beautiful voice.
Take a listen below!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Super Junior’s Choi Si Won to Make his Small Screen Comeback Tonight

Super Junior’s Chio Si Won will be making his long-awaited first appearance on SBS’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama, “The King of Dramas.” In the new series, he plays A-list actor Kang Hyun Min, who’s loved for his intelligent and sophisticated image. On the contrary, he detests thinking and is quick to fall in and out of love. Unsurprisingly, he’s also a prickly and rude diva.
Kang Hyun Min will make his grand entrance in the third episode, where Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min) comes to scout Kang for his new drama.
“The King of Dramas” will take a look into the world of drama production and also stars Kim Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won. King Myung Min plays Anthony Kim, a talented producer who makes hits and cares only for money; while Jung Ryeo Won plays Lee Go Eun, a rookie writer  who believes dramas should portray humanity. The series is directed by Jang Hang Joon, the man behind thriller “Sign.” 
“The King of Dramas” airs every Monday and Tuesday nights on SBS. 
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Ryeowook Twitter Update


Super Junior’s Donghae is too excited for Christmas, puts his tree up already

Looks like Super Junior’s Donghae has jumped the gun a bit early again this year by setting up his Christmas tree already.
The member tweeted, “Pepero day ^^
As compared to pepero, I will give you guys the Christmas tree that I made in my house yesterday as a present ^^ was it a little too fast?? I made this for ELF!!
Oh, Donghae, is this your way of calming angry ELFs out there? Or you must really love Christmas because you did the same thing last year. But that just means one thing: you’re excited for the holidays!
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Netizens React to IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Twitter Photo

Netizens are responding to the recent IU and Eunhyuk scandal.
On the morning of November 10, IU tweeted a photo of herself and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk close together. IU was wearing her pajamas and Eunhyuk seemed to be shirtless and both seemed to be on a bed. The photo is now deleted from IU’s Twitter account but screenshots of the photo are rapidly spreading on the web.
LOEN Entertainment released an official statement regarding this photo and said, “IU was ill this summer and when she was resting at home, Eunhyuk came to visit her and that was when they took the photo together,” and “IU meant to post something else on Twitter but posted the photo by mistake.”
They continued, “We deeply apologize for any harm that may have been caused on Eunhyuk’s side because of this,” and “Please do not spread false rumors about IU and Eunhyuk’s relationship.”
However, despite this official statement, netizens are reacting strongly to this scandal. Netizens have been digging up past photos of IU and Eunhyuk that added onto their dating rumors. When those photos first surfaced years ago, the overall reaction was, “stop trying to force something to happen.” However, now the overall reaction is more, “I guess that did happen.”
First, netizens criticized LOEN Entertainment’s release statement. They are saying that they can’t understand the fact that a sickly person (IU) would take a “proof shot” with a shirtless person, who came to visit (Eunhyuk).
Netizens left such comments like, “IU, what a disappointment,” and “The nation’s little sister has gone missing.” It seems like many have been shocked and disappointed that IU’s image of being the innocent, pure and kind young sister has been shattered with just a mere photo.
But many netizens have been defending IU and criticizing those bad commenters as well, saying things like, “There’s no need to say those kinds of things,” “People are going too far. Nothing has been confirmed yet… it really might have been Eunhyuk visiting the sickly IU,” “She is 20 years old now,” and more.
Other netizens left comments with a bit more reasoning such as, “If it really was a sickly visit, then there’s no way they would have just taken that one photo. If IU releases another photo, I think this issue will die down a bit,” and “It’s not IU who explained about the photo but her agency. I think she should come out and explain it herself.”
Soompiers, which one of the netizen’s comments do you agree with the most?
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When Will We See a Super Junior Concert?

Idol group Super Junior is officially 7 years old this year. They are currently the most popular boy band, having achieved 3 honors on the Japanese Oricon chart and even having completed a concert in France.

Super Junior's unit K.R.Y will perform in Japan's Yokohama Hall from the 19th to the 21st. This is obviously drawing the attention of fans from all over the world, especially those in Korea.

One management executive said, "We were able to feel just how popular Super Junior was in all the different countries. We're currently trying to figure out a Korean concert but many of the members have their own activities. Siwon is filming a drama and many of the others also have their own lives. Perhaps at the fastest, it might be early next year."

The exec continued, "We understand that the Korean fans really want a concert at home. We hope to come to them soon."

Super Junior members are currently performing in all different areas of entertainment. Siwon will star in SBS "King of Dramas" and Sungmin and Ryeowook are busy at work with their radio show "Kiss the Radio."

"Super Juior World Tour Super Show 4 Live in Japan" was released as a DVD at the end of October in Japan and it was #1 on the DVD charts in Japan. 
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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Super Junior’s Leeteuk says goodbye on ‘Star King’

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, who is currently serving in the military, said his goodbyes on the November 10th broadcast of ‘Star King‘.
Leeteuk is reported to have filmed for the newly returning SBS program a day before his enlistment on October 30 in order to celebrate the end of host Kang Ho Dong‘s hiatus from the entertainment industry.
The Super Junior leader stated, “I’ll return with a more manly image in two years. I’ll show you all healthier smiles then.”
In related news, many are saying that Kang Ho Dong proved his trademark hosting skills have not faded.
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IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk trend worldwide

Shortly after allkpop broke the news/rumor about IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk‘s scandalous photo, “IU and Eunhyuk” started to trend worldwide on Twitter.
The topic has become so hot, that it is also the #1 searched term on various Korean portal sites. Although there are some upset fans, the majority seem to be supporting the new couple in question and are loving IU’s newfound image.
We’ve reached out to Loen Entertainment for an official statement. Stay tuned for more updates only on allkpop

Former member Hangeng posts message on Super Junior’s 7th anniversary

Super Junior and their fans celebrated the group’s 7th anniversary since their debut this past week, and now, a post by former member Hangeng has come to light.
Hangeng posted the following message to his official Weibo account on November 6:
“It’s been seven years! It was all of you who gave me the best gift in that period. On this journey, there are many people who are better than me, there are many people who work harder than me, but I was the luckiest because I had you all. Seven-year debut anniversary, I love you all!”
Some fans are speculating that his post may have been intended as a message to Super Junior, while others are saying it was only a message for his own fans.
In other news, Hangeng was selected as the ‘Best Asia Act’ over Super Junior at the MTV EMA last month.
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Loen Entertainment releases official statement about the photo of IU and Eunhyuk

With the recent surfacing of a photo showing IU and Eunhyuk together that was accidentally revealed through IU’s Twitter, fans and netizens alike had been awaiting an official statement from the artists’ respective agencies.
It seems Loen Entertainment is the first to break their silence as they have just released an official statement on the issue:
Hello. This is Loen Entertainment.
This is an official statement regarding the picture that was revealed early this morning through IU’s Twitter.
First, we bow our heads and sincerely apologize for causing concern to all the representatives and all the fans of IU and Super Junior.
The revealed photo was from this summer when IU was very sick and Eunhyuk had come to visit her at her home, and was taken then when they sat on the sofa together; it was revealed to the outside due to IU’s mistake through her related photo uploading service while IU was making a mention on Twitter.
IU is sincerely sorry for bringing harm to her sunbae Eunhyuk due to her error.
Lastly, IU and Eunhyuk are close sunbae-hoobae who have been close since IU’s debut, Eunhyuk is close to the point that he has even dined with IU’s mother. We ask that you do not exaggerate or make assumptions about IU and Eunhyuk’s relationship due to this incident.
We will return to greet you as a more matured agency after having learned from this incident. We apologize once again.
We are sorry.
Loen Entertainment

IU and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, dating?

*OOOO..I'm late posting it but I know the truth behind this.

A photo of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajama’s is currently going around. The photo was posted onto her (IU) Twitter, (most likely accidentally) and then taken down within 2 minutes.

The photo shows Eunhyuk clearly, but only shows a part of IU’s face. The most shocking part is that the two seem to be lying on a bed, and that Eunhyuk has no shirt on.

Furthermore, fans have pointed out that the pajama is the same one that IU got from her fans, that she tweeted in the past. She tweeted it when she burnt her top after she tried to make ramen.

As you can see, the top part of the pajama is the same, down to the button detail.
Rumors that the two are dating have been going around, with much ‘proof’ saying the two have couple items. On an episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, where IU was a guest, Leeteuk wrote, “Meeting Eunhyuk’s woman again..“, Eunhyuk wrote a simple heart on his board, and IU wrote, “Oppa, I’m here“.
What do you think? Are the two actually dating? Stay tuned to allkpop for further details!
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Hangeng's message on Super Junior's 7th anniversary!

Although he's now focusing on his solo career in China, Super Junior's former member Hangeng never forgets where he came from. Through his weibo account, he wrote a special message.

He wrote,

It’s seven years, this process, it was all of you who gave me the best gift.  On this journey there are many people who are better than me, there are many people who work harder than me, but I was the luckiest, I had you all, seven year debut anniversary, I love you all!

Source: Han Geng Weibo
Translated by: