Thursday, 15 November 2012

Eunhyuk talks about how he almost kissed BoA

Eunhyuk revealed how he almost kissed BoA on the November 13th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘.
Eunhyuk had been one of the male partners BoA had danced with during her promotions for the song “Only One“. He revealed, “As time passed, the issue was focused more on the level of skinship more than the choreography. Yunho went so close their faces almost touched, and Taemin would stroke her hair for the part where their hands met.
Eunhyuk confessed that he had to do something that would not get buried by Yunho and Taemin. He said, “I was determined that I was going to kiss her on ‘Inkigayo.’ I felt like there would be no issue otherwise.” When he told BoA this, she had laughed and said, “Do it if you can.
However, on the actual stage, Eunhyuk failed to give her a kiss. He explained, “When the performance on stage finally came around, I tried to perform skinship with BoA. However, her headset mic was too close to her lips. In the end, I couldn’t kiss her because of the mic, and all I did was go awkwardly close to her face.
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