Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fans criticize ‘Star King’s use of Eunhyuk-IU situation during recording session

‘Star King‘s use of the Eunhyuk-IU situation during a filming session last week has been criticized by fans.

Various fans that attended the ‘Star King’ recording on the 12th expressed their discomfort at the situation through Twitter and internet forums. One wrote, “I was uncomfortable because Kang Ho Dong and the panel kept trying to link Eunhyuk and IU“.

According to fan accounts, when the show began, Kang Ho Dong told Eunhyuk to stand up because he looked like a newlywed husband while introducing Super Junior. Eunhyuk is said to have brushed off the comments good naturedly.

Then a contestant who is good with spinning dough was brought on the show and when asked if he could spin other things, he replied that he probably could. In the process of looking for various objects he could spin, a bed on set was spotted and brought on. However, it seemed the sheets on the bed were put on the wrong way and while Eunhyuk was helping staff members put on the sheets correctly, comedian Kim Ji Sun commented, “Eunhyuk knows a lot about beds“. Once the filming resumed again Kang Ho Dong added, “Eunhyuk, what should we do with beds?“. Eunhyuk responded that since they were on the segment of spinning dough, maybe they should try spinning the bed. Afterwards, Eunhyuk  and Shindong put on dance performances and once Eunhyuk had finished and it was Shindong’s turn, the panel said, “What should we use for the music? Should we turn on ‘Good Day’?“, “Today is a good day”.

When Kim Jong Min and Kim Na Young were asked about who they think would win if the Dough team and the Super Junior team were to face off, both of their answers included Eunhyuk’s name and how he is a male and how his mind may be on other things at the moment.

Fans commented that whenever the references would be dying down, a new reference to Eunhyuk-IU would be brought up again, and that the idol had to keep brushing off the comments.

In addition, one of the writers of ‘Star King’ tweeted, “Idol Star King Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Shindong, Yesung, Sungmin vs the Dough Show Dream Team. There are a lot of ‘Good Day’ references here…keke“. Her tweet caused Eunhyuk’s fans to rise up against her, and she deleted the tweet and then deleted her account.

Fans present at the recording commented that Eunhyuk looked a bit uncomfortable at times during the recording session. One fan also commented that when they tried to hand him presents after the filming, Eunhyuk accepted the presents and stood there a bit before apologizing to them and left, and the fans were left calling after him that he didn’t have to apologize.

The accounts from the filming have fans rising in anger, and voicing their demands to edit out these references for the actual broadcast. Many pointed out that the situation shouldn’t have been brought up, especially because Eunhyuk looked uncomfortable. However, some others think fans are overreacting and being a little too sensitive about the issue.

What do you think?

Source: Daum Board, Kuki News, DongA
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