Thursday, 15 November 2012

Leeteuk reveals he met up with actress Oh In Hye after her guest appearance on ‘Strong Heart’

Leeteuk confessed to meeting up with actress Oh In Hye after her guest appearance on ‘Strong Heart‘.
On ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk sent out text messages to 100 celebrity friends saying, “I’ll miss you“. To this, Oh In Hye responded, “What’s this~~~^.^“.
Boom immediately noticed her friendly, informal tone, and MC Lee Dong Wook questioned, “Have you met with her after she came out on ‘Strong Heart’?“.
Leeteuk first denied the meeting, but then eventually answered, “I met up with her once… in the car,” causing the audience and guests to murmur in surprise. Boom then asked, “Did you have her in the passenger’s seat?“, as if to imply if they had been on a date, and Leeteuk answered that she did sit in the front seat, piquing the interest of everyone on set.
via allkpop

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