Thursday, 15 November 2012

Leeteuk’s mother and sister visit him on ‘Strong Heart’

Leeteuk burst into tears when he saw his mother on ‘Strong Heart‘.

‘Strong Heart’ continued its ‘Goodbye Leeteuk’ special from last week, and had a theme of ‘Family Outing‘ for this week. Leeteuk’s mother along with sister Park In Young appeared on the show. When Leeteuk saw his mother, he couldn’t help but burst into tears.

His mother said, “Jungsu (Leeteuk’s birth name), you worked so hard until now. Be strong through your training and come back healthy.”

Leeteuk responded, “I’m thankful that she raised me and I’m sorry because I think I gave my mother pain as a son. I even said before that I don’t know the importance of family, and I’m really sorry. I’m going to become a bigger person to protect my family. I love you“, and embraced his mother with a hug.

Park In Young expressed her worry for her little brother and said, “I learned that my little brother was going to enlist through an article I read in the morning. I felt weird and I cried. I didn’t know when he was in the dorms, but it felt weird. I’m worried because he’s so tidy. I hope he doesn’t get angry because there aren’t any white clothes.”

Leeteuk jokingly responded, “I’m more worried about my sister. I just hope she doesn’t come out onto ‘Strong Heart’ and dance.”

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