Monday, 5 November 2012

[Star of the Week] Super Junior Leeteuk’s Perfect Partners

We know that Leeteuk will forever be the leader of Super Junior, but that’s not the only responsibility the dependable idol star had during his pre-army career.

When Leeteuk wasn’t keeping the Super Junior boys in line, he was busy being a reality TV father and husband as well as a variety show MC and radio DJ.

But the busy Super Junior member got some help along the way, and we’ve rounded up some of Leeteuk’s match-made-in-TV-heaven partners.


Leeteuk took up daddy duty in 2011, when he became the TV father to baby Kyumin on the fourth season of KBS’ Hello Baby.

We know parenting can be tough, so it was a good thing he had the four beautiful ladies of SISTAR to ease him into fatherhood. 

Each episode, the girls compete to win baby Kyumin’s favor as his favorite mom.

Kang Sora

While Leeteuk was playing reality TV dad to baby Kyumin, he also found his reality TV wife in actress Kang Sora (Trust us, this all makes sense in the reality TV world). 

The two were paired up in the third season of MBC’s We Got Married, and viewers reveled in their blossoming on-screen relationship, which began in September 2011. 

Although the on-screen relationship eventually came to an end, we think it’s safe to say the couple milked the romance while it lasted.


After being Kang Ho Dong’s right and left hand men on SBS’ Star King, Leeteuk and Boom took center stage as the main MCs of the show in October 2011.

Despite Kang Ho Dong’s controvery-ridden exit from the show at the time, Leeteuk and Boom were able to continue to bring the laughs and wow the audience in Kang Ho Dong’s stead. 

Leeteuk and Boom, who have worked together on numerous occasions, proved to be a powerful pair.


Finally, we can’t talk about Leeteuk’s perfect partners without mentioning fellow Super Junior member and radio show co host Eunhyuk. 

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk took over the airwaves in August 2006 with KBS Cool FM’s Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio and entertained listeners for five years, before passing the baton on to fellow members Sungmin and Ryeowook in December 2011. 

Which partner hit it off the best with Leeteuk? Let us know in the comments below?

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