Monday, 5 November 2012

[Star of the Week] Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s Shining Variety Moments

Super Junior’s Leeteuk may be the leader of an idol group, but the multi-entertainer’s variety skills prove that he has much more hiding up his sleeve. 

Get ready to laugh as we relive some of Leeteuk’s best variety moments!

Leeteuk goes King Kong on Eunhyuk

Leeteuk may be Super Junior’s ever patient and understanding leader, but even he can only take so much from his members. 

When you can’t hold your anger in any longer, dance it off King Kong style!

Leeteuk takes flight

We’re still trying to figure out how idol stars always look so put together, but when a trampoline is involved, even idol stars can’t keep their image intact. 

In the clip below, Leeteuk attempts to show off his acrobatic skills on SBS’ Star King

Although he takes off from the platform like a true Super Junior superhero, his landing is utterly…human. And absolutely hilarious. 

See what we mean below!

Leeteuk speaks Engrish

With K-Pop going international these days, many idol stars have taken to picking up foreign languages. 

As the leader of one of hallyu’s representative idol groups, Super Junior’s Leeteuk is no exception.

Singer Park Jung Hyun was a guest on MBC’s Jewelry House, where Leeteuk took it upon himself to introduce the English speaker in her native language, or rather—Engrish. 

We’ll give Leeteuk an A for effort. And for making us laugh. 

Leeteuk squeals for joy

They say laughing is contagious, and no one makes us believe this more than Super Junior’s Leeteuk.

Leeteuk is known for his signature squeal, and we dare you not to laugh after hearing it. 

The following clip from SBS’ Strong Heart features Leeteuk, lots of laughs and SNSD’s Yoona. What’s there not to love?

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