Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Super Junior Leeteuk Texts 100 Celebrity Friends and Receives Hilarious Replies

Before Super Junior Leeteuk left for the army, he texted 100 of his friends to see who would reply. The results proved to be hilarious.

On the November 7 broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Leeteuk invited some of his closest friend on the show and even texted 100 friends with the sentence, “I’ll miss you.”

Throughout the broadcast, the text replies were read out loud, creating much laughter in the studio. 
The first person to reply back was Lee Seung Gi, former Strong Heart MC, who wrote, “You didn’t go yet? Kekeke. I’ll miss you too. TT_TT”

A reply from 2PM’s Taecyeon read, “Hyung, come back safely~ But I think this is the first time you ever texted me. Let’s try to keep in touch more often.” 

Kim Min Jong of SM Entertainment wrote, “Me too. Fighting! Time will go quickly! Enjoy your time there,” while Baekdusan’s Yoo Hyun San wrote, “Teuk! You can do well! Even Boom went~ I’ll miss you and I’ll visit!” 

Other texts included messages revealing that Leeteuk hasn’t kept in touch with many of his contacts. 

Mighty Mouth’s Shorry wrote, “Who is this???” while Jewelry’s Eun Jung replied, “Did you send this to the wrong person? And aren’t you serving as a public servant?” 

Even Psy, who had to serve in the army twice, replied back, “Army…it’s fun….kekeke. Make sure to eat a lot of Chinese and chicken and other greasy foods, Ke. If you have any questions, call me anytime.” 

When Leeteuk texted his mother, she replied with a completely unrelated text, asking if he needs to send a certificate of his seal as well. 

K.Will sent an especially hilarious reply, saying, “Stop lying. Keke. The country wants Private Park Jung Soo. Sexy, Free & Single enlistment preparation complete.”

Leeteuk entered the army on October 30. 

Photo Credit: SBS
via enewsworld

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