Monday, 5 November 2012

Which Super Junior Member Will Have the Most Wealth in the Future?

According to some of Korea’s most renowned fortune tellers, it’s clear which Super Junior member has the best fortune in terms of accumulating wealth. 

In a recent recording of MBC Music’s All The K-Pop the show met with ten famous fortune tellers in the Seoul area to get a reading on the ranking of the Super Junior members’ future wealth. 

According to the survey, it’s Super Junior’s youngest, Kyuhyun, who will have the most wealth in the future. According to the fortune tellers, Kyuhyun even surpassed Choi Siwon who came in second and is already infamous for coming from an affluent family background. 

Leeteuk and Shindong tied for third. 

The fortune tellers shared, “Kyuhyun’s notion regarding wealth is extremely strong. In the future he is likely to surpass his hyungs financially.” 

After seeing the results, MC Boom jokingly turned to Leeteuk to say, “Be good to Kyuhyun.” 

The full results will air on November 2. 

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
via enewsworld

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