Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Musical ‘The Promise’ releases photos of Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Supernova’s Yunhak, and Ji Hyun Woo

Musical ‘The Promise‘ has released photos of Ji Hyun Woo, Yunhak, and Leeteuk as they all gathered for the poster shooting.

It was revealed that Ji Hyun Woo would be playing the role of Platoon Commander Kim Ji Hoon. According to the writer of the musical, “The character wanted to be a teacher, but he walked the course of an officer because of pressure from his father. The character says, ‘I hope the generation where the country comes before ones own individual dreams come to an in our generation. I’m going to Dabudong for the future of this country where individuals can freely have their dreams’.”

Supernova‘s Yunhak will be playing the orphan Jang Dal Ho. He experiences all sorts of things when he was young, but he grows up to become a singer who is accepted all over the country and has the stage name Jang Na Rae.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk will be playing the role of Miss Kim. Miss Kim is the only son of a family who runs a prostitute ring, so he calls a lot of whores ‘unni‘. Because of all the prostitutes, he had a female named and was raised wearing female clothes so he wouldn’t get sick from the epidemic.

The writer also added, “I met soldiers Yunhak and Jung Soo for the first time on ‘The Promise’. They’re in charge of carefreeness and fantasy. They give happiness in a war musical that is a bit heavy, but in the end they’ll make you tear up… They dance tango together and they’re so cute~~^^“.

Check out the photos below!
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