Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Super Junior takes over the Korean trending hashtags on Twitter for 2012

Super Junior took over the Korean trending hashtags on Twitter for 2012.

Because of the Hallyu wave, Korean hashtags come up very often on Twitter. Out of the 7 Korean #1 trending topics in 2012, one was for the Olympic swimmer Park Tae Hwan, when many all over the globe cried foul for his disqualification in the London Olympics.

The rest of the six Korean #1 trending topics went to Super Junior. Leader Leeteuk‘s enlistment trend of #기대릴게이특 (We’ll wait, Leeteuk) was next, followed also by an English tag for him. #슈퍼주니어2500일 (Super Junior 2500 Days), #이동해생일축하해요 (Lee Donghae Happy Birthday), #이특영원히사랑해요 (Leeteuk, we love you forever), #슈크라이6주년 (Su-KRY 6 years), #슈주은혁사랑합니다 (SuJu Eunhyuk, we love you), and #슈퍼주니어26000일 (Super Junior 2600 Days) were also #1 hashtags that trended.

Except for Park Tae Hwan, every one of the top trending Korean hashtags were for Super Junior. The group also had numerous English hashtags that were trending as well. Not only so, but Super Junior’s Siwon is currently the Korean with the most followers on Twitter, he has nearly 3 million followers. Donghae is 2nd with over 2.6 million followers.

Source: Oh My News
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