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Streaming Link for Dragon TV Countdown Concert


Here is the link to stream Dragon TV Concert. Super Junior M also will be performing at the concert.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The 'Sapphire Blue Ocean' takes over Malaysia at 'Super Show 5'

Super Junior's 'Sapphire Blue Ocean' has taken over Malaysia!

The boys had the Malaysian leg of their 'Super Show 5' world tour on the 23rd at Kuala Lumpur's Putra Indoor Stadium. The concert opened with "Mr. Simple", and the boys performed 28 songs including "BONAMANA", "Sorry Sorry", "Sexy, Free & Single", along with unit and solo stages.

The fans had their own special events for Super Junior, holding up special cards for "Marry U", "So I", and "Lingering" stages. 

The boys will be heading over to Macau at The Venetian-Cotai Arena on the 30th for the next leg of their world tour!
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Lebih 10,000 hadiri konsert Super Junior

NAMA kumpulan dari Korea Selatan, Super Junior, bukan lagi asing bagi penggemar irama K-Pop di Malaysia.

Biarpun kali terakhir menjejakkan kaki ke Malaysia pada Januari lalu menerusi acara penuh berprestij, Golden Disk Awards ke-27, namun rata-rata peminat Super Junior atau Suju masih menantikan kedatangan mereka sekali lagi untuk tahun ini.

Apatah lagi, kali terakhir kumpulan yang terdiri daripada Heechul, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, bersama dua lagi ahli Super Junior M, iaitu Zhou Mi dan Henry mengadakan konsert dia Malaysia adalah pada tahun 2011.

Bagaimanapun, dua lagi ahli kumpulan Suju, Leeteuk dan Yesung tidak dapat bersama bagi konsert Super Show 5 Super Junior World Tour in Kuala Lumpur, kelmarin kerana terlibat dengan latihan ketenteraan yang wajib bagi setiap lelaki berusia 27 tahun di Korea Selatan.

Biarpun tanpa dua ahli kumpulan tersebut, ia tidak menghalang kehadiran lebih 10, 000 peminat untuk hadir memeriahkan Super Show 5 yang bermula pada jam 5 petang itu.

Menerusi konsert yang dianjurkan oleh Star Planet dan dibawakan oleh Spritzer Natural Mineral Water, Suju menyampaikan 28 buah lagu seperti Mr Simple, Sorry Sorry, Super Girl, Cold, Break Down, Rock Star, Sunny, Dancing Out dan banyak lagi.

Selain menyanyi secara berkumpulan, ia turut diselang seli dengan persembahan solo dan duet dari ahli Suju yang lain.

Antara persembahan yang paling mendapat sorakan ramai apabila Siwon, Kangin, Ryeowook dan Sungmin naik ke pentas dengan berpakaian perempuan dan menari.

Tidak ketinggalan apabila mereka turut tampil memakai kostume superhero seperti Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Wolwerine, Ironman, Dragon Ball ketika menyampaikan lagu Wonder Boy.

Diselang-seli dengan interaksi dengan peminat yang hadir menerusi seorang jurubahasa, tiga ahli Suju, Heechul, Kyuhyun dan Sungmin turut dipaksa membuat aksi 'gwiyomi' yang sekali lagi mengundang jeritan peminat yang hadir.

Tanpa kejutan istimewa

Biarpun tampil dengan persembahan mantap, ditambah dengan penataan lampu LED yang dipaparkan sangat realistik, sistem audio yang cukup hebat, dan rekaan pentas yang menghubungkan dengan peminat di setiap penjuru, namun bagi sesetengah peminat, konsert kali ini terasa kurang impaknya.

Contohnya, apabila Suju mengatakan persembahan sudah berakhir dan tirai diturunkan, ia tidak membuatkan peminat bersorak risau kerana menerusi persembahan sebelum ini, ia sudah dilakukan dan membuatkan mereka sudah menjangkakan Suju akan kembali membuat persembahan.

Malah, persembahan yang dilakukan pada malam tersebut juga sudah dilihat menerusi beberapa siri jelajah kumpulan tersebut di beberapa negara lain sebelum ini.

Janji kembali ke Malaysia

Sebelum menyampaikan lagu terakhir, So I, ke semua ahli Suju membuat ucapan terakhir seorang demi seorang kepada peminat di stadium.

Biarpun beberapa kali melawak dan menyampaikan ucapannya, namun ada di antara peminat yang menitiskan air mata pada saat itu.

Antara kata-kata yang diucapkan oleh beberapa ahli Suju adalah mereka berjanji akan kembali ke Malaysia, kerana mengibaratkan 'sudah berkahwin' dengan semua peminat pada malam itu selepas menyampaikan lagu Marry U.

Namun konsert ini mungkin menjadi kenangan akhir buat Shindong yang akan menyertai latihan ketenteraan bermula tahun hadapan.

#SuperJunior ’s #HeeChul admits to having nose surgery

#SuperJunior ’s #HeeChul has confessed on broadcast that he had gotten work done on his nose.

In the November 21st episode of jTBC’s ‘War of Words’ program, the talk revolved around Korea’s obsession with plastic surgery. After seeing photos of those who had gotten plastic surgery and all looking pretty similar to one another, Hee Chul said, “It’s their own greed which led to this.”

Hee Chul continued, “I had broken my nose after falling previously, so I ended up having surgery on it. My nose bridge was pretty high previously, so I had hoped to restore it to its previous state. But the doctor was more concerned with finding the right balance for my overall face.”

He admitted, “It’s their own greed for having rather similar faces after overdoing it with plastic surgery. The doctors don’t do surgeries like that. If you look closely at my nose now, it’s lower when compared to the past. People around me say its fine, but I wished it was higher.”

By: Oh Soo Kyung

K-Pop group Super Junior thrills strong Malaysian crowd

KUALA LUMPUR: K-Pop group Super Junior wowed a 10,000-strong crowd last night at its concert Super Show 5, held at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.
The group is known for its strong showmanship, and the members certainly didn't disappoint the crowd. 

Presenting a total of 28 popular songs, Super Junior showed off impressive vocal and dance skills, complete with a few surprises that thrilled the crowd to no end.

The nine Korean members, Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong, Ryeowook, Kangin and Heechul, were joined by their sub-unit Super Junior-M members Henry and Zhoumi, giving Malaysian fans extra enjoyment.

Super Show 5 also celebrated the return of Heechul to the group from his 23-month national military service. 

Among the songs performed were Mr Simple, Sorry Sorry, Sexy, Free & Single, Marry U, Super Girl and Rock Star.

One highlight of the concert was the parody performance of female artistes' dances where Siwon, Sungmin, Kangin and Ryeowook dressed up as Korean stars Son Dambi, Hyuna, Ga In and the girl group S.E.S respectively. 

Fans held up their blue lightsticks in time with the music and they cheered and screamed at the top of their lungs for more throughout the concert. 

Super Show 5's big turnout proves that the group still has what it takes to be mega-popular, despite having debuted in 2005 and with many new groups popping up since then.

"Apa khabar?" Canadian-Chinese Henry said to the crowd. "It's been a long time since we've been back here."

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here for showing us so much love and support. It's because of you that we get to be here tonight. We're so happy to be back."

Super Junior last had their concert in Malaysia in 2011 for Super Show 3. Super Junior-M, consisting of Donghae, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Zhoumi and Henry, was here last year for the Asia Super Showcase. Earlier this year, Siwon came to Malaysia to endorse the LINE messaging app.

The concert was organised by Star Planet and presented by Spritzer.
Source:  nst.com.my

Super Junior thrills fans with ‘Super Show 5’ in Malaysia

Super Junior was in Malaysia on November 23rd for their ‘Super Show 5’ world tour at Kuala Lumpur’s Putra Indoor Stadium, where they put on thrilling performances for fans.
The group opened proceedings with their 5th album title song ‘Mr. Simple’. They followed up with performances of ‘Sorry, Sorry’, ‘BONAMANA’, ‘Sexy, Free & Single’, and other hit songs. Apart from their album songs, the Super Junior members also put on sub-unit performances and costume changing shows for a total of 28 fun-filled and thrilling stages.
Fans also reciprocated with special surprises for Super Junior as well. As the members sang ‘Daydream’ off their 6th album, the fans raised up banners that wrote, “Oppa! Don’t go, we will be with you until old age,” and formed a heart shape with them. When the members sang ‘Marry U’ from their second album, fans raised banners that wrote, “We have a wish, let’s get married,” and left the Super Junior members visibly touched by all their efforts.
After Malaysia, Super Junior will take their ‘Super Show 5’ world tour to Macau’s The Venetian Cotai Arena this weekend on November 30th.

By: General News Team

7 reasons why Super Junior’s return to Malaysia was epic!

#1 The Malaysian ELF army
The last time the whole of Super Junior came to Malaysia was back in 2011. But the 10,000 - strong and loud crowd that turned up to watch the SUPER SHOW 5 is proof that their return has been very much anticipated. Also, big ups to the Malaysian ELFs for their loud cheers!

#2 The return of Heechul 
After spending 23 months out of the limelight because of national military service, it was obvious that SUJU fans were more than happy to see Heechul on stage with his band members again. We think it’s also safe to say that he was a lil’ teary-eyed when the crowd cheered during his solo performance.

#3 The out-of-nowhere cross-dressing bit 
The men of SUJU are so eager to make their fans laugh, they will even dress up and perform as female Korean stars. Siwon, Sungmin, Kangin and Ryeowook had the crowd chuckling as they strutted on stage in their dresses, short skirts, tights, wigs and heels!

#4 The creative intermissions 
Looks like Super Junior has found the cure to long intermissions – visual short stories! From a James Bond-inspired action piece to a hilarious skit at the park, it really didn’t feel like you had wait long for them to prep for their next performance.

#5 The SUPER SHOW 5 production is super, duper impressive 
When we were told that the 3D mapping technology of the show will impress us, we didn’t expect our actual jaws to drop. The visual effects, lighting, explosions and stage designs is easily the best we’ve seen so far this year. We also love that the stage is set up in a way that allows every member to get up close and personal with their fans from every side of the stadium!

#6 The solo performances 
Super Junior are unstoppable as a whole but when they decide to take the stage as individual performers, they never disappoint. Henry’s performance of his first solo song ‘Trapped’ was one of our favourites!

#7 The show is super long! 
We don’t know how these guys have the energy put on a show that requires them to dance, jump and sing non-stop for more than two hours but we are sure glad they can. A big thank you to organisers Star Planet and presenter Spritzer for bringing the SUPER SHOW 5 to Malaysia!

Aura SuJu takluki pentas

Kuasa kumpulan tersohor ini sememangnya bukan terletak pada nama semata-mata kerana sehingga kini apa yang melekat di mata peminat tegar tentu sekali luar biasanya persembahan mereka di pentas.

Bukan ‘props’ atau pentas gah yang menjadikan Super Junior atau SuJu lebih hebat setiap kali menakluk pentas, sebaliknya aura dibawa mereka berbeza dengan kumpulan lain apabila keintiman itu lebih terasa.

Demikian juga suasana di Stadium Tertutup Putra, Bukit Jalil, kelmarin sewaktu sebelas anggotanya Heechul, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook dan Kyuhyun serta dua anggota Super Junior-M, Zhou Mi dan Henry tampil cara tersendiri menerusi konsert siri jelajah Super Show 5 kumpulan dari Korea Selatan itu.

Dinamik, bertenaga dan menyentuh perasaan, SuJu ternyata sudah mempersiapkan sesuatu yang tentu sekali kekal di ingatan penonton kira-kira 10,000 pada konsert bermula 5 petang itu.
Mungkin menjadi kelebihan kumpulan ini yang dibarisi ramai anggota di mana tidak ada kelemahan stamina apabila masing-masing melunaskan sesi persembahan solo.

Apapun, setiap kali semuanya bergabung di atas pentas, ketika itulah terlihat tenaga yang mengagumkan meskipun sukar untuk fokus hendak menonton anggota mana satu.

Ini kerana, baik Shindong, Siwon, Kangin dan yang lain, semua mempunyai karakter berbeza menampakkan gabungan itu umpama pertembungan hebat ‘superstar’ sedangkan mereka sekumpulan.

Kelincahan dan sisi kelakar yang spontan begitu menyentuh apalagi ikatan ditunjukkan mereka di atas pentas tampak tidak dibuat-buat dan ikhlas.

Memang begitulah suasananya apabila bukan seperti konsert lain yang memerlukan semua anggotanya patuh kepada koreografi serta corak persembahan ditetapkan.

SuJu bagaikan jejaka-jejaka nakal yang terlepas daripada tahanan dan menukar atmosfera konsert menjadi pesta keraian di mana setiap kali mendendangkan lagu, pasti disahut penonton.

Bukan persoalan utama untuk menilai vokal mereka pada konsert selama tiga jam setengah itu kerana apa yang pasti, kehangatan dibawakan mereka sudah cukup menaikkan kegilaan peminat.

Belum lagi apabila setiap mereka bercanda serta menunjukkan sisi ‘gila-gila’ sambil saling sakat-menyakat, memang keintiman itu menjadi lebih indah selain sekali-sekala pergi menghampiri peminat.

Yang pasti, konsert berkenaan bertukar menjadi pentas tarian paling ‘happening’ dengan aksi hebat mereka melunaskan setiap koreografi namun paling istimewa, disusuli pula sesi ‘tunjuk lagak’ sesama mereka.

Bukan saja aksi spontan bergurau-senda, malah turut menyerikan pentas apabila Shindong dan Heechul antara yang dicabar menunjukkan aksi terbaik mereka menarikan sebuah lagu.

Tidak ketinggalan, dirindui selama ketiadaan selama setahun, kemunculan semula Heechul menyertai konsert kali ini nyata melengkapkan lagi persembahan maklum saja karakter dia yang mengundang gelak-tawa.

Tidak sarat dengan konsep, ringkas namun padat, tiada selang pun persembahan mereka petang itu dan tidak terkecuali memainkan sebuah sketsa pendek meng–gunakan subtajuk bahasa Melayu mengiringi klip itu.

Pasti turut menjadi bualan apabila empat daripada anggota SuJu tiba-tiba muncul berpakaian wanita meniru kumpulan terkenal 2NE1 membuatkan satu stadium bergema dengan gelak tawa.

Menyusul selepas itu, sembilan daripada mereka mengejutkan penonton pula dengan menyarung pakaian-pakaian adiwira pelbagai karakter.

Meskipun membuat gimik lagu Marry You menjadi penutup konsert berkenaan, peminat tidak mahu berganjak dan mahukan lebih lagi sebelum kehangatan diteruskan lagi dengan nyanyi lagu meletup mereka Sorry Sorry.

Mendendangkan 28 lagu kesemuanya, beberapa lagu Mandarin turut dinyanyikan khas buat peminat di sini memandangkan anggota SuJu juga ada yang tidak berasal dari Korea Selatan dan fasih berbahasa Mandarin.

Membuka tirai dengan lagu Mr. Simple, turut di–nyanyikan adalah Super Girl; Sexy, Free & Single; Club No. 1; Cold; How Am I Supposed to Live Without You; Break Down; Trap; A-Oh; Go + Shake it Up; Rock Star; medley Bitter Sweet, Someday & Memories; Wonder Boy; Sunny; Dancing Out; Show Me Your Love; Sapphire Blue.

Disusuli lagu penutup So I, seperti biasa masing-masing sempat mengucapkan sepatah dua kata selain berterima kasih dengan sokongan berterusan daripada peminat di sini terutamanya.

“Kami ibarat berkahwin dengan kamu semua malam ini. Sedihnya kami terpaksa balik ke Korea sebaik tamat konsert ini. Kalau boleh kami tidak mahu ini semua berhenti.

“Kamu jangan lupakan kami kerana kami pun tidak akan pernah lupakan kamu semua. Nantikan kunjungan kami yang seterusnya, terus menyokong kami dan jaga diri,” begitu antara ucapan mereka.

Dianjurkan Star Planet bersama Spritzer dan mendapat tajaan daripada Acer serta Intel, Malaysia antara destinasi terakhir siri jelajah berkenaan yang bermula sejak awal tahun ini dan sudah berkunjung ke serata dunia termasuklah Brazil, Argentina dan Peru.

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 15

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 14

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 13

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 12

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 11

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 10

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 9

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 8

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SS5 Kuala Lumpur : Part 7

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