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Winners from the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’

On January 31st, stars, idol groups, and musicians gathered at the Olympic Park in Seoul for the ‘22nd Seoul Music Awards‘.

The awards show first began in 1990 and is held annually by Sports Seoul to recognize outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry. It is one of the big four music award ceremonies in Korea, alongside the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’, ‘Golden Disk Awards’, and ‘Melon Music Awards’.

Check out the list of winners below!


Note: The ‘Bonsang award’ winners are chosen through voting (20%), digital/album sales (50%), research (10%), and panel judgement (20%). One artist is then chosen from the group of Bonsang winners for the prestigious ‘Daesang’.

▲ Daesang (Grand Prize)


▲ Bonsang (Main Prize)

Super Junior | Epik High | f(x) | 2NE1 | Huh Gak | SHINee | miss A | Psy | SISTAR | Big Bang | Lee Seung Gi | SECRET


Note: Judging for the other categories are based on mobile poll results (20%), Sports Seoul popularity level (10%), album and music sales (50%), and panel judgement (20%).


▲ Best New Artist

EXO-K | Ailee | B.A.P | Lee Hi

▲ High1/Mobile Popularity

Lee Seung Gi | SHINee

▲ Performance Culture Award

Kim Jang Hoon

▲ Record of the Year

G-Dragon – ‘One of a Kind‘

▲ Digital Record of the Year

SISTAR – ‘Alone‘

▲ Hallyu Special Award

Super Junior

▲ R&B/Ballad Award


▲ Hip Hop/Rap Award

Double K

▲ Best OST Award

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun
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Super Junior-M members enjoy dinner together after practice

Super Junior-M celebrated their recent comeback by having dinner together after practice.

Ryeowook shared on his Twitter on the 31st, “After the ‘Sukira’ broadcast, I went back to the dorm. I must have slept for two hours~?!~ I have to go out soon. Oh my~ Today is the start of our Korean promotions!!! Please look forward to it, everyone~ ^______^ The photo▶eating dinner together after finishing practice◀ kya kya.”

The photo shows the members of Super Junior-M (Donghae, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi, and Henry) eating together at a restaurant.

Netizens commented, “Super Junior fighting!”, “It must be difficult for all of the Super Junior members to eat together”, “They seem to be having a celebratory party”, and more.

Super Junior-M released their second full-length album ‘Break Down‘ earlier this month. According to SMTOWN, Super Junior-M will be holding special stages of “Break Down” on February 2nd’s ‘Music Core‘ and February 3rd’s ‘Inkigayo‘. Check out their performance on ‘M! Countdown‘ below if you missed it!
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Henry, Jiyul, Fei, Tony An, Son Ho Young, and others to star on celebrity edition of ‘Master Chef Korea’

Super Junior-M‘s Henry, Dal Shabet‘s Jiyul, miss A‘s Fei, Tony An, and Son Ho Young will be starring on the celebrity edition of ‘Master Chef Korea‘.

‘Master Chef Korea’ launched in April 2012 on Olive TV and gained incredibly popularity. Season 2 of the show is scheduled to air in May. However, before that, the show will hold a celebrity version in which stars battle each other as chefs for 8 weeks. Whoever wins the celebrity edition of contest will win 100 million KRW (approximately $92,000 USD).

All of the members of the show are already known to be good cooks. Tony An has a franchise of luxury fast food restaurants while Son Ho Young has been an MC for a food show, and had been acknowledged for his own recipes.

The program commented, “The staff and the professionals met with the celebrities before the show to test their abilities and to check their basic cooking skills. Everyone was surprised by their talent. People who we didn’t even think about showed off their talents, so we are looking forward to airing the show.”

The first episode of the show will air on February 22.
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Go by Super Junior-M@Mcountdown 2013.1.31

Credit: Mnet

Break Down by Super Junior-M@Mcountdown 2013.1.31

Credit: Mnet

Super Junior-M reveals Korean version of ‘Break Down’

Super Junior-M who previously revealed their album ‘Break Down‘ in China, has unveiled the Korean version today ahead of their promotional activities in Korea.
The title track of the same name is a powerful pop track that showcases both the group’s vocal talents. The music video for the Chinese version was revealed earlier as well, which you can check out herealong with the Chinese tracks on the album.
Check out the Korean versions of the songs of “Break Down” and “Good Bye My Love” below!
Break Down (Korean ver.)
Good Bye My Love (Korean ver.)

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Super Junior-M releases Korean version of ‘Break Down’

Super Junior-M has released a Korean version of their second album ‘Break Down’ on January 31.

The Korean version of the album features 10 tracks in total, including Korean version of the title track “Break Down” as well as “GO”, “Good Bye, My Love” and a few others that show Super Junior’s musical color most vividly.

The original Chinese version of ‘Break Down’ was released on January 7 through local music sites as well as iTunes in Korea, China and Taiwan. 


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Super Junior K.R.Y made a strong debut in Japan with its first Japanese single released this week as DBSK’s Max Changmin was announced as the winner of a major rookie acting award in Japan. 

Meanwhile, a cryptic post made by Lee Joon stirred up controversy and a pair of actresses became the latest stars suspected of abusing propofol.

Read on for more:

Stars on the Rise

1. Super Junior K.R.Y’s Debut Japanese Single Reaches Number One on Oricon

Super Junior K.R.Y’s future in Japan glimmered bright this week as the Super Junior unit group’s debut Japanese single, Promise Youmade its entry onto Oricon’s daily singles chart at number two. 

The single sold 40,645 copies on its first day, reflecting the unit group’s astounding popularity. 

Promise You then eventually rose to number one on the same chart the following day by selling 15,197 copies, giving the unit group its first number one single on the Oricon with its first single album. 

Super Junior K.R.Y also successfully wrapped up its Japan concert tour with a final concert at the Budokan in Tokyo.

Only shares part related to SJ KRY

Super Junior-M to Release “Break Down” Album in Korea

Super Junior‘s Mandarin sub unit Super Junior-M will release an album in Korea.

On January 29 SM Entertainment announced the Super Junior-M will release a Korean version of their second album “Break Down” on January 31. “Break Down” has topped the online music charts and iTunes in Korea, China, and Taiwan. It also reached number one on the Billboard world album chart.

The Korean version of the album will have the eight tracks in the Mandarin version plus Korean versions of “Break Down” and “Good Bye, My Love” for a total of ten tracks.

Super Junior-M will perform on M!Countdown on January 31 to kick off their Korean promotions.

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Shares Airport Fashion Selca

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk recently drew the attention of Netizens with an airport fashion selca. On January 28, he tweeted a photo with the caption, “I just arrived in Korea. Thank you to the fans in Wuhan and Guangzhou.”
It appears that the photo was taken right after Eunhyuk had landed in the Korean airport. He is sporting trendy sunglasses, a red beanie, and a pseudo-”Ghostbusters” graphic tee. Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Eunhyuk seems a little tired,” “Eunhyuk is so cute,” and “Congratulations on landing safely in Korea, Eunhyuk!”
In related news, Super Junior-M (a sub unit group of Super Junior, which Eunhyuk is also a member of) saw their second album “Break Down” reach number 1 on the world album chart of on January 26. 
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Siwon at Opening Ceremony of Twosome Coffee

Credit: sportsseoultv & SSTV YT

Super Junior’s Siwon attends the opening of the ‘Twosome Coffee Choi Siwon Shop’ pop-up cafe charity event

Super Junior‘s Siwon made a transformation into a barista for the grand opening of the ‘Twosome Coffee Choi Siwon Shop‘ pop-up cafe in Myeongdong, Seoul on the 30th.

The event was held at the Myeondong store of the cafe chain to celebrate the grand opening of the charity event by Siwon.

A representative who was present at the event revealed, “For three months, various food items such as coffee, sandwich, and biscotti under the name of Choi Siwon will be sold here, and the profits will be donated to those in need… Selling 10,000 ‘Hope Biscotti’ will bring in 10 million KRW (~9,200 USD), and with the profits of the other items, we hope that we will be able to raise 50 million KRW (~46,000 USD) to donate to the charities of Siwon’s choice as well as other places.”

To show their support, his fans from all over the world flew in to attend the beginning of the event, and in return, Siwon served them snacks such as biscotti and coffee that he prepared himself.

Check out photos from the event below!
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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The 2nd Week of January. 2013 BILLBOARD KOREA NEWS


Super Junior K.R.Y Takes Number One on the Oricon Daily Chart

Super Junior K.R.Y has taken the number one spot on the Oricon with its first Japanese single.

Just one day after Super Junior K.R.Y’s first Japanese single, Promise You debuted at number two on the Oricon daily singles chart, the single has claimed the top spot. 

According to updated chart rankings released on January 25, Promise You sold 15,197 copies to claim the top spot - Super Junior K.R.Y’s first number one on the chart. 

Just the night before, Super Junior K.R.Y successfully wrapped up its Japan concert tour with a final concert at the Budokan in Tokyo.

Photo Credit: Oricon


Super Junior KRY Debuts at 2nd Place on Japan’s Oricon Daily Charts

According to the Oricon charts published on January 24, Super Junior KRY‘s Japanese debut single album “Promise You” was ranked at the second place on Oricon’s daily chart. Super Junior KRY is a ballad subunit group that consists of vocalists of Super Junior, Kyuhyun, Yesung, and Ryeowook.  

Their Japanese debut single album sold 40,645 copies on the day of release on Janaury 23. Prior to their official debut in Japan, Super Junior KRY held an independent concert in Yokohama in November 2012. At the time, there were more than 500,000 inquiries about ticket sales and the concert was sold out within the first three seconds of sales. After their first concert, Super Junior KRY extended the show from November 22 through November 24, 2012 at the Budokan due to overwhelming amount of requests and inquiries from local fans. 
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Kyuhyun Reveals that Seohyun Is His Ideal Type of Girl

Super Junior member Kyuhyun, announced that Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun is the closest to his ideal type of girl.

On the January 23 episode of the MBC’s variety show, “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” one of the emcees asked Kyuhyun an unexpected question causing the audience to listen attentively, “Who did you date among the Girls’ Generation members?”

The girls looked puzzled but MC Yoon Jong Shin again teased Kyuhyun by adding, ”When I drank a beer with Kyuhyun one day, he talked about Seohyun.”

In this regard, Kyuhyun explained, “People ask a lot of questions about Girls’ Generation to me. But really, they are just like my little sisters. But if you ask who my ideal girl type would have to be among Girls’ Generation, Seohyun is the one.”

Meanwhile, the girls talked about many other things during this episode such as Sooyoung‘s scandal with Won Bin, Seohyun’s airport blacklist story and Jessica‘s headbanging controversy.
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Choi Si Won Visits His Grandmother’s Grave

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon shows that he’s a good grandson!

On January 24, he posted a picture along with the caption, “happy new year grandma! 1st memorial day.” (author’s note: 1 year anniversary)

Inside the picture, he kneels down next to his grandmother’s grave holding a bittersweet expression. He’s dressed sensibly in all black and brought a basket full of flowers, which is placed in the front.

Netizens had mixed reactions with the photo. Several commented along the lines of “I understand that he took a picture with his grandmother’s grave and that’s sweet, but to upload it on his twitter for the whole world to see.. isn’t that too much? It’s not like he’s young and doesn’t know any better. He has no sense.” However, other netizens commented that at least he goes to visit his grandmother’s grave and sets a great example for the younger generation.

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon finished filming for SBS’s drama “King of Dramas” and received much love for his humorous acting as top star Kang Hyun Min.
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Siwon shares a photo of Donghae and Eunhyuk in Shanghai

Super Junior‘s Siwon shared a photo he took of Donghae and Eunhyuk at an airport in Shanghai, China.

Siwon tweeted the following with his more than 3 million followers on Twitter,
hidden camera. we just got to shanghai and waiting for transfer to wuhan. 

Siwon had managed to snap a photo of Donghae and Eunhyuk waiting together for their transfer. The two were wearing sunglasses, and managed to look stylish even while wearing casual clothing at the airport.
Siwon, Donghae, and Eunhyuk are currently promoting “Break Down” as a part of the Super Juniorsubunit Super Junior-M.
Source: Siwon’s Twitter

Which idol groups are the most popular by country?

Fans all over the world voted for the most popular idols in their country.

CJ E&M ran a survey from December 11th to the 18th asking users to vote for their favorite idols. The survey received a total of 920,000 votes from 18 different countries including Japan, Russia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, England, Germany, Spain, Poland, United States, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

In Japan, TVXQ was voted to be the most popular, receiving 40.8% of the votes. Following were f(x) with 12.1%, Girls’ Generation with 10.7%, 2NE1 with 10.1%, and Ailee with 8.1%. TVXQ also ranked #1 in Russia.

In China, F.T. Island received 30% of the votes to rank #1, followed by INFINITE‘s Sunggyu with 26.5%, f(x) with 15.3%, Super Junior with 10.5%, and TVXQ with 4.7%. The pop rock band also ranked #1 in both Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Super Junior gained 27.1% of the votes in the United States to rank #1. f(x) followed with 11.5%, and F.T. Island with 10.9%. Super Junior proved their huge popularity as they ranked #1 in 10 other countries, including Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. They had the most overall #1 rankings.

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon took #1 in Spain and Poland by himself, managing to beat out all the other groups in those respective countries.
Source: Korea Economy
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Super Junior K.R.Y’s “Promise You” debuts #2 on Oricon

Super Junior K.R.Y’s first Japanese single has debuted at number two on the Oricon chart.

According to Oricon’s latest chart ranking on January 24, Super Junior K.R.Y’s first Japanese single “Promise You” ranked #2 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart. Released on the 23rd, the single has sold a total of 40,635 copies on the first day after its release.

The Super Junior ballad unit is made up of members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung. The group recently held its first concert in Japan and received an enthusiastic response, leading to add another concert at the Budokan on January 24.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eunhyuk Celebrates First Stage with Super Junior-M

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk tweeted a message about an upcoming fan party in China.
On January 18, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk posted a picture and a Twitter message which reads, “SJ-M Breakdown first stage! Let’s go.”
The tweet featured a group picture with the subgroup, Super Junior-M‘s members: EunhyukSungminZhou Mi,DonghaeSiwonRyeowookKyuhyun and Henry.  Each member posed expressing their individual traits for the camera.  
Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Super Junior-M members all together make them look even more outstanding,” “So cool,” “Good looking bunch of boys,” “Go Go SJ-M!!” and “I wish I could see more of Super Junior-M on TV.”
On January 19, Super Junior-M traveled to China for a fan party, which was held at Nanjing Olympic Sports Center
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Which idols’ tweets received the most retweets for the week of January 16 to 22?

verything that an idol does becomes a hot issue, not matter how trivial it is.
Their influence can be seen immediately on social networking platforms such as Twitter, where everything they write has high engagement, being retweeted immediately and can even make news.Joongang Ilbo took a few tweets over the past few weeks and tracked the retweet numbers for the week of January 16 to January 22.
Nine out of the top 10 spots were taken by Super Junior members, and one spot went to Big Bang‘sG-Dragon.
The #1 tweet was from Kyuhyun, where all he wrote was “Eheheheheheheh” and attached a photo of himself with the same face as a dollThe tweet currently has over 26,000 retweets.
Eunhyuk‘s tweet came in second. He wrote, “Golden Disk Daesang!!!!!! Bonsang!!!!!!! MSN South East Asia Award!!!!!!!! I’m really genuinely thankful ㅜㅜㅜㅜ We are Super Junio~or!!!!!! ELF, I love you!!!!!!” and was retweeted over 20,600 times since January 15th.
Third place went again to Kyuhyun, who wrote, “Where do you think I”m go~~ing kekeke. I’m excited for the train trip lol“. He was retweeted over 20,300 times in total.
Donghae came up at #4, writing, “We are Super Junior ^^~~~ Have a good day!!“, attaching a collage of Super Junior photos, and receiving over 19,600 retweets since the 16th.
Donghae came up again at 5th with over 19,200 retweets and writing, “Super Junior !! Golden Disk Daesang!! Our third one ^^ !!!!! I’m geuinely thankful!! We are Super Juni~~~~~or^^“.
Siwon came 6th with a simple “WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR!“, and just over 19,000 total retweets.
Siwon also showed up again at #7 with “with RW,DH. we go to head out to beijing now. thank you Malaysia for being our families! have a goodnight cheers :-)” and receiving over 17,500 total retweets.
Eunhyuk appeared again at #8, writing, “Thanks for world ELF” with almost 17,000 retweets.
G-Dragon came up at #9 as the only non-Super Junior member on the list, writing a simple “Seoul >>>>>>>>> Malaysia“, which was enough to gain him almost 16,000 total retweets.
Donghae wrapped up the list at #10 with a simple “Good Night ^^“, receiving over 14,600 retweets.
Super Junior dominated the list. The boys have always been the kings of Twitter, as all members have more than 1 million followers and Siwon has surpassed 3 million.
Source: Joongang Ilbo
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Super Junior KRY updates fans with a group photo

Super Junior KRY's Ryeo Wook updated his Twitter on the 22nd of January. 

He wrote,"ended rehearsal,today Super Junior KRY Budokkan Concert, see you there." 

The members of Super Junior KRY are seen showing their cute expressions. Fans commented," cute boys","Ryeo Wook won't age","when will they promote in Korea?" and etc.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Vote Super Junior at ABPBH 2012

Calling for Malaysian ELF and International ELF to vote for Super Junior at Aungerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2012.

Remember, last year when SJ win the Online Category for Asia's Most Popular Artist through ABPBH 2011? 

Our target is to bring them on top and win the category.

Please click this link and click Artis Asia Paling Popular .

Remember, you must connect to Facebook first before cast your vote. 1 vote per account. So, if you have more than 1 FB account, use all them to vote for Super Junior.

Please spread this to all your friends and lets help Malaysian ELF to make SUJU win the category

Monday, 21 January 2013

Kyuhyun sings popular Chinese song "Na Xie Nian" (Those Years)

Super Junior M's Kyuhyun sings popular Chinese song "Na Xie Nian" (Those Years) on SJM's fanmeet in Nanjing.

Check out his flawless performance below, are you impressed?


Suju terus cemerlang!

SUPER Junior atau Suju terus mengukir sejarah industri muzik Korea Selatan apabila menjadi kumpulan paling banyak menerima pengiktirafan pada Anugerah Golden Disk (GDA). Sehingga kini, kumpulan yang ditubuhkan sejak 2005 itu berjaya memenangi 16 trofi meliputi kategori penjualan album dan undian peminat.

Terbaharu, Suju sekali lagi diangkat sebagai penerima anugerah Album Terbaik di Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards yang berlangsung di Litar Antarabangsa Sepang Kuala Lumpur, Sepang, Selangor pada 15 dan 16 Januari lalu.

Kejayaan yang diperolehi kumpulan di bawal label S.M. Entertainment itu menerusi album keenam berjudul Sexy, Free & Single yang turut mendapat sambutan luar biasa dalam kalangan penggemar muzik termasuk di Australia, Perancis, Peru dan Jepun.

Penilaian terhadap album Sexy, Free & Single itu dilihat ekoran kejayaan menduduki tempat ketiga Billboard World Album selain penjualan paling laris apabila terjual sehingga 333,744 unit dalam tempoh satu bulan seperti tercatat pada Carta Gaon Korea Selatan.

Penjualan album Suju yang memberangsangkan itu turut menjadi pengukur utama juri daripada Persatuan Industri Muzik Korea sebelum sebulat suara mengangkat kumpulan itu sebagai penerima anugerah tertinggi bagi kategori album di GDA 2012.

Dan lebih membanggakan, penganugerahan itu bukan julung kali diterima Suju kerana kumpulan itu pernah menerima anugerah yang sama pada GDA 2011 apabila penjualan album Mr. Simple dengan begitu pantas mencecah 542,806 salinan di pasaran Korea.

Kejayaan mempertahankan gelaran sebanyak dua tahun berturut-turut itu disambut dengan sorakan gembira peminat K-Pop tanah air yang datang ke Sepang tempoh hari.

Apatah lagi sebelum itu, rata-rata peminat Suju menjerit histeria setelah pihak penganjur mengumumkan keputusan Suju sebagai penerima trofi Album GDA dan Bintang Asia Tenggara Pilihan MSN. Sokongan padu itu ternyata membuatkan hati ahli Suju yang terdiri daripada Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kang-in, Shindong. Sungmin, EunHyuk, DongHae, Siwon, Ryeowook dan Kyuhyun tersentuh.

Malah sewaktu sesi temuramah yang dibuat pada petang Selasa lalu, Suju memberitahu sangat berbesar hati dengan sokongan peminat tempatan yang tak pernah putus sejak penubuhan kumpulan tersebut sehingga ke hari ini.

"Kami rasa teruja apabila dengar jeritan peminat Malaysia setiba kami di lapangan terbang. Itu adalah satu penghormatan besar kepada kami. Sudah pastinya, kami berharap agar peminat di sini terus memberi sokongan tak berbelah kepada kami," kata Leeteuk selaku ketua kumpulan.

Kejayaan Keluarga YGSAMSUNG Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards menyaksikan beberapa penyanyi yang bernaung di bawah label rakaman YG Entertainent mengukir kejayaan masing-masing pada malam kedua penganjuran anugerah itu.

Seperti dijangka, lagu Gangnam Style yang dinyanyikan PSY diangkat sebagai Lagu Terbaik di GDA 2012. Sedikit mengecewakan apabila penyanyi lagu yang mencetuskan fenomena tarian kuda itu tidak dapat hadir kerana urusan penting di Los Angeles, Amerika Syarikat pada hari yang sama.

Pun begitu rasa gembira tersebut dikongsi bersama ahli keluarga YG Entertaiment iaitu G-Dragon dari kumpulan BIGBANG yang tak henti-henti mengucapkan terima kasih kepada peminat atas kejayaan lagu berkenaan.

Selain PSY, BIGBANG, 2NE1 dan G-Dragon turut menerima anugerah Lagu GDA manakala Epik High dipilih sebagai Bintang Hip Hop Terbaik. Jenama BIGBANG semakin kukuh apabila pihak The Microsoft Network (MSN) selaku penganjur media utama GDA 2012 memilih kumpulan itu untuk Anugerah Antarabangsa MSN.

Namun dalam banyak-banyak keputusan yang diumumkan para juri pada hari terakhir, pastinya semua tertarik apabila pengacara bertugas iaitu Lee Hong Ki yang juga penyanyi utama kumpulan F.T Island terpilih untuk menerima Anugerah Fesyen Terbaik.

Masakan tidak sewaktu sesi latihan, namanya langsung tidak disebut menyebabkan Hong Ki yang juga pelakon drama You're Beautiful benar-benar terkejut sewaktu meneruskan majlis bersama rakan sekerja, Dasom daripada kumpulan Sistar.

Apa pun, ramai yang bersetuju dengan keputusan yang dipilih secara undian itu kerana Hong Ki sememangnya mempunyai cita rasa yang pelbagai dan sering mencipta kelainan setiap kali hadir di majlis besar.

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SJM thanks fans for a successful fanmeeting through group selca

Super Junior M recently concluded their fanmeeting in Nanjing last night. Kyuhyun shared a group photo right after the show was ended. He wrote,

"Our Nanjing fanparty has ended now!! Thank you our beloved China E.L.F!! It’s been hard work on you^^ you’re now watching SJM", quickly after his message, Donghae also posted, "My dear babies !! The fan meeting has ended now ^^ Everyone worked hard !! I love you all !! Gimme a call, I am waiting for u all ^^ Hae, Kyu, Siwon, Zhoumi, Hyuk!! So colorful and good looking^^.

They really had fun aren't they?

Source: Donghae and Kyuhyun weibo
Translated by @13elieveSG
Written by

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Super Junior-M takes photo with Backstreet Boys + performs “Break Down” for the first time while filming for ‘Liaoning TV Spring Festival’

Super Junior-M recently featured as guests during the recent filming of popular Chinese variety show, ‘Liaoning TV Spring Festival‘, alongside global stars the Backstreet Boys on the 17th.

It has been revealed that Super Junior-M went on to perform their new single, “Break Down“, for the first time as well as follow-up track “Good By My Love” and their hit song “Perfection“.

The group will also meet their Chinese fans once again at their ‘2013 Super Junior-M Fan Party Break Down in Nanjing‘ fan meeting to be held in China’s Nanjing Olympic Sports Center on the 19th.

This episode of ‘Liaoning TV’s Spring Festival’ featuring Super Junior-M will air on February 8.

Image Source: SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter
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Super Junior-M & the Backstreet Boys snapped a photo together at the rehearsal for the Liaoning TV ‘Chinese Lunar New Year Concert’!

Follow Super Junior & Kyuhyun on Weibo

Click on the picture for the link of their Weibo

Picture of Super Junior-M rehearsing for fan party in Nanjing

Super Junior-M is now rehearsing for their fan party in Nanjing. See you at the fan party! :)

Super Junior-M’s ‘Break Down’ tops Billboard’s ‘World Albums’ chart

Super Junior-M‘s 2nd full-length album ‘Break Down‘ has topped the Billboard‘s ‘World Albums‘ chart at #1!

With its release previously, the boys showcased their vocal talents through the powerful pop title track, “Break Down”, and held a successful press conference in Beijing, further adding to the hype.

In other news, Super Junior-M also announced that they will hold fan meetings across Asia starting in Nanjing, China on the 19th.

Congrats, Super Junior-M!
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Friday, 18 January 2013

The 27th Golden Disc Award (15 Jan 2013)

Just sharing few pictures from my camera. Please do not take out unless you mention me first.
Please do not take out the pictures