Thursday, 17 January 2013

[Happy Birthday] Super Junior′s Kangin Turns 28

The Super Junior members, they grow up so fast! Kangin celebrates his birthday today, and we can′t believe he′s already creeping up on his 30s. 
Kangin, who turns 28 (29 Korean age) on January 17, tweeted moments before the clock struck 12, “In two hours, it’s Kim Young Woon’s birthday. Looks like I’ll be spending it on the plane this year haha. Anyways.. Young Woon, Happy last birthday as a 20-something-year-old. I hope you become an even more awesome adult, awesome man, awesome son and awesome Kangin. Sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted this year.. a girlfriend ㅜㅜ Happy birthday^^”

Fans have been sending Kangin loads of birthday love via Twitter and with gifts, which the idol star has been showing off on the social networking website. 

Read on as we celebrate 28 years of Kangin!
The strong Kangin was once just a pudgy Pooh. How cute!
Don′t mess with Kangin!
Flower boy in the making.
Kangin has perfected the signature webcam pose.
Kangin′s tough guy persona disappears as soon as he smiles.
Kangin pulls of the princely look.

Happy birthday Kangin!

Photo credit: Kangin′s Twitter, Online community

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