Sunday, 13 January 2013

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun warms fans’ hearts with his smiling eyes

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun captured the fans’ hearts with his cute expression.

On January 11th, Kyuhyun shared the above selca as he tweeted, “Eehehehehehehehe.”

Kyuhyun is holding up a stuffed doll mimicking its cute ‘smiling eyes’ expression. His innocent smile was similar to that of the doll in his arms.

After seeing the cute picture, the netizens commented, “You’re so cute“, “He’s not ‘poison-dol’ at times like this“, and “You’re identical to the doll.“
via allkpop


Rafique Niihara said...

awak minat Korea gak ya... Trend ya.. Saya tak :)

Ainim Suju said...

Ye saya cuma minat Super Junior je.yg lain2 mmg xlayan sbb saya bkn jenis senang nk suka sesuatu..kalo saya dh suka, itu je la yg saya suka contohnya Super Junior ni