Friday, 1 February 2013

[INFOGRAPHIC] 2012 allkpop awards presented by Naver BAND!

The 3rd Annual 2012 allkpop awards presented by NAVER BAND was a tremendous success. We received over 8.6 million votes from nearly 1 million unique users!
For a small example of the whopping growth compared to last year, the 2011 allkpop award pagereceived 86,300 Tweets and 4,600 likes. In comparison, the 2012 allkpop award page received more than 1,000,000 Tweets and 168,000 likes!
As some of you maybe stat-heads, we created this Infographic which provides a more in-depth look into the awards. It displays some fun facts and you can also view the top 3 vote getters for each category.
Check it out below!
Thank you to our 2012 sponsors: NAVER BAND11stZipiaJ.ESTINA, and
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