Thursday, 14 February 2013

Master Chef Celebrity – Henry’s profile (With translatation)

★마스터셰프 코리아 셀러브리티★ 마셰셀럽 카드이벤트 6번째 카드! 세계를 장악한 슈퍼주니어의 유닛 그룹, ‘슈퍼주니어 M’의 애교 작렬 막내 헨리. 그의 트레이드마크는 보기만 해도 미소 짓게 만드는 눈웃음. 그의 눈웃음 한번이면 소녀 팬들 올킬! 하지만 얕볼 수 없는 숨은 요리돌인데요~! 요리영화 ‘파이널레시피’의 주인공으로 발탁되어 세계 유명셰프들에게 요리를 전수받았다고 하네요. 글로벌 아이돌 헨리, 글로벌 마스터셰프가 될 수 있을까요? 지금 페북공유하시고 댓글달아주세요^^

Master Chef Korea Celebrity★ 6th Master Chef Celebrity Card! World dominating Super Junior sub unit group, Super Junior M’s cuteness overload maknae Henry. By looking,his trademark is his eye smile which is made by a smile. A look at his eye smile and it’s all-kill for fan girls! However a hidden cooking idol who cannot be taken lightly~! Chosen to be cooking movie “Final Recipe”‘s main actor and learning from world famous chefs. Can global idol Henry become global Master Chef? Share on Facebook and leave your comment ^^

Words on the card:
Strong in Chinese cuisine, Cooking Idol Henry
Cooking Moive “Final Recipe” main actor SJM Henry

Famous Chef imitation skill: 5 stars
Eye smile presentation: 4 stars
Seriousness: 3 stars

Credits: olivetv_twt
Translated: Stringswithhenry .com

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