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[Poll] Which Idol Makes the Best Husband?

MBC’s We Got Married has been garnering renewed interest recently with news that 2PM’s Taecyeon will be taking the plunge with Taiwanese star Gui Gui for the international version of the popular show that throws stars head first into virtual married life.

Taecyeon isn’t the first idol star to try his hand at married life on the show, however, and we’re looking back on the idol star husbands who came before him. 

If you haven′t noticed, we′re all about LOVE this month, and we’d make a beeline for the altar for any of these stars. But for this week′s poll, we want to know which husband stole your heart on the show. 

So, read on, fall in love with these stars all over again, and don’t forget to vote in our poll!

Lee Joon
We’ll admit, sometimes we get caught up in all of the magic of reality TV love, that we forget that in the end — it’s just reality TV. The Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple served to be a cold reminder that not everything is what meets the eye when rumors that Oh Yeon Seo was dating actor Lee Jang Woo off the screen began swirling 
Although this love story has a bittersweet end, we hope Lee Joon hasn’t lost all hope in love because we think he will make the perfect husband to someone someday! 

In addition to being the wife of Super Junior’s leader, actress Kang Sora proved there are many perks to being Leeteuk’s other half as revealed by many of the Teuksora moments on the show – namely this kiss. 
Although a strong and fearless leader when need be, Leeteuk proved he can switch on the sweet for that special girl, making us fall in love with him all over again. 

2PM’s Nichkhun proved he has a pretty heart to match his pretty boy looks as he stole our hearts with his gentlemanly ways on We Got Married. 
If the men were head over heels for Nichkhun’s virtual wife, f(x)’s Victoria, the women were swooning over Nichkhun, making this idol couple a picture-perfect pair. 
If Taecyeon needs advice on married life, especially cross-cultural married life, fellow 2PM member Nichkhun is the man to ask! 

Jung Yong Hwa
Even if a father’s greatest fear is hearing that his daughter is dating a rock star, we think he’d approve of CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa. 
Pretty boy rock star meets ultimate umchinddal. That is the YongSeo couple defined, and from the Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun’s first few awkward encounters to the Banmal Song, everything the YongSeo couple did made us love idol love.
Jung Yong Hwa made for a perfect first boyfriend for Seohyun, and we’re willing to bet a million gogumas that no girl would mind if he was her last.

Jo Kwon
We saw another side to 2AM’s Kkab Kwon on We Got Married as Brown Eyed Girls member Gain’s other half on the show. But that doesn’t mean the idol star didn’t stay true to his crazy self. 
Still, it was Gain who took the lead in the relationship, even going in for that infamous kiss during the couple’s wedding photo shoot. 
Jo Kwon met his match in Gain, and the couple’s chemistry even spurred a hit song, We Fell in Love, as well as a Best Couple Award at the 2010 MBC Entertainment Awards. 

Kim Hyun Joong
We can’t imagine the busy hallyu star settling down anytime soon, but there was once a time when Kim Hyun Joong was playing husband to one lucky lady. 
Before he became one-fourth of F4, he was one-half of the Ssangchu Couple with Hwang Bo, and it was a good thing Hwangbuin snatched Kim Hyun Joong up when she did, enabling fans to live vicariously through her. 
We didn’t need a TV show to convince us that Kim Hyun Joong would make for an entertaining husband, but We Got Married certainly enable the star’s 4D personality to shine.

If Shinhwa’s maknae Andy always got the backseat among the boys, he finally got the attention he deserved on We Got Married. 
Not only did we get to know the Shinhwa member better through the show, the chemistry between him and virtual wife Solbi was undeniable—albeit unexpected. 
Andy’s reserved personality somehow melded well with Solbi’s loud and out there character, making for some magical reality TV moments. 
Although Shinhwa’s Jun Jin also appeared on the show, Andy holds a special place in our heart. 

The future husbands of We Got Married will forever have huge shoes to fill – thanks to Clazziquai’s Alex. If anyone was ever a pro at being a husband — without ever having been married — it was Alex. 
From whipping up mouthwatering dishes to serenading virtual wife Shin Ae on the first season of the show, Alex proved he was number-one-husband material. But he will forever be remembered as the guy who washed Shin Ae’s feet. If at-home pedis, courtesy of your husband, are up your alley, Alex is the man for you!

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