Saturday, 16 February 2013

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon Turns Up on ′Master Chef Korea Celebrity′ for Super Junior-M′s Henry

Choi Siwon dropped by the set of O′live′s Master Chef Korea Celebrity to cheer for his fellow Super Junior-M member Henry.

In an image released by the show, Choi Siwon is shown standing between Henry and comedienne Shin Bong Sun with his hands on their shoulders.

The singer didn′t appear on set empty-handed; he also prepared 50 servings of cakes, bread and beverages served through his own pop-up store cafe Twosome. He then showed off his close ties with the youngest member of Super Junior-M, cheering him on with words like, "Get them all!"

Henry is a member of Super Junior-M, and the star of upcoming cooking film Final Recipe. He is known for his skills in Chinese and Western cooking. While cooking for the show, he drew attention for his skills in the kitchen.

Master Chef Korea Celebrity is a spinoff of the original cooking survival show Master Chef Korea. It features such stars as Tony An, Son Ho Young, comedienne Shin Bong Sun, singer Hwayobi, miss A′s Fei, Dal Shabet′s Jiyul and more.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

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