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Kang Sora mentions Super Junior’s Leeteuk on CulTwo’s radio program

Kang Sora referred to her former ‘We Got Married‘ husband Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

The actress appeared on the March 26th airing of SBS Radio‘s ‘Two o’clock Escape Cultwo Show‘ and spoke about Leeteuk, who is currently serving in the army.

She shared, “A few days ago I went to see the musical ‘Promise‘, and I got to see Leeteuk. He looked really good.”

Kang Sora added, “His body looked good. He got some muscles and became more manly. Maybe he was made for the army,” causing listeners to laugh.

Do you remember Kang Sora and Leeteuk as husband and wife on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married’?
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Leeteuk sends a message of encouragement to Yesung on enlisting

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk sent Yesung a message of encouragement on his plan of enlistment.

On March 27, Leeteuk was appointed a PR ambassador along with Sangchu at the Seoul Military Manpower Administration’s 10th annual military ambassador ceremony. At the ceremony, Leeteuk said, “When I was out in society, I was able to eat and do anything I wanted. After I enlisted, I realized I was happy and appreciated for all the small things. I also realized how precious people were. Yesung is going to enlist soon, and I want to tell him to have strength. I know Yesung must be nervous, wondering if he’s going to do well. But I was the same, and anyone can do it. I want to tell Yesung, ‘Yesung, have strength, and do your best as a member of Super Junior in the time you have left.”

Meanwhile, Leeteuk is scheduled to be discharged from the army on July 29, 2014.
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

[Star of the Week] Who is the Ultimate OST King of Super Junior?

Super Junior has had a wide variety of hit songs since 2005, but we tend to forget that Super Junior has more songs than what is on its official albums.
While some may have done more than others (coughYesungcough), the Super Junior members, each with his own unique voice, have allowed themselves to be heard in the world of dramas by participating in multiple drama OSTs. 

In celebration of a Super Junior-filled weekend, we′re highlighting the drama OST voices of Super Junior!

Donghae for Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine

Although he was as prickly as a porcupine in Channel A’s Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine, Donghae’s sweet voice, which swept girls off of their feet, shined in two tracks of the drama OST - Plz Don’t and Don’t Go.

Although both songs begged for a lover not to go, Plz Don’t and Don’t Go set two different moods, allowing multiple sides of Donghae to be shown.

Aside from Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine, Donghae also participated in the OST of It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter, which he graciously appeared in as well.

Ryeowook for Spy Myung Wol

Although there was a whole mess of dramatic moments in the drama, Ryeowook’s voice stayed constant in KBS’ Spy Myung Wol as he sang If You Love Me More.

Ryeowook may not be in the spotlight as much as the other Super Junior members, but through Spy Myung Wol, as well as It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter and My Sweet Home, he proved that he’s capable of holding his own when given the chance.

Kyuhyun for Baker King, Kim Tak Goo

While we were all drooling over the images of deliciously baked bread, Kyuhyun kindly sang Hope is a Dream that Doesn’t Sleep in the background of KBS’ Baker King, Kim Tak Goo.

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo was watched by more than 50 percent of the Korean population, which meant that more than half of Korea heard Kyuhyun sing, making this track one of the most wanted songs at the time.

When he met Oh Jae Moo, a child actor who appeared in the drama, Kyuhyun boasted that the drama got high ratings because of his singing, making everyone in the studio laugh.

Kyuhyun later went on to let his voice be heard in Poseidon,, Mooshin and The Great Seer, but nothing was as big of a hit as Baker King, Kim Tak Goo.

Kyuhyun certainly has much to brag about, but if he ever needs a piece of humble pie, we′re sure Kim Tae Goo can whip something up in no time.

Yesung for Cinderella Sister

Yesung has the most decorated resume as an OST singer, having sung for That Winter, The Wind Blows, The King of Dramas, Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine, I Do I Do, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, and President.

But it was KBS’ Cinderella Sister, which Yesung sang It Has to be You for, that kicked off Yesung′s OST career and the rest is history.

Honorable Mentions

We highlighted the members who have lent their voices to numerous drama OSTs above, but that doesn’t mean the other members haven’t participated in a soundtrack.

Choi Siwon sang for SBS’ Oh My Lady and Sungmin for KBS’ sitcom, I Need a Fairy. Leeteuk also collaborated with SHINee’s Key in SBS’ History of the Salaryman.

And finally, there was Super Junior, who sang for MBC’s Hit, KBS’ President, SBS’ Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son, the movie Dreams Come True, and last but not least, Attack on the Pin Up Boys. 

So which Super Junior member do you think is the drama OST king?

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 5’ Brings Out TaeTiSeo, EXO, B1A4, U-Kiss and More

Super Junior’s highly-anticipated Super Show 5 tour kicked off in Seoul on March 23, and it appears the first night drew out some big names.

SM Town shared a few photos on its official Facebook from backstage of the first Super Show 5 concert, held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul, where the stars, from Super Junior’s SM family members to actors and other idol stars, stopped by to show their support.
TaeTiSeo’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, EXO and Zhang Li Yin were among the SM artists who went to cheer their label mates on, even taking photos with the Super Junior members backstage.

SM Town also sent a special shout out via its Facebook page to the celebs who were spotted in the crowd at the concert, from After School’s Uee and E Young to B1A4’s Baro, Sandeul and Gongchan, as well as the U-Kiss members. 
Super Junior’s Donghae tweeted a photo with veteran actor and Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine costar Park Geun Hyung, who also stopped by the show, writing “Super show 5 with our halbae Park Geun Hyung teacher^^ I love you :).” 

Super Junior will take the stage in Seoul once again on March 24 before taking the tour to South America next month. 

Photo credit: SMTown’s official Facebook 

[Star of the Week] Super Junior′s Kangin Through the Years

Super Junior′s Kangin recently garnered a lot of attention for his dramatic weight loss - 15 kg to be exact - so in light of his image upgrade, we thought we′d look back on the idol star′s transformation over the years. 

Going on eight years with Super Junior, see how much (or how little?) Kangin has changed!
2005: Kim Young Woon made his debut as Kangin, which means ′strength,′ with Super Junior, a group that would go on to do mighty things in the K-Pop world. Not much has changed about Kangin in the looks department since Super Junior released its first album Super Junior 05.
2007: Kangin took the tough up a notch during Super Junior′s Don′t Don days with an edgy buzz cut.
2007: We never expected Super Junior′s tough guy to pull off trot, but when Kangin cracks a smile, he can melt a girl′s heart like the best of the flower boys - as he did for Super Junior-T′s Rokuko.

Super Junior Hopes to Gather One Million Fans to ′Super Show 5′ Tour

With the Super Show 5 concert just hours away, the Super Junior members opened up about the world tour at a press conference held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on March 24.

On embarking on the world tour, member Shindong said, “This concert is particularly significant. We’ve set a goal to surpass one million audience members and 100 shows.” 

"As much as concertgoers have shown their support, we want to achieve the goal of surpassing one million audience members through this tour,” continued Shindong. “The goal of ‘Super Show 5’ is to surpass one million concertgoers and 100 shows.”

Member Eunhyuk added, “In preparing for this Super Show, my mindset was to work hard and return to the original resolve I had while preparing for the first Super Show. There are a lot of similarities with ‘Super Show 1.’ I poured all of my know-how into the show. Please look forward to it.”

Super Junior’s Super Show world tour series began in 2008, and this year’s Super Show 5 is set to be the largest scale concert tour for a Korean artist. 

After kicking off in Seoul on March 23 and 24, Super Show 5 will take travel to China, Japan, Indonesia, South America , Europe and more. From April 21 to 27, the tour will take on San Paolo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru. 

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

[Star of the Week] Super Junior′s Headline-Making Ladies

Whether it′s an album release or a concert, the mention of Super Junior′s name is enough to get fans buzzing, but there′s nothing like dating rumors to get people talking. 

From reality TV love to dating scandals, we′re looking back on the ladies who have made headlines alongside the Super Junior members.
Kang Sora

We′ve already gone in depth with the Teuksora couple, highlighting all of Leeteuk and Kang Sora′s lovey dovey moments on MBC′s We Got Married, but we couldn′t leave the actress out of this list.

Although Leeteuk and Kang Sora′s every move on the show made headlines, nothing beats the fact that Kang Sora is the only woman who can say she was once Leeteuk′s wifey. FOr now, at least.

Lee Yoon Ji

Before the Teuksora couple, however, there was the Acorn Jelly couple. 

We almost forgot that Super Junior member Kangin took the plunge way before Leeteuk, when he joined the season one cast of We Got Married in 2008, alongside actress Lee Yoon Ji. 

As one of the more laidback couples on the show, we got to see a different side to both the charismatic Super Junior member and actress.

[Photo] Super Junior Greets Press Before ′Super Show 5′ Concert

The second day of Super Junior′s two-day Super Show 5 concert tour in Seoul kicked off with a press conference, held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on March 24.

Super Junior’s Kangin Says Members Made His Return Possible

Super Junior’s Kangin revealed his thoughts on returning to the concert stage for the first time in four years. 

A press conference for Super Junior’s highly-anticipated Super Show 5 was held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on March 24. 

Kangin, who was discharged from the army last year, said on being able to participate in the show again, “I’m back since ‘Super Show 2.’ I was lacking in many ways because it has been a long time since I last joined, but it was possible because the members pulled me along.” 

Kangin enlisted in the army following a drunk driving incident in which he took time off to reflect upon his actions. 

“The members enjoying themselves hasn’t changed, but I noticed that they had become more experienced and pro-like,” said Kangin. “The members have become more relaxed than before. While with them, I’m feeling the thought that I need to catch up in my bones.”

He continued, “This time, we’ve put aside our individual interests and are thinking of ways to look and do our best as a team.”

Kangin will put on a solo performance at this concert, performing the late Kim Gwang Seok’s Around Thirty. On why he chose that song, Kangin said, “My having turned 30 is one reason, but the fans are getting older too, and I chose the song because I wanted to share that with them.”

Super Show 5 is set to be one of the largest scale world concert series for a Korean artist, and it will travel to China, Japan, Indonesia, South America and Europe after the Seoul concerts. Super Junior will take the show to San Paolo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru from April 21 to 27. 

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

[Star of the Week] The Many Faces of Super Junior′s Yesung

We all know that together, Super Junior is unstoppable.

But the members each have their own strengths, and when it comes to taking selcas, Yesung simply can′t be beat.

We scanned Yesung′s Twitter on a quest to pick up a few selca-taking pointers from the Super Junior member, and the most important lesson we learned is: Stick to what you know. 

Yesung has an arsenal of foolproof selca poses, and we′ve picked a few of our favorites for the beginners out there.
We begin with a classic - the 45 degree angle. You′re not true selca royalty if you don′t have this pose down.
Yesung is so pro he can do it both ways.

Another classic - the kissyface.
Here′s ′The Pout′ because it′s impossible to be happy all the time.
But whoever said you can′t be happy and angry at the same time hasn′t seen Yesung′s angry smile.
This one we like to call ′The Staring Contest.′ We think Yesung won this one.
The Chin Rest.
The Chin Rest (Remix).
We noticed Yesung isn′t consistent with just his facial expressions. Meet the leg cross.

All hail the selca king!

Photo credit: Yesung′s Twitter

Super Junior Talks About Getting Old and New Tricks It Has for ‘Super Show 5’

The Super Junior members set out to raise expectations for the Super Show 5 concert in Seoul at a press conference held before the big show at Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium on March 24.

Eunhyuk said, “I’m filled with emotions thinking about how far ‘Super Show’ has come as a brand. I ask for your hot interest and support.”

Yesung said, “Super Junior is already going on eight years as singers. The first digit (of our ages) is beginning to change. Honestly, it’s something I realized while having concerts and going on world tours, but when I go on stage, rather than feel physical burdens, I actually feel happier.” 

He continued, “We’ve had concerts in countries all around the world, and when I stand before the many fans, I think that’s where I get my strength. Everyone is exercising really hard. As younger friends make their debuts, I’m working hard to maintain my boyish looks and stay in top condition.”

Maknae Kyuhyun said, “We’re starting ‘Super Show 5,’ and the members have gotten older since the previous years. Even though I’m the maknae, the time has come for me to rely on my strength for stamina, and the members are exercising a lot individually. We’re working hard to show that public that Super Junior is still alive and kicking.”

On what sets this tour apart from the previous shows, Shindong said, “Unlike the first four tours, the members participated in [putting together] most of the stages. The song selection, costumes and stage concepts are a reflection of the members’ input.”

Shindong heightened expectations for the show, adding, “We tried a number of things, from appearing and vanishing suddenly to levitating, and this time we’re even drawing out a dream note. It’s as big as a 3,000 inch screen. We even used full mapping technology to project it.” 

“Because the members have gathered their own know-how, everyone knows their role really well and what the fans like as well,” said Eunhyuk. “When it came to choosing songs, we thought performing songs that we haven’t shown before is for the fans who come to every ‘Super Show.’ We practiced the choreography a lot too and put a lot of thought into the costume as well as other areas. Even though it may be lacking, we hope you look on it well. 

Following the Seoul shows, Super Show 5, which is set to be one of the largest scale world concert series for a Korean artist, will travel to China, Japan, Indonesia, South America and Europe after the Seoul concerts. Super Junior will take the show to San Paolo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru from April 21 to 27. 

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

[Star of the Week] Super Junior

Super Junior has also been celebrated as our Star of the Week before, but with the launch of a huge tour, we just had to put the spotlight back on the star group.

The boys have been keeping busy, either with musicals, unit groups, photoshoots, variety shows and more.

But we know the fans love it best when all the boys are together, so Super Junior has reconvened to put on Super Show 5, which, after starting in Seoul, will tour the world, hitting up Asia to South America. 

Super Junior even took time out of its busy schedule to greet fans via a Google+ Hangout and Naver Line. 

Make sure to check in today for more special articles on Super Junior, including articles from tonight′s concert! 
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Henry is cool under fire on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’

Henry showed that he could be responsible and reliable on the March 22 episode of ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘!

On the program, he’s always the playful, cute contestant, and the image is even more solidified because he’s the youngest contestant on the show. However, he showed that he could be completely responsible when things get tough as well.

During the show, the paper towel he placed near the hot flames suddenly caught on fire, shocking miss A‘s Fei and Shin Bong Sun. After seeing the fire, they both panicked and started to yell. Fei kept repeating, “What are you going to do?!” in shock, and Shin Bong Sun kept yelling various different instructions to put the fire out.

Even though the fire shocked Henry as well, he calmed himself and handled the fire expertly before things got out of hand with the water he’d put aside to use for his cooking. Even though the others were worried, he returned back to his playful self when the fire was out as he stated with a smile, “Things got a bit dirty because of the fire“.

The staff members from the show stated, “It wasn’t a big accident, but it was a risky situation that could have potentially become dangerous. But Henry’s accurate decision and calm response fixed the situation in a safe manner.”
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Tiffany, Krystal, Changmin, Jonghyun, and Eunhyuk’s previews released for ‘W Korea’ pictorial with ’10 Corso Como’

As many of you know by now, SM Entertainment is adding onto their collaboration project with ‘10 Corso Como‘ with a 40-page spread for ‘W Korea‘!

Several members of Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, and f(x) will be featured in a fun pictorial to celebrate the 5th anniversary of ’10 Corso Como’, and in addition to the previous photos released, SM has now revealed some video clips!

So far Tiffany, Krystal, Changmin, Jonghyun, and Eunhyuk‘s video previews have been released for their upcoming pictorial, so check them out below as we wait to see more!
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Monday, 11 March 2013



Super Junior thanks fans for successful Indonesia performance

The boys of Super Junior thanked their enthusiastic Indonesian fans for supporting them for a recent performance in the country.

Posting a group photo on member Siwon‘s Twitter account earlier today, Asia’s #1 boy band gathered together to express their gratitude. “Thank you Jakarta!” the posted. “See you at the SUPER SHOW 5 :^)”

Super Junior had participated in a recent recording for a KBS ‘Music Bank‘ filming session in the Southeast Asian nation.
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South American ELFs break open those piggy banks, Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 5′ is heading your way

ELFs in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru will finally be able to meet Super Junior up close and personal! As mentioned previously, Super Junior will be kicking off their world tour ‘Super Show 5‘ this month and now the countries they will visit in South America have been confirmed!

SMTOWN confirmed on their official Facebook, “SUPER SHOW 5 will be held in 4 South American countries including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru for the first time! We ask for your support!” Super Junior will hold their tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 21st, Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 23rd, Santiago, Chile on the 25th, and Lima, Peru on the 27th. This will mark their first solo concert series in South America, making us all realize how patient ELFs in South America must have been!

Meanwhile, fans in Korea will get to watch the concert a little earlier on the 23rd and 24th at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

The members themselves announced the concerts during their recent Google+ Hangout Event. 
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Super Junior go into their moment of zen in the practice room

Super Junior‘s Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kangin each showed a unique method for handling their tiring practice schedule.

Donghae tweeted, “I just got back from Jakarta !! Have a good day !! In the middle of preparing for the concert~~ Please anticipate it!^^” The hilarious snapshots show the four of them how they appear when they’re tired. Donghae was the only one who opted to go into his moment of zen while the other members kept their eyes open.

ELFs commented, “The four of them show off their four different charms”, “What is Donghae imagining as he closes his eyes?”, and “All of their expressions are priceless.”

Super Junior’s hard work will pay off at their ‘Super Show 5‘ world tour kicking off in Seoul on the 23rd.
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Friday, 8 March 2013

Super Junior to hold live chat event with overseas fans

Following labelmate SHINee, Super Junior will also be hanging out with their fans online all over the world through Google+ Hang Out.

The popular group will hold a live chat event through Google Plus+ Hangout in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 10 at 6:30 PM KST. The special event will be streamed live through SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel and A-Pop channel.

Super Junior will share aspects of their lives as well as their forthcoming world tour “SUPER SHOW 5”. During the online chat, the South American location of the tour will be revealed as well.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Readers Can’t Get Enough of Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Garlic Kiss

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has proven that even garlic breath can’t stand in the way between him and his fans, as our readers have selected his garlic kiss on SBS’ The King of Dramas as their favorite onscreen kiss.

Last week, we asked our readers to vote for the kiss that drove them wild, and Choi Siwon’s not-so-sweet kiss with costar Oh Ji Eun beat out U-Know Yunho’s proposal kiss with Soo Ae on SBS’ Yawang, taking the top spot with 49.9 percent of the votes. 

U-Know Yunho’s kiss garnered 27.6 percent of votes, while Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye’s kiss followed in third place with 10.3 percent.

Park Yoo Chun’s triple kiss with Yun Eun Hye on I Miss You surprisingly failed to impress our readers, finishing in fourth place with 9.4 percent of the votes. Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee’s bedroom kiss, meanwhile, trailed behind in last place with 2.7 percent of votes. 

Fans′ love for the Super Junior member clearly knows no bounds. Congrats Choi Siwon!


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Masita Press Conference With Kyuhyun

The Return of Super Junior Kangin: Losing Weight and Gaining Compassion

Super Junior member Kangin left for his military service ridden with a lot of scandal. At that point, it felt as though going to the military to serve can be his escape. He returned last year, just right before leader Lee Teuk also left for his own military service time.  And until then, his return to the group was quite understated.  Shortly after his discharge from service, Kangin opened up about his concerns when he went to serve, that his actions could spell the destruction of Super Junior.  Seeing that the group was still intact and quite at the height still when he returned, he took it upon himself to make sure that his return will bring good to the group.  He officially rejoined Super Junior activities in the latter half of 2012.

Lately, Kangin is getting quite noticeable due to the weight he's lost with his detox diet.  While the Super Junior member has definitely become more handsome and even moreso manly with his appearance, there is something else the rest of us doesn't know.  Not only is Kangin busy losing weight, but he also is busy losing traces of negativity. He went to Vietnam recently to take part in a charity program.  In Vietnam, he spent time with children doing art projects and playing ball. The trip was made possible with his participation in Good Neighbor, a charity organization in South Korea.  He was chosen as one of ten participating artists doing good deeds for the 10th Anniversary issue of In Style magazine.  Ever the person who thinks of others first before himself, Kangin wanted to blend in with the kids he visited.  He didn't want to look like a foreigner, and wanted the kids to know him for who he is.  

The kids in Vietnam likely found a brother in Kangin during those days he visited, like how Super Junior now sees him taking more lead as he helps carry the weight of Leeteuk's absence from the group.  Kangin is not just looking good these days, he's doing good. 
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Airport Fashion: Super Junior-M Return to Korea Concluding Fan Party in Sanghai

Breaking Down Super Junior M's Latest Album 'Break Down' [REVIEW]

fter almost 2 long years, Super Junior-M has come back with their new single and album, "Break Down". To be completely honest, after my disappointment with their previous album, "Perfection", I expected nothing great from SM this time. Not that the album was completely horrendous, it just wasn't my type of music. As a fan of Super Junior-M for over 3 years, I expected a lot more and I thought it would have been an album that would top their, "Super Girl" album.

And wow, SM really surprised me this time. "Break Down" is just the album I was looking for. It's fresh, new and it has completely surpassed my expectations. It's a great way for Super Junior-M to make their comeback into the music scene after their 2 long years of absence. Now, here is my review.

1. "Break Down"

Now, I'll have to admit that when I first watched the teaser for this single, I wasn't all that hooked to the song. I didn't really expect anything, even though prior to the release of this album, Zhou Mi, a member of Super Junior-M stated that the members have spent a lot of time on this album, and many different music styles would be shown. But boy was I wrong. Not only has this album shown a completely different style to Super Junior-M, I'm positive that this song can be enjoyed by all music lovers around the world.

Wow. That is the word to describe it. This song was not what I expected at all. It's new, modern, and just fantastic. It has actual hooks, just the right amount of auto tune, dub step, and it's just put together so amazingly. Just from the variety in the melody to how the song progresses while it builds up and gets more diverse after each line, I can already tell that it's complete - dare I say, perfection. Personally, I liked how there wasn't extreme auto tune overkill in this song, like in their previous single, "Perfection". (Thank goodness!) The dub step parts were put in the right place and are probably the best out of all dub step-inspired SM songs. Everything just flows. I also liked how in this song, Henry and Zhou Mi's voice were showcased a lot more and for once were not overpowered by the other members.

2. "Go"

This is a pop song that was written by Zhou Mi, and produced by the Noize Bank. (A production team featuring Henry and a few other people) It's pretty smooth, until it hits this random dub step part. But personally, I quite enjoyed this song. The beat is easy to follow, and I find myself bopping my head to it. It isn't too loud, or too heavily auto tuned which is another bonus. It's pretty catchy, and you'll never forget the title of the song since they say it at least 100 times in the song. Not that it's a bad thing though.

3. 完美的再見 (Good bye my love)"

After those two upbeat tracks, we have an average Super Junior-M ballad. Yes, it's the ballad you find on every Super Junior/Super Junior-M album. It's light and pleasant on the ears, and it's nice to hear everybody sing instead of Kyuhyun and Ryeowook overpowering everybody. (Not that it's a bad thing) It also isn't too dramatic, and as I stated before I think it really showcases each member's voices beautifully.

4. "A-Oh!"

Oh my gosh. Here it is! The average Super Junior/Super Junior M bubble gum pop song. Honestly, I don't really know how to describe this one. It's pretty up beat but it just doesn't really stick in my mind at all. It reminds me of like a teamwork song or something. Or like a song you would play when you try your best to do something. I don't know. And like the ending would be something you would play when you finally see a helicopter after being stranded on an island for 30 days. But in that case, like it would only play at that part where you're trying to get the helicopter's attention. Sorry, what were we talking about again? "A-Oh!" just isn't my type of song. I've seen other people actually appreciate it, so with due respect to them and the composer who wrote it who apparently is quite famous (heard of Sean Alexander anyone? He also wrote a few B-sides for other Kpop including one in Super Junior's Sorry Sorry album). But yes, coming from someone who writes mostly for mainstream US pop, I can see why this feels bubble-gum. SM meant this song to be the 'safe' song.

5. "It's You"

This song was another song written by Zhou Mi and the Noize Bank. I really like the clapping (I think) beat in the background and how they sing the "you" part in the chorus. It's like whistling or something. It's repetitive and I love it. It left a significantly larger imprint in my mind compared to the previous song. The only downside of this song for some people would be that it feels like something from the early 2000's. But I'm an open person, and I don't really mind it. Music is music. It can never be outdated or too updated. That is the beauty of music, it's timeless.

6. ""距離的擁抱 (Distant Embrace)"
Yes Zhou Mi. Yes. Every single person should try this song at least once. Please do it. This song showcases his voice and shows how talented this guy actually is. Although the song itself is okay, it's the voice that really makes this song his. It's got a slow tempo, but it's a ballad so what can you expect? On the side note, there isn't any auto tune here at all. Just pure Zhou Mi.

7. "Tunnel"

I love this song. I LOVE IT. It speaks to me. It's kind of got this sexy vibe to it. Maybe R&B? It's light, and smooth. It isn't as slow as a ballad, or as fast as a pop song. It's refreshing and it honestly makes me melt. Their voices in here are just extremely gentle and it literally makes me blush. I'm sure that I'll never get sick of this song.

8. "我挺爾 (Stand up)"

The intro is a bit too much for me. It's too magical. Aside from the intro, I liked the rest of it. It kind of reminds me of the track, "Over" from Super Junior's first album and it kind of sounds like something from a drama OST.

All in all, it was enjoyable to listen to but it wasn't that great either. Except for a few tracks on this album, I probably won't even be able to name most of them. (especially A-Oh!) What I can say is that it's definitely an improvement from their previous album and I'm sure their next album will be even better. There is definitely potential in Super Junior M's future, and I'm looking forward to see how they continue to grow through their music. Overall, I would give this album a rating of 3.7/5

Writer: Michelle W | TheSuperJunior Handbook 
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Super Junior Reveals How they Act Behind the Stage

Group Super Junior revealed a picture of them behind the stage.

Today, member Yesung posted on his twitter, "Happy moment for Super Junior," along with a picture.

In the picture, members Donghae, Kangin and Eunhyuk are making funny faces with spoons and cups by putting them over their eyes and using the cups as if they were cell phones.

Kyuhyun also posted on his twitter, "After filming and hanging out with the members. Eating pajun (korean pancake) is the best on rainy days!" along with a picture.

In the picture, the members are sitting together and having a drink and smiling.

Internet users commented, "They look so happy together" and "Rainy days and pajun is the best."
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Super Junior KRY Feels Leeteuk′s Empty Spot

Doing their own thing with their own style, Super Junior KRY’s Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook are finding success in Japan, reaching the top of the Oricon Daily Single Charts and standing on the stage of Tokyo’s Budokan.

Through star fashion magazine, @star1, Super Junior KRY talked unit group success, Super Junior and Leeteuk.

About their recent success in Japan, Yesung revealed that they weren’t expecting it at all, saying “Because it was an album and a single that we weren’t really anticipating, we were especially touch."

He continued, “We were putting on the K.R.Y concert and releasing an album when we got number one on the Oricon Chart. I think it was twice the happiness because all three things happened at once.”

Kyuhyun remained humble, saying that it was more than something the three members did. “I believe it’s the fans who love Super Junior who helped. It does make me happier that we as a smaller number accomplished this.”
With the group’s leader in the army, Super Junior KRY admitted that Leeteuk is very much missed. 

“I thought the absence of the leader would be small, but it felt a lot bigger than I thought,” said Ryeowook. “When he appeared at the entertainment awards just for a second, we all laughed hard, but I heard his mom cried a lot.”

Yesung and Kyuhyun echoed similar sentiments on the empty leader spot in the group. 

“I believe it especially feels that way because he was a hyung who psychologically led the members with strength. While he’s gone, the other members will have to fill in the weak spots,” added Yesung. 

Kyuhyun said, “When we’re resting in the waiting room, he used to tell us a lot of fun stories, but now Kangin hyung does that a lot. When we’re all together, it seems like we wouldn’t notice it since we have a lot of members, but because all the members are so boisterous, when there’s even one member missing, it feels quite empty.”
When they get breaks from their busy schedules, the Super Junior KRY members said they enjoy watching movies, playing games, eating, reading books and drinking with friends. 

On possible Super Junior activities in 2013, the members replied that there aren’t any so far, especially with members doing their own things. 

“I honestly hope this year passes by a bit more comfortably,” confessed Kyuhyun. “Even before starting Radio Star two years ago, I haven’t been able to rest. It’s not a complaint, but I just want to sit for a second without thinking about anything.”

The full interview and pictorial can be found in the March issue. 

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be holding its Super Show 5 concert on March 23 and 24. 

Photo Credit: @star1.