Sunday, 24 March 2013

Henry is cool under fire on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’

Henry showed that he could be responsible and reliable on the March 22 episode of ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity‘!

On the program, he’s always the playful, cute contestant, and the image is even more solidified because he’s the youngest contestant on the show. However, he showed that he could be completely responsible when things get tough as well.

During the show, the paper towel he placed near the hot flames suddenly caught on fire, shocking miss A‘s Fei and Shin Bong Sun. After seeing the fire, they both panicked and started to yell. Fei kept repeating, “What are you going to do?!” in shock, and Shin Bong Sun kept yelling various different instructions to put the fire out.

Even though the fire shocked Henry as well, he calmed himself and handled the fire expertly before things got out of hand with the water he’d put aside to use for his cooking. Even though the others were worried, he returned back to his playful self when the fire was out as he stated with a smile, “Things got a bit dirty because of the fire“.

The staff members from the show stated, “It wasn’t a big accident, but it was a risky situation that could have potentially become dangerous. But Henry’s accurate decision and calm response fixed the situation in a safe manner.”
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