Sunday, 24 March 2013

[Star of the Week] The Many Faces of Super Junior′s Yesung

We all know that together, Super Junior is unstoppable.

But the members each have their own strengths, and when it comes to taking selcas, Yesung simply can′t be beat.

We scanned Yesung′s Twitter on a quest to pick up a few selca-taking pointers from the Super Junior member, and the most important lesson we learned is: Stick to what you know. 

Yesung has an arsenal of foolproof selca poses, and we′ve picked a few of our favorites for the beginners out there.
We begin with a classic - the 45 degree angle. You′re not true selca royalty if you don′t have this pose down.
Yesung is so pro he can do it both ways.

Another classic - the kissyface.
Here′s ′The Pout′ because it′s impossible to be happy all the time.
But whoever said you can′t be happy and angry at the same time hasn′t seen Yesung′s angry smile.
This one we like to call ′The Staring Contest.′ We think Yesung won this one.
The Chin Rest.
The Chin Rest (Remix).
We noticed Yesung isn′t consistent with just his facial expressions. Meet the leg cross.

All hail the selca king!

Photo credit: Yesung′s Twitter

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