Sunday, 24 March 2013

[Star of the Week] Super Junior′s Headline-Making Ladies

Whether it′s an album release or a concert, the mention of Super Junior′s name is enough to get fans buzzing, but there′s nothing like dating rumors to get people talking. 

From reality TV love to dating scandals, we′re looking back on the ladies who have made headlines alongside the Super Junior members.
Kang Sora

We′ve already gone in depth with the Teuksora couple, highlighting all of Leeteuk and Kang Sora′s lovey dovey moments on MBC′s We Got Married, but we couldn′t leave the actress out of this list.

Although Leeteuk and Kang Sora′s every move on the show made headlines, nothing beats the fact that Kang Sora is the only woman who can say she was once Leeteuk′s wifey. FOr now, at least.

Lee Yoon Ji

Before the Teuksora couple, however, there was the Acorn Jelly couple. 

We almost forgot that Super Junior member Kangin took the plunge way before Leeteuk, when he joined the season one cast of We Got Married in 2008, alongside actress Lee Yoon Ji. 

As one of the more laidback couples on the show, we got to see a different side to both the charismatic Super Junior member and actress.
Son Eun Seo

Although Super Junior member Donghae and actress Son Eun Seo′s stint on We Got Married was shortlived, it′s undeniable that this leading lady left an impression on the public.

Donghae and Son Eun Seo appeared to have hit it off when the producers gave them a test run on the show, but we were once again reminded that things are never as it seems, as reports later revealed that the actress was in a relationship with actor Choi Jin Hyuk.

Unfortunately, Son Eun Seo and Choi Jin Hyuk have since gone their separate ways as well.
Kim Yuna

Outside of We Got Married, which often blurs the line between reality and, well, reality TV, the Super Junior members have been involved in their fair share of real-life dating scandals, which leads us to leader Leeteuk′s scandal with figure skater Kim Yuna. 

Although both sides have cleared up the rumors, the scandal sprouted from Leeteuk sending her a friend request via his mini homepage. 

The scandal first broke in 2007, but Leeteuk found himself addressing it (and apologizing) even up until he left for the army in 2012.

Member Sungmin′s scandal with Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny brings up the age-old question of whether members of the opposite sex can be ′just friends,′ but the two BFF insist that is all they are.

The two idol stars are known to be close friends, having hosted a radio program together, which led to the swirling romance rumors. 

For now, we′re taking their word for it.

IU found herself at the center of the most infamous dating scandal involving Super Junior member Eunhyuk, when she "accidentally" posted a photo of herself looking cozy with the idol star on Twitter.

IU′s agency has addressed the scandal and Eunhyuk has since tried to make light of the situation, but fans aren′t totally convinced. 
Park Bo Young

Most stars would probably prefer to avoid dating scandals, but Super Junior′s Yesung once said that if he were to ever make the front page of a newspaper, he′d want it to be for a scandal with actress Park Bo Young. 

Although Yesung talked about his affection for the actress in 2009, when Park Bo Young was enjoying success with film Speedy Scandal, we wonder if his statement still holds true. 

At the end of the day, reality TV is just reality TV and rumors are just rumors, but there′s no denying that one can expect to be the talk of the town if a Super Junior member is involved.

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