Sunday, 24 March 2013

[Star of the Week] Super Junior′s Kangin Through the Years

Super Junior′s Kangin recently garnered a lot of attention for his dramatic weight loss - 15 kg to be exact - so in light of his image upgrade, we thought we′d look back on the idol star′s transformation over the years. 

Going on eight years with Super Junior, see how much (or how little?) Kangin has changed!
2005: Kim Young Woon made his debut as Kangin, which means ′strength,′ with Super Junior, a group that would go on to do mighty things in the K-Pop world. Not much has changed about Kangin in the looks department since Super Junior released its first album Super Junior 05.
2007: Kangin took the tough up a notch during Super Junior′s Don′t Don days with an edgy buzz cut.
2007: We never expected Super Junior′s tough guy to pull off trot, but when Kangin cracks a smile, he can melt a girl′s heart like the best of the flower boys - as he did for Super Junior-T′s Rokuko.
2008: Who doesn′t love a man who knows his way around the kitchen (or at least, looks good faking it?) A smile and a spatula is all Kangin needed to sweeten his image for Super Junior-Happy′s Cooking? Cooking!.
2009: After laying on the sweet, Kangin was back to being the bad boy for Super Junior′s Sorry Sorry.
2008 - 2009: But we still got a taste of the gentlemanly Kangin through MBC′s We Got Married.
2012: Kangin enlisted in the army in 2010 and was discharged two years later. Although he looked heftier than usual, his handsome face survived the weight gain.
2012: Then Sexy, Free & Single happened. And Kangin in a curious net/hood happened. We′re just glad these costumes didn′t see the light of day on stage.
2013: The next year, Kangin kept fans posted on his diet, revealing he was slowly slimming down.
013: A much slimmer Kangin surprised fans once again, most recently shooting a spread for CeCi magazine, looking fun and flirty, modeling bright colors and prints. Yes, men can be desribed as fun and flirty. 

Do you prefer Kangin′s look then or now?

Photo credit: SM Entertainment, Jenifer Wedding, CeCi, Kangin′s Twitter

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