Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Super Junior wrap up South American leg of ‘Super Show 5′ with concert in Peru

Super Junior wrapped up the South American leg of their ‘Super Show 5‘ world tour in Peru!

They set records in every country, by being either the first Korean artist to have a solo concert or drawing the largest crowd. The group started off their South American journey in Brazil on the 21st and continued onward to Argentina, Chile, and Peru. In all, they performed in front of 40,000 South American fans.

SM Entertainment said, “Every airport Super Junior went to was filled with an incredible number of fans, so they had to use the VIP passageways for safety precautions. It wasn’t just limited to the airport. Fans were waiting for them everywhere they went, including their hotel and concert venue, they showed an immense amount of passion and support for them. At one point, the police even had to step forward.”

Super Junior held the South American finale in Peru at Lima’s Jockey Club in front of 10,000 fans. About 3,000 extra fans stood outside the concert venue because they weren’t able to get tickets. Super Junior said, “It hasn’t hit us yet that we’re done with the South American tour. We had such a great time. We’re so thankful to our South American fans for showing us love from the opposite side of the globe.”

In Celebration, Zhoumi posted a photo onto his Weibo, writing, “We’re done with our South American tour. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, good work everyone!“. In the photo, all the members were sharing a drink with a big grin.
Super Junior will be having a break in May and then ‘Super Show 5′ will continue onto Jakarta and Hong Kong in June.
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Monday, 29 April 2013

Super Junior Gathers Biggest Audience in South America with Chile Concert

Super Junior has been taking over South America fast, as following its concerts in Brazil and Argentina, it most recently landed a successful show in Chile.

On April 25 (local time), Super Junior held its Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Santiago with 12,000 fans.

The Movistar Arena, the venue in which the concert was held, is the largest indoor hall in Chile, and previously hosted shows by Beyonce, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, Shakira, the Backstreet Boys and Elton John.

With the concert, Super Junior managed to gather the biggest audience for a concert in South America held by a Korean artist.

From Twins to Sorry Sorry, Bonamana and various unit performances, the group performed a total of 24 songs this day.

All throughout the concert, the audience sang along to all the songs in Korean, with an enthusiasm that made everyone there feel as if they were at a concert in Korea.

The finale of Super Junior′s South America tour will take place in Peru on April 27.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
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Super Junior Yesung recommends the weather for strolling

Super Junior Yesung, who wasn't able to join other members in South America because of his military enlistment next week, is enjoying a walk near their family's cafe "Mouse Rabbit".

On twitter he uploaded photos of him enjoying outdoors, he wrote,

"Good weather for walking~!!"

In the photos, he mixed and match his clothes and appeared fashionable wearing a big sized denim coat, black pants and printed colorful cap.

Fans commented, "Yesung oppa looks like a school boy!","Can i join you?","Great weather!" and so on.

Yesung will be enlisted in the army on May 6.

Meanwhile, Super Junior just recently concluded their Super Show 5 in South America after today's concert in Peru.

Source: Yesung's twitter
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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Super Junior Takes Over Argentina

Super Junior has left behind another, giant footprint in South America, this time in Argentina.

On April 23 (local time), the Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Buenos Aires was held in Argentina. Over 8,000 fans gathered to see the show this day.

The Super Junior members put on performances for a total of 24 songs, singing their hits, ballads and dance pieces and putting on costume shows. They spoke in Spanish, and even sang Besame Mucho as well as the cheer for the Argentinian soccer team.
The team entered Argentina on April 22 before hundreds of fans. Some even followed the members to their hotels, and called out to the members or sang songs, leading police to come to the scene and disperse the crowds.

Over 20 local media outlets attended the press conference held before the main concert, fighting for coverage and proving just how much attention the group was garnering in the country.

Super Junior will next perform in Chile on April 25.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
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Super Junior′s Donghae and Eunhyuk to Return as a Unit in Japan in June

Super Junior′s Donghae and Eunhyuk will be releasing their second single album as a unit in Japan in June.

On April 22, Super Junior′s Japan agency Avex released a video of the two members introducing their upcoming album through its official YouTube channel.

According to the video, the single album will contain the promotional single I Wanna Dance, as well as a song titled Love That I Need. It will be released on June 19.
I Wanna Dance is Donghae and Eunhyuk′s second single album since Oppa, Oppa, which was released a year and two months ago.

The single is in the dance genre, heightening expectations toward the members′ smooth choreographies.

For Love That I Need, Super Junior-M′s Henry participated in writing and singing the song.

Eunhyuk and Donghae said in the video, "The new album you′ve all been waiting for will finally be released. It will have some great songs in store. Please show us your love."

Super Junior is currently touring South America for its Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5.

Photo credit: Avex
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Super Junior Gets Fans Fainting in Brazil with Exclusive Concert

Super Junior stepped into South America with its first concert in Brazil.

SM Entertainment announced on April 23 that the Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Sao Paulo, which took place on April 21, was a success, drawing over 8,000 local fans.

The concert was the first of its kind by a Korean group and Super Junior′s first in the area, and yet it managed to garner great interest, even selling out all of its seats in a short time.

The group sang its debut single Twins, as well as hits such as Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple and more as a group and in units for a total of 24 songs.

The members prepared Michel Telo′s Ai se eu te pego as a special treat for their local fans, and spoke in carefully practiced Portuguese.

A rep from SM said, "Over 140 fans fainted or had to leave in wheelchairs because of the heat from the performance. Local medical personnel were surprised at the popularity of Super Junior, saying it was the first time such a thing had happened."

The Super Junior members said, "We flew 25 hours for our concerts in South America. We never imagined we would get to hold an exclusive concert in Brazil when we made our debut, but we did. We want to thank our fans for helping us set new record after record."

Super Junior will next perform in Argentina′s Buenos Aires on April 23.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
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10 Idol Groups to Fill in Super Junior Shindong’s Spot on Radio Show

From Wonder Girls to B1A4, Super Junior Shindong’s missing spot on MBC FM′s Shim Shim Ta Pa will be filled in by teams of idols. 

On April 20, MBC announced the lineup of special idol DJs that will substitute for Shindong while he tours with Super Junior in South America. 

For the 10 days Shindong will be absent, his juniors will be holding the 2013 Shim Shim Ta Pa K-Pop Festival on the radio show.

Starting from April 22, B1A4’s Baro and San Deul, Girl’s Day’s So Jin and Minah, Teen Top’s C.A.P and Chunji, Rainbow’s Seung Ah and Ji Suk, U-Kiss’ Soo Hyun and Ki Seop, Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Ye Eun, BTOB’s Il Hoon and Min Hyuk, ZE:A’s Dong Jun and Min Woo, MBLAQ’s Seung Ho and Mir as well as Jewelry’s Ye Won and Semi will be DJs each day. 

Meanwhile, Shindong will be participating in the Super Show 5 with Super Junior in South America. 

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
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Super Junior Lands in Brazil and Donates 2,000 Shirts

Super Junior has decided to do a good deed while in South America. 

On April 20, Super Junior landed at Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil, with more than 500 fans greeting the members with colorful signs and cheers.

There, the Super Junior participated in a special event hosted by KOTRA to celebrate 50 years of South Korean immigration to Brazil. The CSR event held at the Sao Paulo Renaissance Hotel ended with great success, as Super Junior donated 2,000 specially made T-shirts to the state government as well as the Red Cross Society. 

On participating in the meaningful event, Super Junior stated, “As we were preparing for the South American tour, we were wondering how we could express our gratitude to the people who love Super Junior and waited for us for a long time. So after hearing about the CSR event, we decided to participate. It’s a small present, but we hope the shirts we donated get used for good.”

Super Junior’s Super Show 5 tour in South America began on April 21 at the Sao Paulo Creditcard Hall.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
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K-pop's Obsession With Idol Extreme Diets - How Far Is Too Far?

K-Pop idols are constantly in the spotlight and are under extreme pressure to maintain their looks and lose weight.

This is true of both male and female idols. Before debuting, trainees undergo rigorous physical training regiments and are often forced to restrict their diets in an effort to create the perfect figure.

Under the constant watch of their management and fans alike, the pressure sometimes can be unbearable. Recently several idols have been the center of attention for their extreme weight loss, but while the efforts of some are praised, others are harshly criticized.

Super Junior's Kangin says that he has been on a very strict diet since last November reportedly having lost 15kg (about 33lbs) and fan response has been entirely positive.

In February the idol tweeted, "Starting from the end of last November, I [dedicated myself] to losing weight. I currently weigh 73kg, which is 15kg less than I was [at that time]," and included a selca (self-portrait) to show his progress. Fans were shocked and amazed by the singer's transformation saying that he looks much better. Many netizens seem to be focusing on Kangin's more defined jawline, which is still the main topic of conversation now, two months later.

One Ket, lead rapper for rookie girl group GI (Global Icon) has gotten mixed responses after revealing her own strict dieting practice before the group's debut.

She said that lost 9kg in just one month before being introduced to the world. Her agency Simtong Entertainment released a statement this week saying, "One Ket was 59kg when she began as a trainee. For a month before her debut, she drank one bottle of soy milk a day and lost 9kg. She's lost a total of 16kg so far and is continuing to manage her diet."

Perhaps because GI is a new group, and One Ket is not well known yet, but most comments have been in the realm of disbelief, "Don't lie, how can you survive off of soy milk for an entire month?" or concern, "I think it's fine to diet id it makes you happier, but a diet consisting of only soy milk is extremely dangerous."

Because it was the agency that released the information about One Ket's extreme diet, many people have assumed she was encouraged (if not downright forced) to lose weight by her management.

While fans have had relatively nice things to say about the weight loss of many popular stars, one idol in particular has not been treated so kind.

T-ARA's Boram has often been the center of extreme dieting ridicule with many netizens and fans saying she is too thin and accusing her of being anorexic.

Recent photos of the idol in shorts have caused alarm as veins can be seen all over her incredibly skinny legs.

"Not only is she too thin, she looks sickly almost. I get that she's dieting, but this is going too far..." posted one fan, while another stated, "She has to have some kind of health problem or she's anorexic." For the most part, commenters have been all too harsh on the young idol who is already under pressure to be thin. People calling her "gross" and telling her she is "zombie-like" are not doing anything to help Boram's self-image.

Why is it okay for some idols, and not others, to take extreme measures when dieting? Kangin was praised for dropping weight quickly, One Ket's slim figure was met with concern, while Boram is brutally attacked. Seems unfair.

However you look at it, from a medical perspective, these extreme diets are dangerous and unhealthy no matter who you are. But fans also need to be more understanding of their favorite idols who are under a lot of pressure to keep slim. 
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Super Junior States, "Losing Members to the Military is Fine"

Typically, artists are exhausted after the conclusion of a concert. Super Junior, however, seemed to have reenergized through the connection they shared with the fans in Brazil after a 3-hour concert in San Paolo on April 22.

Back at their hotel rooms, we got to hear their afterthoughts on the concert.

-How were the fans in Brazil?

They were amazing. Everyone was dancing along. So we got overexcited and did too much early on and got exhausted too fast

-Why are the fans in South America so much more energetic?

Countries that we frequent usually have a fan base according to each member of the group. But since South America does not have that divide yet and love the group and our music as a whole.

-What are your reactions for being the first idol group to perform here?

When we debuted, we used to always say we wanted to be the best in Asia. We have come a long way and it is amazing to see that people from the other side of the globe want to see us perform. We are excited to be making history.

-Some of the members are serving in the army. How's that?

Initially, it was a big concern for all of us. But over time, we are learning to fill their void with our know-how's. We will manage until the members finish their military service and come back to join us.

-What is the plan for the rest of year?

It looks like we will not be releasing a full album as Super Junior. We will do more stuff from spin-off groups and by individuals.

-Any last words?

We just want to invite everyone to our show. It will provide a new perspective on Super Junior as an artist.
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Super Junior Receives VIP Treatment Entering Brazil for World Tour

Group Super Junior has left for Brazil for their world tour.

Super Junior arrived in Sao Paulo on April 20 and entered Brazil. At the airport, many fans were waiting for them since early morning to meet them. Around 500 fans were seen waiting for them holding up signs and posters with Korean written on them.

The airport also stated that they had over 10 times for security prepared for their arrival in order to avoid and accidents. However, there were too many fans and it was not safe for them to walk down the normal exits. The guards took them to the VIP hall and received star treatment as they entered Brazil.

Many fans were disappointed that they were not able to meet the group as they went down the VIP hall. Super Junior still waved and acknowledged their fans outside the airport as they got into their cars and received much attention from fans.

Super Junior arrived at the Renaissance Hotel and attended the CSR event organized by KOTRA and received much attention from the fashion industry and local officials.

This event was for the 50th anniversary of Korean Immigration to Brazil and a fashion show. Super Junior prepared 2,000 t-shrts to donate and help the unfortunate.

Super Junior commented, "While preparing for the South America segment of our tour, we wanted to do something meaningful for our fans who have supported us. When we heard about the CSR event, we knew we wanted to attend. Although it is a small present, we hope that it will be used towards a good cause."

Super Junior performed their 'SUPERSHOW5' concert on April 21 and held a successful concert with their fans.
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Viva Super Junior! K-pop Group Proves International Status In South American Tour

Super Junior is in the midst of their South American leg of the Super Show 5 and they are wowing fans across the continent.

The group kicked off their first ever solo tour in South America in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 21 and the show was a massive hit. Super Junior sold out all 8,000 seats in no time at all and the city reportedly added extra police at the airport for the idol group's arrival to control the crowd of fans who gathered to meet the stars as they arrived.

The first time any Korean artist has performed a solo concert in the country, Super Junior's show included a total of 24 songs, even including "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" by the famous Brazilian singer Michel Telo. The members rehearsed Portuguese prior to the concert and excited fans with their words, music, and dancing. So much so, that, according to the show's organizers approximately 140 fans fainted or had to be taken out of the venue in wheelchairs.

Super Junior said to the audience, "We flew 25 hours for our South American tour. We thought it was far, but when we stand on stage, we realize it's actually very close. When we debuted, we couldn't even dream that we'd have a solo concert in Brazil, and we thank you for letting us keep setting new paths."

Super Junior then continued their South American tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 23 to perform in front of an equally excited audience.

The concert included several special treats just for the group's Argentinian fans. Sungmin addressed the fans in Spanish and Shindong recited a few well-known Spanish-language tongue-twisters and the group held up the country's flag causing the crowd to go wild.

At one point during the show, all the Super Junior members donned Argentina's national football jerseys with their names inscribed on the backs. Throughout the duration of the concert the idols showed their respect and appreciations for their fans, and when it was all over, the audience left with smiles on their faces having finally seen their favorite K-Pop idols in person.

Super Junior continues their whirlwind South American tour with a show in Santiago, Chile on April 25 and an April 27 performance in Lima, Peru where thousands more anxious fans are eagerly waiting to see what special surprises are in store for them.   
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Super Junior 'SUPERSHOW5' Tour Heats Up Argentina

Super Junior has heated up Argentina with their passionate performance.

Super Junior's world tour, 'SUPERSHOW5' held its concert in Argentina and melted the hearts of their fans.

The concert began with their fan club ELF members shouting their names to show their support.

The group then came on stage and sang one of their most popular songs, "Mr. Simple."

Member Sungmin greeted their fans with his newly learned Spanish while Shindong even showed off his ability to do spanish tongue twisters.

Eunhyuk also stated that he had always wanted to visit Argentina and that he was happy to be there.

Siwon also congratulated them on their new Pope as well.

In order to not leave out the three members who could not make it to the show (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung) the fans had posters and signs in honor of them.

The members also shouted out to the fans to amp out the atmosphere as well.

They also held up the country's flag and showed respect and love for it as well, making the fans scream even more.

The members also confessed that they had 'fallen in love with Latin America' and brought tears of joy to the fans eyes.

The group even performed Psy's "Gentleman" on stage as well.

Towards the end of their concert, the members wore Argentina football jerseys with their names written on the back of it as well.

Throughout the concert, Super Junior continued to show their respect, gratitude and love towards Argentina and their fans who live there.

Super Junior will arrive in Chile today and perform at the Movistar arena on April 25.

They will then also perform in Peru on April 27. With this concert, they will end their South America portion of their tour.

Below are performances from the concert:

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Super Junior’s Shindong and INFINITE’s Sunggyu parody ‘Wind Blows in Winter’

During the recent filming of JTBC‘s ‘High Society‘, Super Junior‘s Shindong paired up with comedian Shin Bong Sun and INFINITE‘s Sunggyu with Jo Hye Ryun to parody a scene from the recent drama ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘.

The stars parodied the romantic cotton candy kiss scene, acting like real couples. Apparently, the two comedians made those around them erupt into laughter with their attempts to mimic actress Song Hye Gyo.

Check out the parody on week’s episode of ‘High Society’ on April 27th at 7:35PM KST!

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk says goodbye to Chile

South American ELF are in for some tears as Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk says goodbye to Chile.

Eunhyuk said goodbye to ELF in Chile,

Bye Chile~ see ya!!!!!!!  http://twitpic.com/cm5bhp

Super Junior recently set a record with their ‘Super Show 5‘ concert in Chile by drawing in the largest audience for a Korean group in South America with their latest concert.

Super Junior will be wrapping up their South America tour in Peru on the 27th.
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Super Junior sets a record with their ‘Super Show 5′ tour in Chile

Super Junior set a record in South America with their ‘Super Show 5‘ concert in Chile!

The group performed in front of 12,000 passionate ELF on the 25th (local time) and raised the bar high. According to SM Entertainment, Super Junior has drawn in the largest audience for a Korean group in South America with this recent event.

The members had fans beaming in bliss as they performed songs like, “Twins“, “Sorry Sorry“, “Bonamana“, “Mr. Simple“, and more for a total of 24 tracks, including a performance with the song “Ai Se Eu Te Pego“, which they prepared specially for this leg of their tour.

As all good things must eventually come to an end, Super Junior will be wrapping up their South America tour in Peru on the 27th.
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Siwon and Seohyun join Kyuhyun and YoonA in new ‘SKT LTE’ CFs

Super Junior‘s Siwon and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun have joined their labelmates Kyuhyun, Sulli, Minho, and YoonA as the new endorsement models for ‘SKT LTE‘.

The official CFs feature Siwon and Seohyun enjoying a date with some orange juice and showing off their moves in a dance battle.

Check out the CF as well as their interviews in the clips below!

Siwon and Seohyun’s CF

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