Sunday, 28 April 2013

Super Junior States, "Losing Members to the Military is Fine"

Typically, artists are exhausted after the conclusion of a concert. Super Junior, however, seemed to have reenergized through the connection they shared with the fans in Brazil after a 3-hour concert in San Paolo on April 22.

Back at their hotel rooms, we got to hear their afterthoughts on the concert.

-How were the fans in Brazil?

They were amazing. Everyone was dancing along. So we got overexcited and did too much early on and got exhausted too fast

-Why are the fans in South America so much more energetic?

Countries that we frequent usually have a fan base according to each member of the group. But since South America does not have that divide yet and love the group and our music as a whole.

-What are your reactions for being the first idol group to perform here?

When we debuted, we used to always say we wanted to be the best in Asia. We have come a long way and it is amazing to see that people from the other side of the globe want to see us perform. We are excited to be making history.

-Some of the members are serving in the army. How's that?

Initially, it was a big concern for all of us. But over time, we are learning to fill their void with our know-how's. We will manage until the members finish their military service and come back to join us.

-What is the plan for the rest of year?

It looks like we will not be releasing a full album as Super Junior. We will do more stuff from spin-off groups and by individuals.

-Any last words?

We just want to invite everyone to our show. It will provide a new perspective on Super Junior as an artist.
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