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Kyuhyun sings the male version of Bubble Sisters' "Love Dust"

Kyuhyun has lent his beautiful voice to sing the male version of Bubble Sisters' "Love Dust"

The song is the 2nd part in composer Hwang Sung Jae's project for his 15th anniversary since debut, for which he picked the 10 songs that he likes the most. "Love Dust" is remixed into a new song to fit Kyuhyun's voice.

The original song was released in 2006 for Bubble Sisters' 2nd album title song, and it was well loved as the song women sang the most in karaoke. Now, with Kyuhyun's version, the guys can sing it too!
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Henry releases video teaser for 'Trap'!

Henry announced his solo debut just yesterday (well, we got 'mystery' photos  two days ago), and he's already giving us his first video teaser!

As fans already know, Henry's a guy of many talents as he's not only skilled on the piano and violin in addition to being a great dancer and singer, he also has experience with composing songs! International fans will also have an easier time communicating with him as this idol is also fluent in several languages - making him the perfect star to take things to a global level.

He's got a surprise guest in his solo debut teaser, so make sure to watch it!

Henry's first mini album 'Trap' will be released on June 7th, so stay tuned for more goodies coming our way!

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사랑 먼지 (Love Dust) – Super Junior Kyuhyun (규현) (Han | Rom | Eng)

Song: Love Dust (사랑 먼지)
By: Kyuhyun (규현)


그댈 사랑한 많은 흔적들을
이젠 지워야겠죠
그대 사진도 함께 나눈 찻잔도
주인도 없이 남아 있죠
추억만으론 내 미련만으론
더는 의미 없는 모든 것들을

손대면 난 눈물이 흘러서
바라볼 때면 맘에 멍이 들어서
이젠 가슴 시린 추억으로 묻어두려
그대 흔적을 난 지우죠

사랑 더 없죠 내게 남은 거라곤 그대의 추억뿐
반쪽을 잃어 아무 쓸모도 없이
날 무겁게만 할 뿐인데
나의 눈물도 긴 나의 한숨도
이젠 아무 소용없는 걸 알죠

손만 대어도 난 눈물이 흘러서
바라볼 때면 마음에 멍이 들어서
이젠 가슴 시린 추억으로 남겨질 그대 흔적이
너무 많아서 난 아프죠
꼭 먼지처럼 내 맘 곳곳에 그 사랑이 남아

그댈 사랑한 그 흔적을 치우죠
내 방 가득한 그대의 향기까지도
하지만 내 안에 남아있는 사랑은
지우려 해도 모두 버리려 해도
그게 잘 안되나봐요
그대가 내 맘에 배어서


Geu dael sa rang han ma neun heun jeok deu reul
I jen ji wo ya get jyo
Geu dae sa jin do ham gge na nun chat jan do
Ju in do eop si na ma it jyo
Chu eong ma neu ron nae mi ryeon ma neu ron
Deo neun eui mi eom neun mo deun geot deu reul

Son dae myeon nan nun mu ri heul leo seo
Ba ra bol ddae myeon ma me meong i deu reo seo
I jen ga seum shi rin chu eo geu ro mu deo du ryeo
Geu dae heun jeo geul nan ji u jyo

Sa rang deo eop jyo nae ge na meun geo ra gon geu dae ye chu eok bbun
Ban jjo geul i reo a mu sseul mo do eop si
Nal mu geop ge man hal bbu nin de
Na ye nun mul do gin na ye han sum do
I jen a mu so yong eom neun geol al jyo

Son man dae eo do nan nun mu ri heul leo seo
Ba ra bol ddae myeon ma eu me meong i deu reo seo
I jen ga seum shi rin chu eo geu ro nam gyeo jil geu dae heun jeo gi
Neo mu ma na seo nan a peu jyo
Ggok meon ji cheo reom nae mam got go se geu sa rang i na ma

Geu dael sa rang han geu heun jeo geul chi u jyo
Nae bang ga deuk han geu dae ye hyang gi gga ji do
Ha ji man nae a ne na ma in neun sa rang eun
Ji u ryeo hae do mo du beo ri ryeo hae do
Geu ge jal an dwae na bwa yo
Geu dae ga nae ma me bae eo seo

English translation

The numerous traces that I once loved you
Now I need to erase them
Even your photos, even the teacup we shared
They’re left without an owner
In just my memories, in just my regrets
All those things that matter no more

Because I’ll cry if I touch them
Because my heart’ll be bruised if I look at them
So that they can be buried as heart-aching memories
The traces of you, I erase them

There’s no more love. What’s left in me is nothing but your memories
Without any use since the other half is lost
they only burden me
Even my tears, even my deep sigh
Of course I know they’re of no use now

Because I cry even when I just touch them
Because my heart gets bruised everytime I look at them
The traces of you that will remain as heart-aching memories
Because there are too many, they hurt
Just like dust, that love is left all over my heart

I erase those traces that I once loved you
Even your scent filling my room
But the love that remains inside of me
Even though I try to erase it, even when I try to get rid of everything
Seems like it doesn’t work
Because you permeate my heart

Hangeul lyrics @ gasazip
Romanization & translation by

Super Junior Kyuhyun Releases His Version of Bubble Sisters 'Love Dust'

Super Junior member Kyuhyun will be releasing his version of Bubble Sisters' "Love Dust."

This song was originally released by the Bubble Sisters in 2006 and was very popular amongst females.

Kyuhyun will be releasing a version of the song that featured his own style of music. Many fans are curious to see how Kyuhyun's version will sound like.
This version of the song will be released on May 31.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun releases a remake of “Love Dust” for Hwang Sung Jae’s project album

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun became the next artist to collaborate with talented producer and songwriter Hwang Sung Jae for his first project album ‘Hwang Sung Jae Project Super Hero’.

On May 31, Kyuhyun released his latest single “Love Dust”, a remake of Bubble Sisters’ hit ballad from the group’s second album released in 2006. The song is the second line-up of Hwang Sung Jae’s project album after Lena Park’s version of “Atlantis Princess”, a BoA’s popular 2003 hit.

‘Hwang Sung Jae Project Super Hero’ is Hwang Sung Jae’s 15th debut anniversary music project. The project album includes a total of ten tracks which are all remake versions.

Check out the single below.

Super Junior-M’s Henry releases video teaser for ‘Trap’ ft. Kyuhyun and Taemin

Returning to the music scene as a solo artist, Super Junior-M’s Henry has just unveiled his first video teaser first mini album ‘Trap’.

On May 31, SM Entertainment’s official homepage and Youtube channel posted new video for Henry’s solo debut. As this is Henry’s first time ever going solo, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Taemin made special guest appearance to show their support. The two idols are said to have also participated in Henry’s album.

Henry will be releasing his first solo mini album ‘Trap’ on June 7th and will promote his album in Korea.
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Henry 헨리_TRAP_MV Teaser (with Kyuhyun & Taemin)


Thursday, 30 May 2013


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and IU Get Swept Up in Marriage Rumors

Following that accidental picture upload in November 2012, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and IU are once again tied in a rumor together, this time about marriage.
On various online communities on May 27, rumors sprung up that a popular solo singer, who is currently acting in a popular drama, will marry a member of popular boy band in October. 

The rumors say that the two are trying to convince their agencies to allow this to happen. There are even suspicions of pregnancy.

As the rumors began to spread through the internet, IU and Eunhyuk’s names have also been climbing up the real-time charts of various search engines, especially with IU and Eunhyuk’s photo incident. 

However, IU’s agency, Loen Entertainment stated that the rumors are not true and are merely part of a fictional novel being written by someone. The company said it is speechless at the unfounded rumors.
Also on May 27, Choi Si Won tweeted, “Congratulations…Lee Hyuk Jae..”
The tweet was followed by Kangin, who added, “Is today April Fool’s Day? Kekeke,” referring to the recent rumors. 

Sungmin also wrote in his blog, "Eunhyuk, congratulations on your marriage~kekekekek. It′s cheating that you′re going before me. Why didn′t you tell us about it in advance? kekekekekekekekekkeke."

Photo Credit: IU, Eunhyuk, Kangin and Choi Siwon’s Twitters, Sungmin′s blog
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IU Record Label Loen Entertainment Pursuing Legal Action For Online Rumors Saying Star Was Marrying Super Junior's Eunhyuk

The online rumor mill started churning at full speed last earlier this month, with allegations that South Korean actress and singer IU (pictured) was planning to marry Super Junior's Eunhyuk.
When the online rumor mill started churning at full speed last earlier this month, with allegations that South Korean actress and singer IU was planning to marry Super Junior's Eunhyuk in October, executives from the diva's record label were not amused.

On Monday, a representative for IU's label Loen Entertainment announced that the company would be working with South Korean authorities to find who started the rumor and to pursue legal action against them.

"Firstly, we would like to say how sad we are that such an unfounded false rumor can spread so easily," said a Loen Entertainment rep. 

"We plan to involve the police to investigate and take legal actions against the person who started this rumor, as well as those that helped in spreading it."

Loen Entertainment executives, who reportedly believe the rumor originated though online instant messages, told TV Report on Monday that if IU actually were getting married, they wouldn't feel the need to keep it a secret.

"We don't know how to just laugh this rumor off," a Loen Entertainment representative said.

"It's absolutely ridiculous...when it is time for IU to get married, we will make an official announcement. There is no reason to hide."

Fan Jaejoongie thinks Loen Entertainment should release the culprit's identity for the world to see.

"Reveal the sorry person who was responsible," Jaejoongie commented on the website Soompi on Thursday.

"People need to learn that saying untrue things on the Internet is really bad!"

According to Soompi, IU and Eunhyuk engagement rumor began on the website Asia Today, where an article mentioning it has since been deleted.

Yet, Loen Entertainment execs don't appear to be anywhere close to satisfied, vowing to also take legal action against anyone making negative comments about the record label or any of the artists in their roster.

"We will also be investigating those that continue to make vulgar and negative comments about IU online," the label rep added. 

"We plan to stop those people that make hurtful false rumors. We ask all of you that for IU's sake, please stop making up more rumors. We would like to apologize to our fans for causing unnecessary worries and we hope to update you with good news. Thank you."

Reader Miloken feels the record label might be getting a bit carried away.

"If every rumor would get legal actions, lawyers in South Korea would be millionaires," Miloken wrote.
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Super Junior Shindong Leaves Radio Broadcast Due to High Fever, 'Sungmin-Eunhyuk-Donghae Take Over'

Super Junior Shindong had to leave his radio broadcast early due to a high fever.

Members Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae temporarily took over his radio show for him.

Today during Shindong's show, he suddenly had a high fever which made it hard for him to continue his broadcast.

He asked his members if they could finish up the show for him due to his condition.

Although the members were busy with their individual schedules, they all still showed up to help their member. They were able to see the group's close friendship through their actions.

The radio staff were also touched to see the members come and help finish up the show.
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You Got A Handsome Face: Good-Looking Male K-pop Idols

There are three kinds of boys in K-pop: cute, pretty, and just plain handsome. There is no human being in Korean pop culture that is remotely even close to being unattractive-think about it. While most of the boys in K-pop are baby-faced little munchkins, there are some handsome lookers sprinkled amongst the pretty seeds and today we're going to take a look at some of these physically blessed folks.

I contemplated for hours if Super Junior's Siwon should be on this list. He straddles the pretty/handsome line intensely, but because of his ability to look both feminine and masculine at the same time, Choi Siwon has squeezed his way on to our list today. Siwon's round eyes and bold nose definitely make his look one to remember and rounds out our list of good-looking male idols.
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Super Junior Kyuhyun Celebrates 7-Year Debut Anniversary

Super Junior's Kyuhyun took to Twitter to celebrate the enormously successful Super Junior's 7-year debut anniversary.

On May 27, he wrote, "It has been 7 years since our debut! I remember it raining on May 27 in 2006. So much has changed since then. But where am I headed to again? I just got to Busan! Stress..."

In the photo he uploaded is a selfie that was taken in the passenger's seat. With his fair complexion and light brown hair, Kyuhyun celebrated the monumental day, though apart from his teammates.

Super Junior came on to the K-pop scene with their digital single album, U, back in 2006.

Currently, many of the members are pursuing their individual careers while performing concerts together. Notably, Kyuhyun has seen his stock rise with his phenomenal role in the popular talk show, 'Raido Star.'

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Super Junior-M's Henry To Debut As SM Entertainment's Newest Solo Artist

The wait is finally over!  In a surprise announcement of a grand debut of a solo artist, SM Entertainment earlier today, May 28th, put out teasers that they will be revealing SMTown's newest solo artist.  It got all fans of SMTown artists excited and speculating as to who the mysterious person is.

Decked with tattoos reading "Noizebank" and "Henry" all over his youthful frame, Super Junior-M's Henry Lau is officially announced as SM Entertainment's newest solo star. The road to this solo debut has been long for Henry, while he has made significant contributions and accomplishments while standing in the background.  Henry is a multi-talented artist -- being able to play various instruments and gaining respect with his self-composed songs featured in SM Entertainment albums being part of the composer group 'Noizebank'. He also took a short break to pursue studies at Berklee College in the USA, to further hone his musical talents. 

The Canadian bred Hong Kong national talented musician is also known to be proficient in many languages, being able to speak Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, French and of course English.  Hence, his solo debut is expected to gain international attention.The young artist's talent and cute and vibrant image are quick formulas for his anticipated success.

Henry's solo album titled 'Trap' will be released digitally on June 7th.  He will also take part in album promotions internationally.

Congratulations and good luck to you Henry! 
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Super Junior’s Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Donghae replaces Shindong on radio show for a day

Super Junior’s Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Donghae took over Shindong’s MBC FM ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’ radio show on May 29th, after the latter was laid low due to high fever, and showed off their close brotherly relationship.
Despite having to attend to his own musical opening show, Sungmin still made the trip to the radio station. Eunhyuk and Donghae had to depart for Japan for activities, but still came to show their support as welll. The trio along with guests Min Ji Young and Lee Guk Joo had a great time interacting during the broadcast, and ended the night on a successful note.
Listeners expressed, “They are no doubt a group who have a great relationship,” “Here’s wishing Shindong oppa a speedy recovery,” “The Super Junior ‘Kiss The Radio’ hosts have come together again for ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’.”
The producer for ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’ said, “Undoubtedly it can only be Super Junior. The members came to show their support despite their busy individual schedules, and this really makes one feel touched.”

By: Jo Hae Jin

Henry revealed to be SM Entertainment's new solo artist!

After getting fans buzzing with excitement and guesses with the release of two mysterious photos of their new solo artist, SM Entertainment has revealed his identity!

The male solo artist is none other than Henry Lau of Super Junior-M!

"Henry will be releasing his first solo mini album 'Trap' on June 7th, and we anticipate that he'll receive much interest from global music fans as he embarks on promotional activities," said the agency.

As fans already know, Henry's a guy of many talents as he's not only skilled on the piano and violin in addition to being a great dancer and singer, he also has experience with composing songs!

International fans will also have an easier time communicating with him as this idol is also fluent in several languages.

June 7th is just right around the corner so keep your eyes out for more teasers that will come our way!
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Friday, 3 May 2013

Super Junior and f(x) are all hugs and smiles for ‘SPAO’

Super Junior and f(x) decked out in rainbow colors for apparel brand ‘SPAO‘!

‘SPAO’ released the making film for the two respective groups 2013 S/S photoshoot. Both Super Junior and f(x) are all smiles for the entire set, dressing up in colorful shirts and belts. The groups also display their friendship with one other, goofing around and encasing each other in hugs.

Check out the video below!

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The 'Avengers' Return To Korea: Oh Wait, No. It's Super Junior!

After a successful concert tour in South America, Super Junior arrived back in Korea safely in a unique airport fashion.

Media reporters were notified that the members of Super Junior will be landing in "Avengers" costumes shortly before their arrival. Lo and behold, there were Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman, as well as the lonesome non-avenger character, Hwang Bi Hong.

Siwon and Donghae pulled off the muscular, modern male looks of Iron Man and Captain America while Shindong took on the character that other members most likely deferred to him: The Incredible Hulk. Completely in character, green-painted Shindong entertained the crowd and the media reporters with beastly facial expressions and gestures.
There was a masked member of Super Junior who, by process of elimination, turned out to be Ryeowook. Not surprisingly, he was dressed up as Spiderman, Then there was the one and only non-Avenger character who hung his head the whole time due to embarrassment. Sungmin, for whatever reason, was dressed up as Hwang Bi Hong.
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Credit: 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)

Heechul to rejoin Super Junior after military service

Heechul will soon be returning to fans as Super Junior member again!

An acquaintance of Heechul said on April 29th, “Heechul shows great desire to join Super Junior again as soon as he returns from the army on August 31st. He’s preparing to stand on stage on Super Junior’s world tour ‘Super Show 5’ when he’s discharged.”

The same individual continued, “There’s four months left of his military service and for the remaining period he will personally practice the different choreographies during the evenings and weekends.”

Meanwhile, Heechul will be the second Super Junior member to successfully return from the army after Kangin. Currently, Leeteuk is in the military and Yesung will enter on May 6.