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Super Junior′s Concert in Hong Kong Gathers 24,000

Super Junior left another big footprint in Hong Kong with its Super Show 5.

From June 15-16, the group held its Super Junior World Tour - Super Show 5 in Hong Kong, and performed before 24,000 fans.
As June 16 was Father′s Day, there were not only many women in their teens and 20s in the audience but also little children as well as families.

Super Junior entertained the crowds with a string of hit songs, including Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple and Sexy, Free & Single, along with unit performances and costume events. With its 25 songs, it put on the best show with its charisma and awe-inspiring stage effects.

Super Junior-M′s performances of Break Down and A-Oh especially drew great cheers from local fans as they had been promoted in China.

For Shake It Up and Rock Star, from Super Junior′s fourth and sixth albums, the members and audience became one, dancing as if they were in one giant club.

For the group′s first concert in Hong Kong in four years, the fans held up pickets reading ′Thank you for coming′ on June 15 and ′Let′s meet again′ on June 16. They also stamped their feet, shouting out for an encore.

The members even prepared a greeting in Cantonese for local fans.

At the press conference held on June 16, many media outlets gathered to cover the issue of the group′s concert.
Super Junior′s world tour will continue in Singapore on July 6.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
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Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Donghae say "I Wanna Dance" with full PV

Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Donghae, who made waves with "Oppa Oppa", have made a return in Japan with another new track, "I Wanna Dance"!

Much like the duo's previous song, the new track is also upbeat and fun, and the PV is sure to entertain you all so take a look before the official song release on June 19 KST!

Check it out below!

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Super Junior's Donghae, Baek Ah Yeon, and Wonder Girls' Lim show their support for One Way

R&B Hiphop Duo One Way has been garnering much praise from their fellow celebrities.

After releasing their song 'Beautiful Day,' the song has been gaining favor among singers. Super Junior's Donghae, Wonder Girls' Hye Lim, and Baek Ah Yeon showed their support through Twitter.

One Way has composed songs for Super Junior K.R.Y.'s 'Loving you,' 2PM's 'Like a Movie,' and Kan Mi Yeon's 'Sunshine' among many others.  

One Way's latest song has people hooked with their addictive beats and its reggae, R&B style. The song has the listeners missing their childhood as the song implicates that people who are in their 20s may be burdened by entering into the real world.

In case you missed it, check out the MV for it below!

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Super Junior's Ryeowook adopts a giraffe?

Super Junior's Ryeowook has become... the mother of a giraffe?!

The idol star tweeted, "Giraffe mommy~^^ Kekeke. Hearing Ryeowook (fan club), thank you~~ Kya kya. It's filled up my room. Keke. What should I name it? ><."

Last year, Thai fans gifted Ryeowook an actual giraffe by donating it to the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok on his behalf, and it seems like his Korean fan club thought it would be appropriate to give him a life-sized giraffe doll as a present.

Fans responded, "Since the small one is Kiki, shouldn't this big one be named Koko," "OMG, so big," and "Adorable.'
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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

[Poll] Which SM Spinoff Artist is Your Favorite?

With the amount of talent SM Entertainment houses, it’s no wonder the agency’s spinoff artists have garnered as much success as its billboard acts.

Unit groups may not be a novelty, but SM has shown that they can come in many shapes and forms and still cause a stir among K-Pop fans. So for this week’s poll, we want to know: Which SM spinoff artist is your favorite?
S.M. The Ballad

While idol groups are SM’s specialty, its talented vocalists took over the spotlight in project group S.M. The Ballad.

Composed of members Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TRAX’s Typhoon, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Jino, the project group made its debut in 2010 with album Miss You.

Despite coming together from different nests, the boys’ voices proved to be the perfect blend.


Super Junior has spawned many unit groups, but members Donghae and Eunhyuk are set to return as duo Donghae & Eunhyuk (original, we know) with the release of its second single album I Wanna Dance in Japan on June 19.

Following the success of the trot-inspired single Oppa, Oppa, fans are curious to see what the duo will hit them with next.

Check out the Donghae & Eunhyuk′s I Wanna Dance below.


This next group didn’t promote, but the collaboration of SM’s top dancers was enough to drive fans wild and is certainly worthy of mention in this poll.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SNSD’s Hyoyeon, SHINee’s Taemin, Super Junior-M’s Henry as well as EXO’s Kai and Lu Han joined forces as part of the Younique unit, a project group formed as part of SM Entertainment collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company, to release single Maxstep.

See what happens when K-Pop’s all-star dancers come together.

Super Junior-M’s Henry

As mentioned previously, this poll is about spinoff artists, and SM pulled a fast one on us, when it announced Super Junior-M member Henry’s solo debut this month.

The response to the Super Junior-M member’s single Trap has been hot, reminding us that the idol star and Master Chef Korea Celebrity contestant knows how to heat things up outside of the kitchen as well. And it certainly helps that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Taemin lend their talents to the track.

Now it′s time to vote for your favorite! You can vote every day for a week, so check back daily to see how your star is doing!
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Henry′s ′Trap′ Gathers Attention with a Unique Performance

Henry has been gathering attention with his unique performance for his Korean debut single Trap.

In his debut performance, Henry drew attention to himself with a performance that uses a piano and a handkerchief.
The performance was put together by the famed choreographer Shaun Evaristo. The choreographer was previously renowned for his skills through BoA′s Not Over U, Super Junior′s From U and Super Junior-M′s Go, and this time again drew cheers from fans with a routine that emphasizes Henry′s own colors.

In the beginning of Trap, Henry first plays the piano, then whips out a handkerchief to show off his moves.

Henry first debuted as a member of Super Junior-M, boasting fluency in Korean, English and Chinese. He has been piquing interest for being SM Entertainment′s first male solo singer in 13 years.

His new single Trap has been fairly successful on music charts since its release on June 7.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment
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Super Junior’s Kangin, After School’s Lizzy, and More Join to Support Yoon Hoo

Still trending high, the ‘Yoon Hoo, I Love You’ event continues to spread with even celebrities posting in support for the beloved child star.

On June 11, a national event began to spread in support of Vibe Yoon Min Soo’s 7-year old son, Yoon Hoo, who became the victim of an anti-cafe. Netizens, unwilling let this act of hate pass by, began trending messages of support to Yoon Hoo as stars also joined in the kind act. 

Super Junior’s Kangin wrote on his Twitter, “Yoon Hoo is mine. ELFs, let’s help out so that Yoon Hoo won’t be hurt,” and “Let’s cheer him on.” He added a picture that read, “Yoon Hoo, your uncle – no, your hyung cherishes you.”

Former T.T.Ma member, Soy, also tweeted, “Yoon Hoo, I love you.”
After School’s Lizzy wrote, “Yoon Hoo, I love you. And just out of curiosity, I searched ‘Lizzy, I love you,’ and 12 other people, minus me, love me too! ^_^ I’m so happy. Keke.”

Baek A Yeon wrote, “Proof of ‘Yoon Hoo, I Love You’!!! Hoo! I love you!” 

D-Unit’s Jin also wrote, “I hope that young Yoon Hoo doesn’t get hurt. TT TT Yoon Hoo, I love you!” 

‘Yoon Hoo, I love you’ continues to trend throughout the day, appearing high on real-time charts as more and more people join into shower Yoon Hoo with their love. 

Yoon Min Soo′s company revealed that it has no plans to take this matter to court and doesn′t want to blow this issue any bigger since the anti-cafe has currently been blocked with plans to be shut down. 

The ′Yoon Hoo I love you′ event has slowly begun other movements to shut down other anticafes. It′s come to attention that anti-cafes for Min Gook, also part of Dad! Where Are You Going?, exist and netizens are trending ′Min Gook I love you,′ as well. 

Photo Credit: MBC, All mentioned stars’ SNS
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Siwon Of Super Junior Tells Young Fans There's No Shame In Waiting To Date, But He Prefers To Get Physical After One Day

Singer Siwon of the 12-piece K-pop boy band Super Junior doesn't think anyone should start dating until they're ready, but says he's ready for physical contact after one day with a woman.

Appearing with his Super Junior bandmate Ryeowook on the South Korean radio program "Kiss The Radio" on Friday, the singer (whose full name is Siwon Choi) opened up about the dangers of dating too young.

"When you're a student, it's important to stay grounded," Siwon said. "It's not late to start dating after you become an adult."
Yet when it comes to his own personal romantic life, the singer, who Billboard claims is the most followed Korean on Twitter, says he was born ready.

"I only need one day [to become physically intimate with a woman]," Siwon admitted, when given the choice between a day or a month of courtship.

"If a man is confident, he can approach her first,"

According to Ryeowook, Siwon has that kind of confidence.

"Siwon normally likes [physical intimacy]," Ryeowook said.

"He behaves like he's from a foreign country."

Super Junior's ladies' man also discussed his first love.

"I experienced my first love when I was in my third year of middle school," Siwon said.

"My father was pretty strict, so I disobeyed him. Now that I look back on it, it was a good memory, but I regret it...I'm normally the one people break up with first. If my feelings change, I am the type to tell her honestly. So I [asked] my girlfriend at the time to break up [with me] first."

Super Junior has been on the road for their "Super Show 5" world tour since March.

The band recently played shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, capitalizing on the South American K-pop craze.

"South America was amazing, very powerful," Siwon told Billboard Magazine last month.

"We didn't imagine they like K-pop there and they loved it! The fans always make amazing moments for us. I just have to mention how appreciative I am."

This summer, the group will head to Japan for a pair of shows at the Tokyo Dome on July 27 and 28.

That same week, the group will release their first Japanese studio album, entitled "Hero."

The album will feature Japanese versions of past Super Junior hits like Sexy, Free & Single," "Bonamana," "Mr. Simple," "Opera," "Our Love" and "Way."
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Kyuhyun-Kangin-Key-Minho, Group Picture At Girls' Generation Concert

Group Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Kangin and group SHINee's Key and Minho supported Girls' Generation by attending their concert.

Girls' Generation Reveals Backstage Photo with Eunhyuk, EXO and Key From 2013 World Tour 'Girls& Peace' In Seoul [PHOTOS] 

Today, Kyuhyun posted on his Twitter, "I don't like doing Twitter this much lately but good job, SNSD. Go Sowon" along with a picture.

In the picture, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Key, and Minho in the waiting room of Girls' Generation's waiting room was revealed. They revealed their long years of friendship through this group picture.

Internet users who saw this commented, "They look really close," "Is Key the star of the night?," and "Girls' Generation looks so cute."

Girls' Generation held their concert '2013 Girls' Generation World Tour Girls & Peace in Seoul' on June 8.

Photo Credit: Kyuhyun Twitter
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Super Junior Members Updates: Henry ‘Trap’ Promotion As Solo Artist; Kibum Films For Chinese Drama ‘Lucky Tempo’

Super Junior members updates: Henry "Trap" promotions as SM's new solo artist have begun since last week, while Super Junior Kim Kibum is busy filming for a new Chinese drama called "Lucky Tempo."

Henry, who has been promoting as part of Super Junior-M, has released a solo mini-album titled "Trap" last Friday. He has since performed live performances on Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo, with featured guests such as Super Junior Kyuhyun and SHINee Taemin.

Henry's "Trap" live performances drew much attention from fans, and Henry also performed an exclusive piano version of the title song while promoting his mini album at Super Junior's radio show "Kiss The Radio."

Henry's new mini-album contains six songs, and the solo artist himself has contributed to the production and composition of the songs in the album.

Henry has also been participating in a corner of "Kiss The Radio," called "Midnight Popz" along with Super Junior Ryeowook. During this corner, Henry teaches listeners several English phrases and their daily usage.

While Henry has started his "Trap" promotions, Super Junior Kim Kibum has also been pursuing solo activities in acting. Following his last Chinese drama, "The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils," Kibum has started filming for his newest Chinese drama, named "Lucky Tempo."

Earlier in May, Kibum appeared at a press conference for the Chinese drama, along with co-stars Zhao Li Ying, Zhu Zixiao and Bernice Liu. Kibum will be playing a lead role in the drama, and several behind-the-scenes photos have been released.

"Lucky Tempo" is a comedy drama that takes place in ancient China. The drama is scheduled to air later this year and will have a total of 30 episodes.

Check out Henry's most recent live performance of "Trap" on Inkigayo.

Also see below for a Chinese video news report about Kibum and his new Chinese drama.

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Henry Trap 1st Mini Album

ShinDong from Super Junior & Lay from EXO-M in SBS 'Inkigayo'

Credit: SMTOWN Facebook

Henry's Mini Fanmeeting

Credit: SMTOWN Facebook

Monday, 10 June 2013

Super Show 5 - Super Junior World Tour In Singapore

Having last performed at the SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore in November last year, Super Junior will be back for the fifth installment of their Super Show World Tour concert series in early July.

Super Junior has proven that they are the undisputed kings of K-pop, having performed to a total of 900,000 audiences in their Asian and world tour since 2008. The group also made their first South American Tour this year, performing in major cities such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, making it the first South American- 4 cities tour done by a Korean artiste. Fans have shown that they cannot get enough of Super Junior, with a total of 20,000 people attending SUPER SHOW 5 in Seoul.

SUPER SHOW 5, according to Super Junior, will see greater involvement from group members. For their latest concert series, Super Junior has taken an active role in the conceptualization and planning of the entire concert. Members have also actively given their input on costumes for the stage.

F&N is the official drink of the SUPER SHOW 5 concert in Singapore. Super Junior World Tour SUPER SHOW 5 is proudly organized by SM Entertainment, Dreammaker Entertainment, Running Into The Sun and Woohoo! Experience. 

Get an eye-catching and memorable SUPER SHOW 5 in Singapore Commemorative Ticket! For the first time ever, a special Commemorative Ticket in holographic format will be available for the Super Show World Tour concert series in Singapore. Fans will be able to purchase these special Commemorative Tickets in addition to normal concert tickets as a memento of Super Junior's concert.

- Sales of SS5 Commemorative Tickets begin from 5 June 2013 (10:00am) to
10 June 2013.
- Sales Channels: Hotline & Internet only.
- SS5 Commemorative Ticket Price at S$12.

Terms & Condition of Sales
- Purchase with a valid SS5 concert ticket transaction number.
- Number of tickets purchased must be equal to or less than number of SS5 concert tickets purchased.
- Transaction number used for purchase of SS5 Commemorative Tickets are only valid for one-time usage. Subsequent attempts will not be validated.
- The SS5 Commemorative Ticket is NOT a ticket for SS5 Concert admission. Only SS5 Concert Tickets can be used for admission.
- SS5 Commemorative Tickets will be ready in early July 2013.
- Customers will be notified of Collection / Delivery of SS5 Commemorative Tickets via email when the SS5 Commemorative Tickets are ready.
- Lost of SS5 Commemorative Tickets will not be replaced.
- Collection Modes (Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, Registered Mail and Courier)
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SM introduces new singer

SM Entertainment, the management house for globally popular idol groups including Girls’ Generation, Super Junior and more, introduced a solo singer yesterday for the first time in 13 years. 

The lucky artist is named Henry, a member of Super Junior-M ? a project group which includes some Chinese-speaking members of Super Junior and other artists from outside of the group, like Henry, to expand its presence in Chinese-speaking countries. 

He released an album titled “Trap,” which includes six songs. Many of the songs were composed by Noize Bank, a composers’ group that Henry developed. “I Love You” is an electronic pop song that depicts the story of a man who isn’t so fluent in Korean and falls in love with a Korean woman. “My Everything” is an R&B song that features sweet lyrics of love, and “Ready 2 Love” is influenced by house music to give the album an edge. 

He also included a ballad, “I Would,” to show how well he can express some sensitive emotions, including the feelings that accompany breakups. 

The up-and-coming star had his first solo performance of the title song “Trap” yesterday on “Music Bank” on KBS. Members of idol groups with SM Entertainment, including Kyu-hyun of Super Junior and Tae-min of SHINee came up to the stage to cheer Henry on for a good run. 

The solo singer will also perform on “Show! Music Core” on MBC today and “Popular Song” on SBS tomorrow. 

By Lee Sun-min 

CopyrightsⓒKorea JoongAng Daily, All rights reserved.

10 Things We Love About Super Junior

One of the biggest K-Pop boy bands on earth (trust us, there’s a lot), Super Junior, recently celebrated their 7th Anniversary. And this is a big deal because? Well, let’s just say that the general life span of K-Pop groups is not very long. But then again, Super Junior is anything but ordinary. So with that in mind, we’ve decided to list out the top things we love about Super Junior.

If you combine the members of Super Junior and its sub-group, there are enough men to form a football team, including reserves. One might find the amount a little staggering for a boy band but we think the more the merrier!

One listen to ‘Sorry, Sorry’, ‘ Bonamana’ or ‘Mr. Simple’ and you’re hooked, for life. Even the slightly less dance tracks like ‘No Other’ will have you singing along to every word, even if you’re not that fluent in Korean language.

If you’ve seen their music videos or performances and haven’t secretly tried to copy their dance moves, you’re probably lying. Having said that, we applaud these men for making complicated choreography and dance formations look so fuss-free.

Some K-Pop bands prefer to maintain a ‘cool’ and ‘serious’ appearance, but Super Junior is not like most groups. We love that they have no qualms in wearing dresses, competing in silly games that are televised and playing pranks on each other to make their fans and audiences laugh.

They may have loads of fun as a band but they are also there for each other when the going gets rough. Just by looking at how cool, calm and collected they are, it’s hard to imagine that they’ve had to endure Donghae’s father’s death, three car accidents, which resulted in Kyuhyun and Heechul being severely injured, non-stop scandals and a past member’s battle with the company, together.

Siwon’s love for skinship with his band mates has been witnessed by many. Donghae and Eunhyuk are so close and often seen hugging and kissing each other, fans wonder about their relationship. Heechul and former Han Geng’s bond is so tight, they still talk about each other till today.   

Sometimes we wonder how much time some of the members spend at the gym. We’re not complaining at all. In fact, we would like to thank them for their abs-olute dedication in keeping fit and sharing images like the above with all of us. Your efforts are much appreciated.

We love that each members bring something different to the table. We just can’t get enough of Heechul’s confidence - he’s so self-assured, he’ll make you believe he is the most handsome guy on earth, even if he’s not - Sungmin’s ability to be effortlessly cute, Eunhyuk’s surprising big appetite, Yesung’s weirdness, Leeteuk’s obsession with cameras, Shindong’s quirky ways and more. We could go on all day!

Super Junior fans call themselves E.L.F, which stands for ‘ever lasting friends’. Considering the fact that the band has lasted this long, the fans truly live up to their name!

Boy, aren’t we all glad they love social network just as much as we do. It makes it so much easier for fans to keep track on what they are doing and where they are at. Siwon is obsessed with LINE and Donghae tweets religiously. Now if only we can get them all to join Instagram...

Super Junior's Siwon gets fan girls giddy by revealing he loves skinship

Super Junior's Siwon joined fellow member Ryeowook on 'Kiss the Radio' and entertained fans with a little kiss-and-tell!
Siwon visited the set of the radio show on the 7th and opened up about the four letter word, love. He shared, "I experienced my first love when I was in my third year of middle school. My father was pretty strict, so I disobeyed him. Now that I look back on it, it was a good memory, but I regret it... I'm normally the one people break up with first. If my feelings change, I am the type to tell her honestly. So I would ask my girlfriend at the time to break up first." 
He then gave some advice to the young listeners, "When you're a student, it's important to stay grounded. It's not late to start dating after you become an adult." 
When asked how long he takes to initiate skinship with a woman, he made fan girls giddy by revealing, "I only need one day [to initiate skinship]. If a man is confident, he can approach her first," hinting that he is a confident man himself. Ryeowook added, "Siwon normally likes skinship. He behaves like he's from a foreign country."
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Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Older Sister Becomes a Topic of Interest

Super Junior Eunhyuk’s family was not expecting the entire cast of SBS’ Barefooted Friends to come to their house, but it was Barefooted Friends who was caught with surprise when Eunhyuk’s older sister came into view.
On June 9’s broadcast of Barefooted Friends, the cast went around, dropping in on each other’s houses unannounced. Despite the sudden visits, the families of the casts were pleasantly welcoming, even serving food to the nomads. 

When the cast dropped in at Eunhyuk’s house, Eunhyuk’s older sister, Lee Sora, opened the door, not only surprising the cast, but the viewers with her beauty and charms. 

When the cast asked Lee Sora what kind of younger brother Eunhyuk was, she cleverly replied, “A younger brother who has a lot of money.” She later added that he bought their house and a car, implying that Eunhyuk is a younger brother who doesn’t waste his money and spends for his family. 
She was also asked if she would go on a blind date with singer Kim Bum Soo, continuing a joke from an earlier episode. Lee Sora jokingly replied that she would, “but only if we talked on the phone.”

Following the broadcast, netizens were quite taken away by Lee Sora’s beauty, commenting, “Eunhyuk’s older sister is pretty,” “Eunhyuk’s sister has variety skills,” and “I wish I had an older sister like her and a younger brother like Eunhyuk.”

Photo Credit: SBS
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Super Junior’s Henry Previews Solo Album, ‘Trap’

Henry Lau is finally going solo. The handsome 23-year-old, who is the best known for being a member of Super Junior’s Chinese subunit, Super Junior-M, will release his long-awaited solo debut, Trap, on June 7. To whet out appetites before it officially drops, SM Entertainment’s released an official medley of Trap’s six tracks on Youtube.

Judging by the short preview, Trap’s not going to pull any crazy production tricks like recent singles from fellow SM stars like Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and EXO. It sounds like a fairly mainstream affair, covering commercial euro-pop and radio-friendly R&B. The safe direction is probably a good idea when considering sales and chart success, as some of SM’s more experimental tracks of late have garnered negative reactions from K-pop fans who are used to much more formulaic fare.

Whether or not Henry’s solo stuff appeals to your taste or not, it’s good to see him finally getting out there on his own. The Hong Kong Canadian can sing, dance, write, produce, play multiple instruments, and speak multiple languages. Oh yeah, and he’s pretty damn cute, too. With a skill set this solid, Henry could just be the ultimate male pop star.

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Korean group Super Junior to release debut Japanese album

Super Junior announced it would be releasing the group's first Japanese studio album, titled "Hero," on July 24.

It was revealed that the upcoming Japanese debut album would consist of 11 tracks, including the lead track "Hero," as well as the Japanese versions of past hits such as "Sexy, Free & Single," "Bonamana," "Mr. Simple," "Opera," "Our Love" and "Way."

Although Super Junior has been very active in the Japanese music market, releasing various Japanese-language singles, "Hero" marks the group's first full studio album to be released in the country.

The members of Super Junior are currently on their "Super Show 5" world tour, which kicked off in Seoul in March. The "Super Show 5" tour has already taken the group across South America including performances in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Super Junior is gearing up for its Japan leg of the tour with two live shows at the Tokyo Dome on July 27 and 28.

Girls' Generation Reveals Backstage Photo with Eunhyuk, EXO and Key From 2013 World Tour 'Girls& Peace' In Seoul

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