Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lee Hyori gets into detective mode as she searches for evidence of Eunhyuk dating

Lee Hyori went into detective mode to see if she could uncover evidence to determine if Eunhyuk is dating or not!

The cast of SBS' 'Barefoot Friends' visited Yoon Jong Shin, UEE, and Kim Bum Soo's house last week, and one of the houses they're visiting for this week is Eunhyuk's house.

During the recording session, Eunhyuk introduced his family to the camera, including his older sister, who is just as witty as he is. When the others suggested she go on a blind date with Kim Bum Soo, she joked, "That's fine if we only date through the phone".

However, what Lee Hyori was most interested in during this visit was seeing if she could find out if Eunhyuk is dating. She snooped around, and came across an item that she speculated to be a couple ring! She held up the item to Eunhyuk and his family and asked, "Isn't this a couple ring?" much to their surprise.

You'll have to watch the episode that'll air later this weekend on the 9th to see the result of Hyori's findings!

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