Monday, 10 June 2013

Some moments that prove Henry's "Trap" MV is a lot more dramatic than you would've guessed

Henry's "Trap" MV was quite impressive, wasn't it? As if fans weren't already smitten by his smooth vocals and impressive piano prowess, appearances by his label mates - SHINee's Taemin and Super Junior's Kyuhyun - adds an entirely new dimension to the MV's appeal. 

We've had a couple of great MV releases over this past week, but somehow, "Trap" feels a bit different - perhaps even like a breath of fresh air. The "Trap" MV is brimming with a subtle intensity that Henry carries so well across the board - whether it be through his singing, dancing, acting, or piano playing. 

There's a strong sense of masculinity and no-nonsense in this MV that leave us marveling at Henry's raw talent. But after watching it a few times over, we really couldn't help ourselves. So what happens when you slow down the pace? Well, from our findings, we ended up with a wonderful amount of fierceness that no ordinary diva can pull off. 
*Turns head and inhales dramatically* "The doorbell, I must get that!"
I'm sorry baby - but that wasn't the pizza delivery guy.
*Scoffs* "You don't get these types of guns from sitting in front of your computers all day, mortals..."
"You get them from doing pilates. Lots and lots of pilates..."
"Don't forget to mix in some aerobic exercises to loosen up your muscles! The best kind, you ask? Ahjumma-Power-Walking yields the best results!" 
"EW - it's an ant!"
These men are phenomenal. I mean, how is it even possible to look this fabulous when they're doubled up in pain because they have to use the bathroom?! 
"But MOOO-OOOM, I told you to buy the jacket one size up! Ugh, I can't even wear this - it makes me look fat." 
"Omg, don't touch me. My nails are wet and I don't want to mess them up."
"This is us on our way to steal your girl."
*Shrieks* "OMG shut the door, you perv! We're changing!!"
"This L'Occitane hand cream has been doing wonders for our skin. Care to sniff?"
via Allkpop

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