Monday, 10 June 2013

Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Older Sister Becomes a Topic of Interest

Super Junior Eunhyuk’s family was not expecting the entire cast of SBS’ Barefooted Friends to come to their house, but it was Barefooted Friends who was caught with surprise when Eunhyuk’s older sister came into view.
On June 9’s broadcast of Barefooted Friends, the cast went around, dropping in on each other’s houses unannounced. Despite the sudden visits, the families of the casts were pleasantly welcoming, even serving food to the nomads. 

When the cast dropped in at Eunhyuk’s house, Eunhyuk’s older sister, Lee Sora, opened the door, not only surprising the cast, but the viewers with her beauty and charms. 

When the cast asked Lee Sora what kind of younger brother Eunhyuk was, she cleverly replied, “A younger brother who has a lot of money.” She later added that he bought their house and a car, implying that Eunhyuk is a younger brother who doesn’t waste his money and spends for his family. 
She was also asked if she would go on a blind date with singer Kim Bum Soo, continuing a joke from an earlier episode. Lee Sora jokingly replied that she would, “but only if we talked on the phone.”

Following the broadcast, netizens were quite taken away by Lee Sora’s beauty, commenting, “Eunhyuk’s older sister is pretty,” “Eunhyuk’s sister has variety skills,” and “I wish I had an older sister like her and a younger brother like Eunhyuk.”

Photo Credit: SBS
via Enewsworld

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