Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Super Junior’s Kangin, After School’s Lizzy, and More Join to Support Yoon Hoo

Still trending high, the ‘Yoon Hoo, I Love You’ event continues to spread with even celebrities posting in support for the beloved child star.

On June 11, a national event began to spread in support of Vibe Yoon Min Soo’s 7-year old son, Yoon Hoo, who became the victim of an anti-cafe. Netizens, unwilling let this act of hate pass by, began trending messages of support to Yoon Hoo as stars also joined in the kind act. 

Super Junior’s Kangin wrote on his Twitter, “Yoon Hoo is mine. ELFs, let’s help out so that Yoon Hoo won’t be hurt,” and “Let’s cheer him on.” He added a picture that read, “Yoon Hoo, your uncle – no, your hyung cherishes you.”

Former T.T.Ma member, Soy, also tweeted, “Yoon Hoo, I love you.”
After School’s Lizzy wrote, “Yoon Hoo, I love you. And just out of curiosity, I searched ‘Lizzy, I love you,’ and 12 other people, minus me, love me too! ^_^ I’m so happy. Keke.”

Baek A Yeon wrote, “Proof of ‘Yoon Hoo, I Love You’!!! Hoo! I love you!” 

D-Unit’s Jin also wrote, “I hope that young Yoon Hoo doesn’t get hurt. TT TT Yoon Hoo, I love you!” 

‘Yoon Hoo, I love you’ continues to trend throughout the day, appearing high on real-time charts as more and more people join into shower Yoon Hoo with their love. 

Yoon Min Soo′s company revealed that it has no plans to take this matter to court and doesn′t want to blow this issue any bigger since the anti-cafe has currently been blocked with plans to be shut down. 

The ′Yoon Hoo I love you′ event has slowly begun other movements to shut down other anticafes. It′s come to attention that anti-cafes for Min Gook, also part of Dad! Where Are You Going?, exist and netizens are trending ′Min Gook I love you,′ as well. 

Photo Credit: MBC, All mentioned stars’ SNS
via Enewsworld

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