Friday, 7 June 2013

[Video Reaction] Super Junior-M′s Henry Has Got Us Trapped

Super Junior-M′s Henry released his highly anticipated solo music video for Trap on June 7.

The video, which features Henry and Super Junior′s Kyuhyun and SHINee′s Taemin, maintains SM′s signature highly stylized quality, while bringing something new to the table.

It′s a pleasant surprise for SM fans who are hankering after something new, so get ready to react with us below!
G: omg Henry′s playing the piano...and there′s fire in the sky
E: He′s so talented
E: What is that tie he′s wearing? it′s very shiny.
G: I didn′t even notice the tie. I can′t stop staring at his fingers
E: I′m trapped...whisper
G: omg hipster on the piano
G: lol
E: this is really unexpected
G: Seriously.
G: What can Henry not do?
G: Wow, this song is so good
G: I like the piano playing dance move
E: oh it′s taemin
E: whoa
E: I didn′t know he was singing too
G: He just blended right in
G: So Henry sings, he dances, he plays the piano, and he acts.
E: and he cooks
G: and he write his own songs
E: Remind me not to get Henry angry though
G: Wouldn′t you be angry if you were trapped?
E: That′s a hot 3-shot 
G: Seriously, never thought I′d see the three of them together
E: Hello Kyuhyun
G: Hello falsetto!
G: OMG the piano is on fireeee
E: omg
E: I hope not for real
E: that kind of hurts my heart
G: I know, I was a bit bothered when he stepped on the piano, cus that would not fly at my house
G: Oh good, the fire went away
E: Is it over already? 
G: I feel like SM put Kyuhyun and Taemin in the music video to help, but I think Henry could have done it alone just fine
E: Especially since that was really different from anything I ever expected out of SM
Conclusion: Henry has officially got us trapped with Trap.

Watch the video here!

via enewsworld

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