Friday, 27 September 2013

Heechul believes the prettiest member of Girls' Generation is...?

Recently, the boys of EXO revealed that they thought Taeyeon was the prettiest member of Girls' Generation.  However, it appears that Super Junior's Heechul disagrees.

Heechul recently became a fixed member of JTBC's variety show 'Ssul Jeon' in which he was teased by the other members of the show.  

One of the questions they asked was, "Who is the prettiest member of Girls' Generation?"

Heechul responded, "YoonA is the most beautiful."

However, they did not stop there, asking, "Which member looks the most different when she's off-screen?"  Heechul went into flustered panic mode and said, "There sure are a lot of questions that wasn't included in the original script."

He teased back, saying he should go to another program.  He said he would be really good in 'Witch Hunt.'

As usual, Heechul was an entertaining and funny member of the variety show so hopefully he doesn't really decide to run off to some program called 'Witch Hunt.'

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Heechul discusses the perks and problems associated with 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'

On JTBC's 'Ssul Jeon', Heechul revealed the inside scoop he had on the popular idol special held a few times a year, the 'Idol Star Athletics Championship'.

As many of you are already aware, this event takes all day to film, sometimes even over 24 hours. In addition to the long filming time, many of the idols also take time to specially prepare for the event on top of the workload they already have, which leads to the question, just why do so many idols go through with participating in the event? 

Heechul revealed, "If they don't go on the show, the broadcast station may turn their back on the idols. There's a chance that if the idols reject the offer to appear, they may suffer disadvantages... There is nothing good that will come out from being on bad terms with a broadcast station." He also added that even if idols participate, "There's also the problem of being edited out of the show due to injuries."

However, if all goes well, the show can prove to be beneficial as it increases the popularity and recognition of certain idols. Heechul commented, "Idols who are athletic like ZE:A's Dongjun or SISTAR's Bora have definitely seen the light with this program." He however added, "But there aren't many people like that."

When Heechul commented that Super Junior does not participate in the championships nowadays, Kim Gu Ra joked, "It's because now they want EXO more than Super Junior," bringing laughs on set.

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SS5 Malaysia Revised Seating Plan


'Super Show 5' is coming to Malaysia and Mexico

Super Junior are answering fans calls, confirming dates in Malaysia and Mexico for 'Super Show 5'!

In response to the fans' requests Super Junior has added a date in Mexico in addition to their recently announced date in London. To be more specific, the 'Super Show 5' will be heading to Arena Ciudad de México on November 7 at 8 PM local time. You can grab your tickets to the Mexico City concert here!

They also announced their date at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Malaysia for November 23 at 5 PM. You can grab your tickets for the Malaysia concert here!

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Super Junior-M and f(x)'s Victoria look fresh and clean in their 'TONYMOLY' CF

Super Junior-M and f(x)'s Victoria's 'TONYMOLY' CF has been released!

The charming boys and the beautiful Victoria looked fresh and clean in their white attire that matched their porcelain skin. They also give close-ups to demonstrate the product's ability to make their skin glow. 

Thanks to their promotions overseas and high popularity in China, the labelmates make the perfect models for the beauty brand not only in the visual aspect, but in the marketing strategy as well.

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Super Junior's Heechul gets a webtoon based on his character 'ZZINPANG'!

Super Junior's Heechul is bringing you a webtoon based on his character 'ZZINPANG'!

SMTOWN announced on their official Facebook, "Introducing 'ZZINPANG', a character Heechul from Super Junior planned himself! Let's first meet ZZINPANG, which will show various looks to you, over webtoon!"

Heechul has been showing off his lovable animated character 'ZZINPANG', which he designed himself, through the years, and now ELF can interact with the character through a webtoon series. 

You can check out his webtoon here!

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

SS5 Malaysia Promo Video [Credit to Star Planet FB]

SUPER SHOW 5 Super Junior World Tour in Kuala Lumpur [Info]

As you are aware, SUPER SHOW 5 Super Junior World Tour in Kuala Lumpur will be held on 23 November 2013 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. So, here I share some info of the event.

Concert Photo
Note: Prices exclude RM3 processing fee
Seating Plan
Click to enlarge image.
Note: Prices exclude RM3 processing fee

Ticket Launch will be held at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya (Level CC, Concourse) on 29 September 2013 between 11am to 7pm

For more details please visit

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Super Junior's Heechul makes his return to variety shows as fixed member of 'Ssul Jeon'

Super Junior's Heechul is making his return to variety shows, this time, as the new fixed panel member of JTBC's critical-eye variety show 'Ssul Jeon'!

Heechul at first hinted on his return through his Instagram as he shared, "First filming of my variety show" as well as the lyrics to a popular children's song with his own hilarious twist, "It'd be nice if I was on TV~ It'd be so nice~ If you were on TV, I would shut it off~ Shut if off~"

He also posted, My hair is by Gunhee and my outfit is by Sungmin. If you ask me what variety show I'm filming~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't know either kekekeke That is a lie. I don't feel like telling you."

But the big secret was revealed through reports soon afterwards, and he then dropped more details as he wrote, "The articles have come out. I completed the filming of 'Ssul Jeon'. Kim Gu Ra hyung hasn't changed and is always the same, Park Ji Yoon noona teaches beautifully, Lee Yoon Suk hyung and I had a sweet and happy time, Kang Yong Suk hyung made endless eye contact with me, Heo Ji Woong hyung led the show with his willow leaves like tenderness and his thorn bush like sharpness. As usual, my genius-like talk received applause from the entire staff^-^."

Stay tuned for Heechul's return to variety shows in an upcoming episode of 'Ssul Jeon'!
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Super Junior's Heechul hangs with Son Dam Bi and supports League of Legend's team 'Najin Black Sword'

Super Junior's Heechul has been hanging out with Son Dam Bi lately, and he shared a photo from a recent meet up.

Heechul posted the above photo to Instagram with the message, "League of Legend's team 'Najin Black Sword', directed by my friend Park Jung Suk, got into the semifinals at the world championships. Congratulations. I have no photos with Park Jung Suk, so I'm posting an unrelated photo of Son Dam Bi instead." 

Fans commented, "Heechul and Son Dam Bi are really close," "He's close with beautiful girls," "His pants are daebak," and more. 

In other news, Heechul has been announced as a fixed cast member of JTBC's 'Ssul Jeon'.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Super Junior Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun Escapades in Rothenberg, Germany

Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun savor the moment while they were in Rothenberg, Germany.  Recently they have been posting and sharing their travel poses on Twitter.

Kyuhyun posted his message saying, "Cho Kyuhyun starting in Rothenburg" and Eunhyuk re tweeted, "And me too."

The photos revealed Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun striking a pose on identically same street of Rothenburg with their umbrellas and giving some charming vibes. Although the background is the same he two idols got their own unique adorable photos captured. Eunhyuk shows his charisma and Kyuhyun shows his cute smiles.

ELF who saw the photos give their comments saying, "Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun's photos look like a pictorial", "They have the same pose, but different feel" and "I want to go with them."

Did you like Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun's poses? Would you wish to be there with them and take that fan girl photo?

Ryeowook's Twitter Photo Updates

Via Ryeowook's Twitter

Ryeowook reports straight from Germany and snaps a selca

Super Junior Ryeowook is currently spending his Chuseok holidays in Germany together with other members Donghae, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun.

He reported how's the weather there and wrote,

"It's cold in Germany.. Often raining here.. so I suddenly bought jacket and wore it .. The view here is beautiful, I can't fit it in a picture.. Sausage is delicious.. Selca, bbyong♥ bbyong bbyong 1"

Looks like they have to end their Germany tour soon so Ryeowook is enjoying himself to the fullest.

Kyuhyun regrets 23 euros, castle visit failed!

Super Junior Kyuhyun expresses disappointment and regret in his recent tweet.

He uploaded a photo of him with Eunhyuk, Donghae and Ryeowook on twitter. The Super Junior members are currently touring Germany and this time they visited the Neuschwanstein castle which inspired Disney's castles on their movies.

He wrote,

"Neuschwanstein.. 23 euros entrance fee each person. We wanted to enter both castles but we didn't know there's time limit. Therefore we weren't able to finish it.. This castle of love and hatred ㅜ ㅜ Can we see it again someday?"

Poor Kyuhyun, he must be very regretful.

Eunhyuk's Twitter Photos Updates

Via Eunhyuk's Twitter

Donghae's Instagram Updates

Via Donghae's Instagram

Kangin and Heechul With Son Dambi (From 18 September 2013)

Via Son Dambi Instagram

Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun pose identically on the streets of Rothenburg, Germany

Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun shared more photos from their time in Germany!

Kyuhyun tweeted, "Cho Kyuhyun starting in Rothenburg", to which Eunhyuk retweeted, "And me too."

The photos show Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun posing identically on the same street of Rothenburg with their umbrellas, giving off a romantic pictorial vibe. Although their poses are similar, they bring different charms to the table as Eunhyuk shows his charisma and Kyuhyun makes fans smile with his cute charms.

ELF commented, "Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun's photos look like a pictorial", "They have the same pose, but different feel" and "I want to go with them."
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

What is Super Junior up to this Chuseok?

Super Junior gave their Chuseok greetings through selcas and videos just for ELF!

Donghae shared on his Instagram, "Last day of Chuseok!! Have a good day ^^."

Kyuhyun tweeted, "Are you having a happy Chuseok? I am doing well like this^^ Now it's off to the land of dreams.."

Eunhyuk tweeted, "Who Where What," asking fans to guess who the mystery shadows in the photo up top belong to.


Magazine 'Cosmopolitan' with Heechul

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Super Junior’s Siwon Takes the Subway in Hong Kong

Super Junior member Choi Siwon recently shared a photo of himself getting ready to ride the subway in Hong Kong.

The singer and actor shared the photo through his personal Weibo account and wrote, “Subway trip in Hong Kong today.” In the photo Choi Siwon is dressed won to a simple t-shirt and shorts outfit. With one hand in his pocket, he smiles for the camera in front of the subway entrance. While he may have dressed like the casual citizen, his undeniable good looks shines his celebrity status.

Netizens who saw the photo wondered if he was recognized on the subway and complimented his casual but charming look.

Choi Siwon is currently filming his movie “Helios” in Hong Kong. 

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Super Junior Successfully Holds World Tour Concert in Guangzhou with 10,000 Fans

Group Super Junior held a successful concert in Guangzhou as part of their 'SUPERSHOW5' world tour.

On September 14, Super Junior held their 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR 'SUPER SHOW5' IN GUANGZHOU' and met with 10,000 fans.

On this day, Super Junior performed many of their hit songs including "Sorry Sorry", "Mr. Simple", "Sexy, Free & Single" and many others. 

Super Junior unit groups and solo groups also performed on stage as well for a total of 27 songs. 

They were able to show off their 'hallyu star' status as they performed high quality and powerful stage performances.

On the other hand, Super Junior will be traveling to Manila for their next concert.

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Watch Your Favorite K-Pop Idols Shine In Their 'Incheon Korean Music Wave' Performances

Held on September 1, the Incheon Korean Music Wave festival served as a celebratory lead-in for the upcoming 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

The concert featured performances from some of Korea's biggest pop stars including 2AM, A-JAX, B.A.P, BTOB, EXO, FT Island, miss A, ZE:A, Girl's Day, BTS, B2ST, Boyfriend, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, SECRET, SISTAR, MBLAQ, KARA, T-ara, Rainbow, and TEEN TOP.

Additionally, the event was hosted by Girls' Generation members Tiffany and Yuri.

On September 19, MBC aired the concert in its entirety for fans around the world to enjoy, and now you can watch it right here.

Check out the playlist below for all the high-energy performances and enjoy!

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Video via KMusicLiveMBC Youtube

Son Dam Bi, Theme Park Date With Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul-Kangin

Singer Son Dam Bi revealed a picture taken with group Super Junior's members Kim Hee Chul and Kangin on a date to the theme park.

Yesterday, Son Dam Bi posted on her Instagram, "Tourists" along with a picture.

In the picture, Son Dam Bi, Kim Hee Chul, and Kangin are at the theme park.

Internet users who saw this commented, "It must've been fun," "Why did they go to the theme park together?," and "Which theme park is that?"

Photo Credit: Son Dam Bi Instagram

Stars with the Best and Worst Skin Part II

Imagine waking up with a huge zits all over your face, then sitting in a make-up chair for over an hour to cover the blemishes before you make an appearance on a variety program where everyone will be watching. It's important as a celebrity, to make sure that you look your best 24/7, but what happens when puberty, stress, and your body kick in and decide to give you a case of acne? While some celebrities can walk around with just a simple touch-up, others need a make-up person on hand to constantly cover up the rough spots. Let's take a look at some of the best and worst skin part 2!

Super Junior's Kyuhyun suffers from acne on his face, but thank God it doesn't affect his angelic voice.
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Henry 헨리_'1-4-3 (I Love You)' (feat. f(Amber)_KBS MUSIC BANK_2013.08.30


Super Junior SS5 Manila releases seat plan and ticket prices

Super Junior is going to the Philippines for the 3rd time to hold Super Show 5 in Manila. This is such a great news for ELF in the Philippines as the organizer has released the seat plan and ticket prices.

Ms. Happee Sy, one of the organizers of Super Show 5 in Manila, announced the details through her Facebook page.

The most anticipated super show in the Philippines is happening on October 24 in Mall of Asia's Arena. Here's the final seat plan.
Ticket prices are:

VIP Standing = P8,800
Lower Box A = P8, 800
Lower Box B = P8, 000
Upper Box = P3,400
General Admission = P2, 000

Tickets can be purchased starting on September 6.
Philippine ELF must be feeling excited right? Check here for more details.

Source: Happee Sy's Facebook Page
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Donghae invites you to his newly opened business 'Grill5Taco’

Super Junior members are one by one setting up stable future as some of them are putting up businesses. Aside from the first members who set up their businesses already such as Eunhyuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, this time Donghae finally opened his Taco business and invites you to visit.

On September 1, he uploaded a sample of their delicious Taco and wrote on his instagram, "Grill5Taco’ is located at Cheongdamdong street 88-10 I love Taco# everybody enjoy Taco"
On August 31, Donghae's business 'Grill5Taco’ had its grand opening. However, since Super Junior has schedule for A-Nation that day, Donghae wasn't able to attend, but his parents instead. In support for his new business, his fellow members sent flower wreath to commemorate the day along with their 'congratulatory messages' which read as:
    Eunhyuk: Please visit Tous Les Jours' location Guro Highend
    Ryeowook: Please wait. Donghae, over, will enter into his delicious taco restaurant
    Siwon’s Message: Donghae-yah, can I buy this restaurant?
    Kyuhyun’s Message: Seller Donghae’s takoyaki big adventure *
    Kangin’s Message: Donghae-yah, failure is mother of success
    Shindong’s message: You have to experience failure to become successful!
    sungmin’s message: I quite like Grill5 too. I will try eating it. -Lee UngMin PD *
Picture Source: ♥종짱♥@s__jr13Translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Super Junior members are so supportive, aren't they? :)

f(x)'s Victoria has a hairstylist from Super Junior?

f(x)'s leader Victoria updated her Me2day on 2nd September with a new pic.

She wrote,"My very own hairstylist, Mr. Sungmin. Handsome? Please set a pretty hairstyle for me, hahaha." 

Super Junior's Sungmin is seen standing behind Victoria in the photo above. Fans commented,"Pretty","Where is the salon","I want him as my hairstylist too" and etc.


Super Junior-M and f(x)’s Victoria become new models of cosmetic brand ‘TONYMOLY’

The members of Super Junior-M and f(x)’s Victoria have been chosen as the new endorsement models for the cosmetic brand ‘TONYMOLY’.

On September 3, global cosmetic brand TONYMOLY officially announced that they have signed a contract with Super Junior-M’s Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Henry, ZhouMi, Eunhyuk and Sungmin along with Victoria, expecting the idols to bring a synergy effect for the global growth of the brand.

As the brand’s new model, Victoria said, “I’ve been using lots of products from TONYMOLY so I was happy to be the new advertising model. I hope this opportunity could become a chance for me to grow as a global advertising model for the brand.”


Heechul addresses the issue of his sasaeng fans

It's been all but 3 days since Heechul was discharged from the army, but it looks like he's already suffering from sasaeng fans. 

He posted a photo of a cartoon on his Instagram and wrote, "[Laugh].. I still have sasaengs who stick around.. I'm feeling really good lately, but I don't know if I should just be cool about it or make a fuss.. I think I got too nice....".

The photo itself reads, "I'm just going to cut off your wrists!!!", showing how angry he was, and perhaps suggesting the sasaeng fans were grabbing at him.

What do you think about the matter of sasaeng fans?

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Heechul makes it clear that he will not be returning as an MC on 'Radio Star'

Heechul made it clear that he left MBC's 'Radio Star' for good, prior to his enlistment, and has now left the reigns on the show for Kyuhyun.

Heechul was welcomed back by fellow member Ryeowook on the September 2 broadcast of KBS Cool FM's 'Super Junior's Kiss the Radio'. As Heechul is being flooded with love calls from variety shows, Heechul revealed that his former spot on 'Radio Star' isn't one of them, sharing, "I probably won't even appear on 'Radio Star' as a guest. For Kyuhyun's sake, I don't think it's right for me to take the spot of my dongseng who is going on the same path... I didn't temporarily leave that position. Kyuhyun is now the owner of that spot."

To lighten the mood, when asked who he wants to couple up with on 'We Got Married' if given the opportunity, Heechul answered, "I want to film ['We Got Married'] with EXO's Xiumin... Call over Hong Suk Chun so we can make it a love triangle", joking about what would be 'We Got Married's first ever bromance.

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Super Junior M and f(x)'s Victoria chosen as the new 'global models' for cosmetics brand 'TONYMOLY'

Super Junior M and f(x)'s Victoria have been chosen as the new 'global models' for beauty brand 'TONYMOLY'!

With their experience promoting overseas and high popularity in China, the label mates are expected to bring a synergy effect for the global growth of the brand. A representative commented, "We are positive that Super Junior M and Victoria will enhance the growth of our brand overseas in China and more as global models."

Super Junior M and Victoria recently finished filming for their upcoming CF which will air later this month!

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Super Junior's Heechul wants to marry EXO's Xiumin?

Super Junior's Heechul confessed that he wants EXO's Xiumin as his 'We Got Married' partner if he could choose. 

Heechul came back to the entertainment world following his discharge from the military on the latest KBS Cool FM's 'Super Junior's Kiss the Radio'. When DJ Ryeowook asked him who he wants to star on 'We Got Married' with, Heechul responded, "I want to with EXO's Xiumin. They should call up Hong Suk Chun for a love triangle."

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11 Dramatic Celebrity Weight Losses

Today is Labor Day in America, celebrating the contributions of hard work from workers who are the backbone of the country in prosperity and strength. With that mindset, here's a review of some of the K-pop celebrities who dedicated themselves, putting in hard work to lose weight and maintain their fitness.

With ceaseless media attention come the pressures of sustaining a polished, lean physique for fans to drool marvel over. Such is the nature of being a celebrity: simultaneously hounded by the watchful stare of the public eye and stigmatized as having gained weight for even the slightest bulge. 

Though we're always so prone to assume that celebrities are born with genetic codes that grant them such beautiful bodies, that isn't always the case. As it turns out, they work just as hard (if not harder) to shed off the pounds so they can greet us with a healthier image. 

Here are 11 celebrities with the most impressive weight loss transformations.
Super Junior Shindong
Super Junior Kangin
Super Junior Ryeowook
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