Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Super Junior's Heechul makes his return to variety shows as fixed member of 'Ssul Jeon'

Super Junior's Heechul is making his return to variety shows, this time, as the new fixed panel member of JTBC's critical-eye variety show 'Ssul Jeon'!

Heechul at first hinted on his return through his Instagram as he shared, "First filming of my variety show" as well as the lyrics to a popular children's song with his own hilarious twist, "It'd be nice if I was on TV~ It'd be so nice~ If you were on TV, I would shut it off~ Shut if off~"

He also posted, My hair is by Gunhee and my outfit is by Sungmin. If you ask me what variety show I'm filming~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't know either kekekeke That is a lie. I don't feel like telling you."

But the big secret was revealed through reports soon afterwards, and he then dropped more details as he wrote, "The articles have come out. I completed the filming of 'Ssul Jeon'. Kim Gu Ra hyung hasn't changed and is always the same, Park Ji Yoon noona teaches beautifully, Lee Yoon Suk hyung and I had a sweet and happy time, Kang Yong Suk hyung made endless eye contact with me, Heo Ji Woong hyung led the show with his willow leaves like tenderness and his thorn bush like sharpness. As usual, my genius-like talk received applause from the entire staff^-^."

Stay tuned for Heechul's return to variety shows in an upcoming episode of 'Ssul Jeon'!
via Allkpop

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