Saturday, 21 September 2013

What is Super Junior up to this Chuseok?

Super Junior gave their Chuseok greetings through selcas and videos just for ELF!

Donghae shared on his Instagram, "Last day of Chuseok!! Have a good day ^^."

Kyuhyun tweeted, "Are you having a happy Chuseok? I am doing well like this^^ Now it's off to the land of dreams.."

Eunhyuk tweeted, "Who Where What," asking fans to guess who the mystery shadows in the photo up top belong to.

Yesung also gave his Chuseok greetings on Twitter, "Have a happy Chuseok! Chuseok Chuseok^^."

Kangin also spent Chuseok with pal Jo Sung Min with fireworks and karaoke!

Happy Chuseok, ELF!
via Allkpop
Video by Jo Sungmin Instagram

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