Thursday, 31 October 2013


Daydream Handbanner Project : Never Leave U !


Hyeeee ELF !!! It's time to start collecting donations! Kyaaa!!!

We are not asking for much! Just RM1 per person is enough! ^^ (but we believe that u can contribute a bit more rite? ^^)

[Edit] Collaborating with Malaysian ELF fanbases, we would like to collect some donations for SS5 Malaysia Project. Our aim is to collect RM3,000.00 (Malaysian Ringgit) before 31 October 2013, 11.59 pm. With a content heart, we are welcoming more Malaysian as well as International fanbases to come and collaborate with us ! ^^


1. Please PM us to get our account numbers for money transfer. Currently we only accept from CIMB & Maybank account. We will try to provide other bank accounts for your conveniences.

[EDIT] International ELF can also participate to donate by using your PayPal account. Do PM us to get the email address for money transfer.

2. After the money has been transferred, please send us your proof of transfer / proof of payment for verification purposes.

3. Once verified, we will display your name, amount of donation & date of donation in this page under the NOTE section. This is to provide everyone on the daily collection of our donations. If you do not wish to display your name, u can give us a nickname. This is to ensure that all donours are being accounted. ^^


29 May 2013 Xidi Heenim RM1.00
29 May 2013 Golden Fish RM5.00
29 May 2013 Kyle XY RM10.00

We really hope to collect as much donations as possible so the projects will be grand and a success. Most importantly, we hope that the projects will always be remembered by Super Junior members & fellow ELF.

Yes, the projects depend on how much of money that we can manage to collect! So ELF! Come and join the fun with us! Show us your passions ! :)

The list of our PROJECTS:

1. Daydream - 'Never Leave U' handbanners will be raised during the song
2. Souvenirs for our oppas - replica(s) that represents Malaysia 
3. Handbanner supports for 4 army members - Kangin & Heechul (for coming back safely) and Leeteuk & Yesung (we will wait for them)

Let's make it a success for all ! Hwaiting ! Thank you ELF !!! ^^

Fanbases involved:

Malaysian ELF Crew Facebook (
Malaysian ELF Twitter @MalaysiaELF (
Malaysian Clouds Twitter @CloudsMalaysia (
Malaysian Siwonest Facebook (
Super Junior Malaysia Family Facebook (
Malaysian ELF Twitter @13SuperiorJ (
E L Fann ♡ S J  Twitter @EverLastingFann (



Hyeeee ELF !!! Masa untuk mengumpul sumbangan! Kyaaa!!!

Kami tak minta banyak! Cuma RM1 seorang sudah memadai! (tapi kami percaya anda semua akan sumbangkan lebih kan? ^^)

[Edit] Bekerjasama dengan fanbase-fanbase ELF Malaysia, kami ingin mengumpul sumbangan untuk projek SS5 Malaysia. Matlamat kami ialah untuk mengumpul sebanyak RM3,000.00 (Ringgit Malaysia) sebelum 31 Oktober 2013, 11.59 pm. Kami amat-amat mengalu-alukan kerjasama dari fanbase Malaysia yang lain untuk turut serta bersama kami !


1. Sila PM kami untuk dapatkan nombor akaun bank pemindahan wang. Buat masa ini kami menerima melalui akaun CIMB & Maybank. Kami akan cuba memberikan akaun lain untuk kemudahan anda.

[EDIT] International ELF juga boleh memberi sumbangan melalui akaun PayPal !!! PM kami untuk mendapatkan alamat email pemindahan wang.

2. Selepas memberi sumbangan, sila PM kami semula untuk proses pengesahan.

3. Apabila pengesahan selesai, kami akan pamerkan nama, tarikh sumbangan & jumlah sumbangan di dalam page ini di bawah seksyen NOTE. Ini bertujuan supaya semua boleh melihat jumlah sumbangan yang berjaya dikumpul setiap hari. Jika anda tidak mahu nama anda dipamerkan, sila beri nama samaran supaya anda juga dapat sahkan sendiri.


29 May 2013 Xidi Heenim RM1.00
29 May 2013 Golden Fish RM5.00
29 May 2013 Kyle XY RM10.00

Kami sangat berharap untuk mengumpul sebanyak mungkin supaya projek yang dirancang berjaya dengan jayanya. Paling penting, projek tersebut tidak akan dilupakan Super Junior & ELF.

Ya, projek ini bergantung kepada jumlah kutipan! Jadi buktikan semangat anda ! :)

Senarai PROJEK:

1. Daydream - 'Never Leave U' handbanners will be raised during the song
2. Souvenirs for our oppas - replica(s) that represents Malaysia 
3. Handbanner supports for 4 army members - Kangin & Heechul (for coming back safely) and Leeteuk & Yesung (we will wait for them)

Terima kasih ELF !!!

Fanbases involve:

Malaysian ELF Crew Facebook (
Malaysian ELF twitter @MalaysiaELF (
Malaysian Clouds twitter @CloudsMalaysia (
Malaysian Siwonest Facebook (
Super Junior Malaysia Family Facebook (
Malaysian ELF twitter @13SuperiorJ (
E L Fann ♡ S J  Twitter @EverLastingFann (

***This project initiated by Super Junior For All ( Please PM us if anything***

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kyuhyun to leave 'Mamma Mia' and focus on being an MC for 'Radio Star'

Kyuhyun, who is an MC for KBS 2TV's 'Happy Sunday - Mamma Mia,' will be leaving the show according to a representative from KBS.

'Mamma Mia' recently changed its broadcasting schedule so that it would be airing at the same time as MBC's 'Radio Star,' of which Kyuhyun is also an MC.  Considering this overlapping period of his two shows, Kyuhyun has ultimately decided to leave 'Mamma Mia' in favor of 'Radio Star.'

He is currently trying to plan his schedule with the production crew for his final recording of 'Mamma Mia.'

Meanwhile, the production crew is actively looking for his replacement.  They are also earnestly searching for a solution so that Kyuhyun's appearance on their show will not overlap with 'Radio Star.'

via Allkpop

Ryeowook and Kyuhyun take a picture at Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany

On October 8, Ryeowook tweeted, "It came out bright!  Even though it rained almost every day in Germany.  With Kyu~  At Germany's Mercedes-Benz Factory," and uploaded the above picture of proof.

In the picture, the boys indeed look bright and pretty even though it appears they did not particularly dress up or put on a lot of make-up.  Apparently, the rain is not keeping these boys down!

Netizens said, "If you are at the Mercedes-Benz Factory, are you buying a Benz?" and, "A vacation in Germany looks fun."

Hopefully the two of them get a lot of rest as Super Junior will be back on their world tour 'Super Show 5' in Manila, Philippines on the 24th!

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Super Junior's Heechul to be featured as an artist at the Nouveautés Gallery exhibition

Super Junior's Heechul will be featured as an artist at the Nouveautés Gallery exhibition!

Heechul will showcase his artwork for the first time at the Nouveautés Gallery exhibition from October 11-28. The Nouveautes Gallery is a cultural space located in Seongbukdong, Seoul run by designer Lee Kyung Soon. Heechul will participate as an artist alongside singer Cho Young Nam and actor Ryu Ah Jin.

A representative commented, "With the inclusion of Heechul's artwork, we expect the women of Seongbokgu to show the most support for this exhibition and its sales."

Heechul also participated as a writer for the webtoon series 'The ZZINPANG Family', based on his own character design 'ZZINPANG', which you can check out here!

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Super Junior's Yesung joins Instagram

Super Junior's Yesung has joined the Instagram craze by creating his own account!

Yesung shared for his first post on Instagram, "Joined Instagram^^ Oomha~ With Yunho who visited 'Mouse Rabbit'^^", and confirmed it's the real deal through his Twitter.

Despite their casual outfit, complete with their glasses, Yesung and Yunho still managed to give off their superstar aura during their get together at Yesung's cafe, 'Mouse Rabbit'. 

ELF welcomed him as they commented, "Welcome to Instaland", "Finally, you got it", and more. Follow Yesung's Instagram here!
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Christian music group 3rd Wave Music releases audio teaser for Super Junior Siwon's 'I Stand'

Contemporary Christian music group 3rd Wave Music has released its next preview track from special album 'Soldiers of Light'.

This newly released audio teaser is of "I Stand" featuring Super Junior's Siwon and with Pastor Johnny. The duet singers as well as producer Bobby Shin can be seen in the photo above from their recording session last November.

3rd Wave Music already released a teaser for "Cry of Love" sung by Wonder Girls's Lim and one for Brian's "Where You Are".

Check out the 30-second audio teaser for "I Stand" below, while you wait for the release of 'Soldiers of Light' on October 10!  
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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Donghae reveals Eunhyuk's middle school photo

Super Junior Donghae is here to tease Eunhyuk again. This time, he revealed a photo of Eunhyuk during his middle school days.

He wrote on his twitter account, "Eunhyuk-ah, you're my friend !!^^ This was from when you were middle school ?? hee," which Eunhyuk jokingly replied, "I’m getting prepared to sue you for fake tweet, Lee DongHaek".

Shall we thank Donghae for this photo or feel bad for Eunhyuk?
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Super Junior seek help for a missing daughter of an acquaintance

Super Junior Kangin updated his twitter with a call for help. He wrote,

"Have to find her quickly. She's the daughter of an acquaintance of our hyungnim in baseball team. My heart is in pain. Let's  put all our strength together and help."

Kangin also attached a photo of a little girl, who is apparently missing. She is the daughter of a man named Bae Song Hoon. The tweet is followed by Donghae's message, "Please find her!!!! If you see her, please phone the police immediately!"

In hope that ELFs would retweet and spread the info, Super Junior asked everyone's help to find her soon.

Source: Kangin and Donghae's twitter
via Dkpopnews

Kyuhyun reveals a photo of Eunhyuk washing dishes...naked?

Super Junior Eunhyuk has been the target of his members nowadays, and it's evil maknae Kyuhyun's attack this time.

Earlier, Kyuhyun tweeted,

"Saturday night, our dorm auntie had a holiday so the dishes are all piled up from the sink. When you see that, you remove your shirt and does the dishes, a guy like you.. ha..... attractive."

He then attached a photo of their piled up dishes with half-naked Eunhyuk washing them. Kyuhyun must be really proud that he even took a proof photo of his hyung. You think so? Or you think he must be the one doing those dishes? XD

Source: Kyuhyun's twitter
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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Super Junior Heading Its Way to Kuala Lumpur

October 02, Kuala Lumpur - Just when the Super Junior ELF fans thought that Malaysia is probably fallen out of Super Junior’s “Super Show 5″ World Tour grid, they should be over-thrilled at the fact that the organizer, Star Planet, officially announced that the much-awaited K-pop super idol boy group will return to Kuala Lumpur to staging their live concert at 5pm, on 23rd November 2013 at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

Acclaimed the undisputed King of K-pop music, Super Junior has performed to more than a million audiences since they started touring in 2008. The group rose to fame and gained worldwide recognition following the release of their best-selling single “Sorry, Sorry” in 2009. Each member of the group is unique and possesses distinctive talent from powerhouse vocalist to MC, DJ and actor. When come together, they unite to shape bigger dreams and created gigantic impact on the Korean music scene. 

This multi-million is definitely one of the biggest Korean pop concerts to be staged in Kuala Lumpur this year and it will boast one of the most ingenious concert stage designs ever set up in the stadium with special visual effects to impress. The use of the 3D mapping technology will give audiences an incredible jaw-dropping experience.

Proudly presented by Spritzer Mineral Water, tickets for are on sales now. Customers can purchase tickets through phone, via Internet booking or any of the designated ticket outlets.  Tickets are priced at RM658, RM558, RM438, RM388 and RM238 (exclude RM3 processing fee).

To Win Tickets
An itinerary of attractive promotions will be in place concurrently with promoting the concert. Purchase any ACER products powered by Intel processor between 15th October and 10th November 2013 and stand a chance to win tickets, stay tuned to Acer Malaysia Facebook for more information. Part take in the “Cornetto Super Jari Menari” digital contest from 8th to 21th October or join Facebook game <Spritzer Show 5 Sensation Challenge> from 14th October to 10th November and you will stand a chance to win free concert tickets.

For more information, please call Star Planet 0392233667 / TicketCharge 03-92228811 or visit /