Wednesday, 27 November 2013

7 reasons why Super Junior’s return to Malaysia was epic!

#1 The Malaysian ELF army
The last time the whole of Super Junior came to Malaysia was back in 2011. But the 10,000 - strong and loud crowd that turned up to watch the SUPER SHOW 5 is proof that their return has been very much anticipated. Also, big ups to the Malaysian ELFs for their loud cheers!

#2 The return of Heechul 
After spending 23 months out of the limelight because of national military service, it was obvious that SUJU fans were more than happy to see Heechul on stage with his band members again. We think it’s also safe to say that he was a lil’ teary-eyed when the crowd cheered during his solo performance.

#3 The out-of-nowhere cross-dressing bit 
The men of SUJU are so eager to make their fans laugh, they will even dress up and perform as female Korean stars. Siwon, Sungmin, Kangin and Ryeowook had the crowd chuckling as they strutted on stage in their dresses, short skirts, tights, wigs and heels!

#4 The creative intermissions 
Looks like Super Junior has found the cure to long intermissions – visual short stories! From a James Bond-inspired action piece to a hilarious skit at the park, it really didn’t feel like you had wait long for them to prep for their next performance.

#5 The SUPER SHOW 5 production is super, duper impressive 
When we were told that the 3D mapping technology of the show will impress us, we didn’t expect our actual jaws to drop. The visual effects, lighting, explosions and stage designs is easily the best we’ve seen so far this year. We also love that the stage is set up in a way that allows every member to get up close and personal with their fans from every side of the stadium!

#6 The solo performances 
Super Junior are unstoppable as a whole but when they decide to take the stage as individual performers, they never disappoint. Henry’s performance of his first solo song ‘Trapped’ was one of our favourites!

#7 The show is super long! 
We don’t know how these guys have the energy put on a show that requires them to dance, jump and sing non-stop for more than two hours but we are sure glad they can. A big thank you to organisers Star Planet and presenter Spritzer for bringing the SUPER SHOW 5 to Malaysia!

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