Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#SuperJunior ’s #HeeChul admits to having nose surgery

#SuperJunior ’s #HeeChul has confessed on broadcast that he had gotten work done on his nose.

In the November 21st episode of jTBC’s ‘War of Words’ program, the talk revolved around Korea’s obsession with plastic surgery. After seeing photos of those who had gotten plastic surgery and all looking pretty similar to one another, Hee Chul said, “It’s their own greed which led to this.”

Hee Chul continued, “I had broken my nose after falling previously, so I ended up having surgery on it. My nose bridge was pretty high previously, so I had hoped to restore it to its previous state. But the doctor was more concerned with finding the right balance for my overall face.”

He admitted, “It’s their own greed for having rather similar faces after overdoing it with plastic surgery. The doctors don’t do surgeries like that. If you look closely at my nose now, it’s lower when compared to the past. People around me say its fine, but I wished it was higher.”

By: Oh Soo Kyung

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