Hi guys, I just wanna share with you my Super Junior stuff here. Since I've been addicted to Super Junior starting from Sept last year, I've bought not few but lots of SJ stuff. Here are my SJ Stuff collection until Jan 2011..Will be added more.

SS3 T-Shirt (front)

SS3 T-Shirt (Back)

SS1 T-Shirt

Super Junior Bag



Donghae's Look a Like Bracelet

Donghae's Look A Like Bracelet

Handphone strip

Heechul Nacklace

SJ Edition Pin Button

Heechul nametag

Handphone hanger Heechul & Kyuhyun edition

Sapphire Blue Baloon

Kyuhyun Lightstick Edition

Heechul Lightstick Edition

Mini Torchlight. I use this during SS2 KL

I will use this for SS3 KL

SJ Postcard

variety of postcard

variety of postcard

 MY CD & DVD Collection

will add posters image soon